To 2014 and beyond…

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  • To 2014 and beyond…

    What a year it’s been! The Fast Diet has, much to our surprise and delight, become part of the national conversation – one of those instantly recognisable titles that became a buzz-phrase of the year. Michael and I have had an incredible 12 months since the book was first published. I remember being with friends in the sticks of Somerset last New Year’s Eve and watching it climb, bit by bit, up the Amazon chart. At 2am, having had a cup or two of wine, my mates all decided to buy a copy to see if it affected the rankings. It didn’t. But we sold an extra 17 copies just to prove a point! Since then, the Fast Diet has held fast at the top of the charts, ending the year, remarkably, as Amazon’s best-selling book, and back in the top ten as we tumble into 2014. That’s great, but the real story – the thing that makes us both tick – is the countless individuals who have lost impressive amounts of weight on the Fast Diet. Some have succeeded in spectacular fashion, others have found the going tough; many have found support and encouragement on this site. We’re still only just beginning to discover why the 5:2 method works so well for some – and we really enjoy reading and hearing stories from Fast Dieters around the globe. Thank you for your commitment and your enthusiasm, good luck to all those about to embark, and huge congratulations to all those who’ve hit their target weight this year.

    And so to 2014… Michael’s new book, Fast Exercise, comes out in the next few days – it’s a great companion to the Fast Diet and offers a similarly radical approach: add a few minutes of high intensity exercise to your weekly 5:2 plan and you’ll maximise your health, fitness and well-being in the year ahead. My new book, Fast Cook, is published in early spring – a collection of simple, satisfying, satiating and distinctly yummy recipes to get you through your Fast Days with ease (with really lovely pictures too – thanks Romas!) But for now, we raise a glass to you all. Happy New Year. Let’s make it a good one.

    Hey Mimi and Michael

    I hope you and your families had a lovely Xmas!

    I am really pleased that you have posted a catch up for all us fast dieters. And I’m not at all suprised to hear about how sucessful your book has turned out to be – a huge fat! Congratulations to you both!

    You should both be really proud of yourselves for how you have affected so many other people’s lives; not just in the weight loss arena but in the much more important health arena.

    I find it incredible still that we can follow a ‘diet’ that enables you to eat normally for five whole days a week and you just have to be restrained for two and you can lose weight and potentially improve your health significantly to boot.

    I’m continually amazed at the health improvements of some of the success stories which have been catergorically quantified by blood tests etc.

    I’m one of the people who have found it a slow torturous journey but I have perservered and just a couple of weeks ago hit my all important one stone marker!

    I must add that I find this site invaluable for motivation, support and encouragement – thank you both for this too!

    I’d like to personally say a huge thank you to you, Michael and the people who put the original documentary together.

    Best of luck with the two new ‘fast’ books and
    A Happy New Year to you both and all fast dieters everywhere!

    Yep; thanks from me too. I concur with Precious. Imagine a pile of lard as big as all the fat that all the people in all the world have lost because of that Horizon program, the books, this forum. To be responsible for that must blow your mind.

    Simply put…you’ve changed my life 🙂 Thank You!

    This may be the only program I’ve stuck with for almost year! This morning, I was trying on clothes in my closet I haven’t worn in 4 years or a little more and I was surprised that I pulled on my Joe Jeans!!! These jeans cost me over $200 and I used to wear them with a little “support”…okay a girdle, but now I don’t need one. I mean they are a little snug, but hell, I couldn’t even get them over my thighs, this time last year. I’m so grateful and so is my husband. We are shrinking, but never feel deprived. We eat a light breakfast and go about our day and have a nice low calorie dinner. Our dinners are loaded with fresh vegetables and either poultry or fish, but I crowd the plate with mushrooms and peppers and onions and broccoli. We love our broccoli roasted; more flavor.

    I’m in my last semester of culinary school, but have been cooking for over 40 years, and have my certification in nutrition. I make healthy food taste decadent and the 5:2 lifestyle is really starting to show!

    Thanks, Michael & Mimi


    Here is another closet story:

    They are fun, aren’t they?

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