Tips for a frothy drink on a fasting day

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Tips for a frothy drink on a fasting day

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  • I love cappuccinos – I admit it- with chocolate (dark, so healthy right??!!) for breakfast. It’s my treat. On a fast day I wondered if there was any equivalent way of continuing to have this without negatively impacting the fast. I use skimmed milk and the dark chocolate it 75 percent but adds up with kcal.

    Whats the sugar content? I found a chocolate that is only 3% sugar content. Its bitter and I love it. I tried giving some to my wife. She loves chocolate. She choked on it and had to spit it out. So when people say they love chocolate I suspect what they really love is sugar.

    Delayedg, I put 1 cup of skimmed milk into a jar with 1 Tbsp cocoa powder [Hershey’s], just the regular, not the ‘special dark.’ Then I shake it up. It will not homogenize since cocoa powder is difficult to “wet.” So I put it in the ‘fridge for the next morning. When my ODH makes the coffee for me, he shakes the ‘cocoa milk’ and puts 1/2 a mug-full of milk into the microwave to warm it, then adds the coffee, then froths it with the frother. Voila! Cocoa-cafe au lait. 53 calories and the cocoa has none. Yes, 1/2 tsp of sugar is added, but at least that is down from the former 1.5 tsp!

    I didn’t answer this and meant to thank you. I like a coffeee and dark choc is 85 percent cocoa but I guess if I’m having it with a milky drink it effectively makes it milk chocolate (!)

    I notice whatever I st for breakfast causes rebound tiredness yet I fight with myself as I really want a treat when I wake up. Breakfast for over 40 years – challenge to have nothing.

    If you get tired after breakfast on a Slow Day — is it because you ate simple carbs? I sometimes think that the carbs after a no-simple-carbs Fast causes a sugar high/sugar crash. just an idea.

    Thanks for replying fasting me. Egg sandwich and two sw or three sq very dark choc so didn’t seem that carbs but with a drink with skimmed milk… so not sure if that would negatively impact blood glucose

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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