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  • Hello, this is my first time at attempting this diet and have been trying to figure out the best way of having my meals on my fasting day.
    I know its not an excuse but with 2 very young children at home its not always possible to prepare fresh food.
    Tinned soups seem to have very low calories. Would these be suitable to use for fasting days? even having 2 soups in a day?

    Hello dww101!
    I hope you won’t mind my 2 cents in here, and I’m sure some people more knowledgeable than I will chime in! 🙂
    I have tried the soup idea (I am SOOO not a cook!) & it worked _Fairly_ well. There are (in my vast experience, not) 2 problems with soup: Firstly, they seem to digest really quickly and it’s almost as if you didn’t eat. So, if you do eat soup, be sure it either Has quite a bit of protein, or you simply Add some protein to it. Secondly, you do need to watch that you don’t get a brand with a ton of salt (which many soups do have).

    Best of luck to you on this adventure!! I’m kind of new also, as this is now my second week.
    – Chuck

    Hi guys
    This is where I’m confused. I just had a tin of soup. Amy’s kitchen soup to be exact. My calorie countre says less than 90kcals peer serving. What is one serving of soup a can or 100g? Plus hiw can you measure this? Surley there must be a simpler way?

    I feel I just increasedvmy fast day way ovrr the top. Not feeling very good. The junk in the kitchen is calling out to me. Eat me eat me,,,it’s whispering to my foodie senses,..

    100 gram if you ate the whole 400 gram tin = 360cal

    I make quick soups using per made broth, chicken, vegetable or beef bone broth. Use a cup of that add whatever you want say 2 ounces lean strip loin a dash of garlic and I have a great soup at under 125 calories. Add some veggies and you can easily keep it under 300 calories and be full.

    I love bone broth by itself and is one of the things I take when breaking 5 day fasts. Nice to just sip on a cold day too.

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