Thought on article saying to include carbs ?

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Thought on article saying to include carbs ?

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  • Crazy talk!

    Whole grains and the wonderful carbs in legumes and root vegetables play an important role in my diet. love them too.

    Dr Michael Mosley and Dr Clare Bailey advocate eating a really wide variety of wholefoods, including moderate servings of wholegrains and pulses.

    Without such wholefoods it becomes difficult to get sufficient of certain essential minerals and/ or difficult to balance omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

    In general though, tabloid journalists tend to misreport/ misrepresent/ misquote health news. Stick to articles or books written by those qualified in a subject allied to medicine or a relevant science discipline.


    Indeed, Clinique and fire. I personally find it hard to limit any carbs whether that be wholegrain rye or white bread. Thank be found since increasing my carb intake (even wholegrain) o think I’ve increased my appetite.

    Bc 🤪

    DG: You might try whole, unprocessed carbohydrates that need preparing from scratch each day. Any bread is processed, is quick to eat and quick to digest.

    Pot barley, steel cut oats, beans or lentils are rich in soluble fibre and resistant starch which fill us up without adding calories, whilst feeding our gut microbiome. Combine with certain seeds (chia/ linseeds) and/ or non-starchy vegetables for a meal that is slower to prepare, slower to eat and slower to digest.


    Hi Firefox,

    You’re right, and actually the healthy carbs I indulge in, none of them are completely unprocessed. Rye bread, seeded bread, wholegrain bread of courde I’m sure it would be much worse if I switched to white but they’re carbs all the same and suspect I seek that carb rush. There’s something to be said about cooking from scratch.

    The irony is I watch my children eat seeded porridge for breakfast. I’m getting better and feel I’m starting to get my head round this. Undoubtedly I’ll have many more slip ups but God loves a trier!

    DelayedGratification: For what it’s worth, I think you are doing great! Really considering the psychological side of healthy eating/ weight management. Your posts are challenging my thinking, and no doubt others too.

    Ah thanks Firefox, what a kind supportive post.

    I feel like a fraud to accept any praise today though, I found it hard to wake up, and my appetite has been non stop. There was some dark chocolate on the side and whilst making the little person some breakfast I devoured the lot, then had sandwich mid am then was just a day of eating. Felt dizzy all day and had to come home and slept al afternoon. Woke up feeling awful again and raided the carbs.

    I dread to think what my total kcal intake was. I don’t think I have a bug… wondering if I’m fighting one off….crazy day. Will be glad to got to bed.

    Had been positive to that point, I’m hoping this isn’t my body recognizing I’ve lost a pound and going crazy until I’ve regained it (which I strongly suspect I will have done after today’s consumption. Oops.

    Sorry is a bit negative had been doing really well, mood wise and food wise.

    DG: A difficult day food-wise and what have you done? Not quit but signed into the forum to read and to post! That is a positive in my book.

    If bread is a trigger for you could you only have it in your home at weekends, say? The whole family can benefit from eating a much wider variety of grains, pseudo-grains and other starchy carbohydrates, and limiting wheat products.

    Tomorrow is a shiny new day. (((Hugs)))

    Thanks Firefox 🙂 new day today..

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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