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  • I am currently on the 10th week of the Very Fast 800 (short-term rapid weight-loss phase) and have lost 3.5 stone. It says to do this for up to 12 weeks but I am getting such good results and feel really good that I was wondering if this can be done for a little longer? I was thinking maybe another 4 weeks as I still have about another 3 stone to lose before moving to 5:2. Thanks 🙂

    @plym_mike How did it go for you? Any update?

    Hi @northgeorgia I started phasing in a non-fast days a week or 2 apart after completing the 12 week Very Fast 800 phase. I am now up to 4:3 (4 non-fast around 1600-1800 calories / 3 fast between 500-800 calories) a week which I am happy and comfortable with and still losing although a little slower but this was needed. Going to stick with this for the time being.
    Just hit the 6 stone loss mark last Friday so really pleased and feeling great 🙂 Still finding the fast days easier as I am generally not as hungry.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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