the other benefits of fasting

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the other benefits of fasting

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  • if you google the benefits of fasting or read books about it there is alot of similar information out there.
    the thing i am wondering is this, weight loss/management aside since that seems to be a positive side effect of fasting.
    does anyone feel any of the other benefits of fasting physically.
    e.g Can you take in more information if you study in a fasted state?
    one of the things I am also interested in is autophagy, can you feel it? what does it feel like? if i fast for 24 hours have i triggered it and how do i know if ive triggered it.
    i am interested in these things and any other benefits people feel on a physical level if any.
    I currently do OMAD which puts me into a fasted state for 23 hours 5 days out of 7, i am just doing it as a bit of an experiment to see what happens, but interested to know what to expect.

    bobbys, your 23 hour fasts are probably good for depleting stored glycogen and improving insulin resistance over time. Basically you are probably just getting to the fasted state where your body is burning mostly fat and hormone levels are changing. However I think your major benefit will be fat loss if your meal isn’t too large.

    For most people ketosis takes several days. Now if you OMAD meal is a ketogenic meal then you might have different results. However I think nutrition could be an issue over time.

    When I started fasting to 36 hours and working out hard on that second morning before eating I noticed it was much easier to build some muscle. However I’ve fasted a full seven days and never experienced improved mental activity. Personally I find ketosis just kind of a survival state and I don’t believe ketones are a preferred fuel. If they were then our bodies would always be in ketosis.

    Cant say Ive noticed any increase in my mental acuity. Not better not worse. I do have a slight sense of “agitation”. I have a desk job and it doesn’t stop me concentrating. I also ride my bike in a fasted state. As long as I ride at 80-90% of my max effort when carbed up its not a problem.

    It takes me about 20 hours to get into ketosis. But Im not overweight. BMI = 22. Initially it would take a lot longer to get into ketosis. 48+ hours. I can feel it coming on. Ive measured different parts of my body with an IR thermometer. Mostly my temperature drops about 0.3 to 0.5C when fasting. (ears, tongue, fingers, armpit etc) All except my abdomen which runs about 0.5C hotter. I used to think it was my imagination until I took measurements. If you want to confirm you are into ketosis by a keto meter. They are cheap.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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