The good and the really really bad

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The good and the really really bad

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  • Hi everyone

    I have been following this woe for a couple of months. All fine. I have lost half a stone and my exercise dependency has eased. My food choices have certainly improved. What did wow me was when I originally started my face cleared a great deal.

    Yes, I am an adult acne sufferer. It’s a misery. I know there are poor souls worse off but it still makes me sad and really knocks confidence when just going to work. I have large pores but I don’t aggravate it. I don’t use pills or potions or moisturisers. I don’t even wear make up.

    Well, I thought it was on the mend but all of a sudden it has just erupted. The worst it has been for quite some time. I wondered if anyone had experience or could relate? I’m hoping it may just be a blip.


    I started IF last week and this week my face is a mess! Did this clear up for you?

    I too suffer with adult acne and believe it to be hormone activated. Wondering if IF is messing with my hormones a bit?

    I’m pretty sure that acne is unrelated to Fasting, but some people say it clears them up. could be coincidence. Sorry.

    The 5:2 fast diet gave me the confidence to do an elimination diet and in doing so, I found out the trigger foods that were causing a type of acne called HS. This disease had plagued me for all of my adult life, but after eliminating the trigger foods I have been completely clear from lesions.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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