The Day after A Fast

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  • Hi,

    I started the diet a few weeks ago. Second time. First time was three years ago and, of course, I fell off the wagon. Anyway.. Yesterday was a fast day. My fourth. Thursdays and Mondays. I went skiing today. Today I had 2 eggs and toast for breakfast. OMG! I had cramps, my muscles burned like I couldn’t go on and I don’t know if/how the fast might have made my day more difficult. I really don’t know if my being out of shape and having new equipment etc. affected how I felt. Anyone have experience with this?

    2 eggs and toast for breakfast. OMG!

    What’s wrong with two eggs and toast for breakfast?

    One requires an alkaline enzyme to digest and the other requires an acidic enzyme so that can be a problem on a very empty stomach. There are a few rules in the ‘combinational diet’ – not everything goes down the same.

    …well, this thread degenerated rather quickly didn’t it!

    To answer the original questions… I’m sure being out of shape, having new equipment, doing an activity you haven’t done for awhile probably contributed! The cramps could have been related to that (muscles stuck in the same position for long periods of time tend to cramp), but the more likely reason would be dehydration and/or lack of electrolytes… it’s so easy to dehydrate on a fast day, you really need to up your water intake and does take a little time to re-hydrate the next day.

    As for your day feeling a bit worse in general, many people on this forum have reported that exercising the day after a fast seems a lot more difficult (which makes sense)… I have definitely felt things take a couple of hours after that first decent feed before things start to slowly return to normal (as far as activity/exercise goes).

    (…oh, and obviously, your main problem here is that you should have had avocado with your eggs on toast – magical way to start the day, one of my favourites!) 🙂

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