SUCCESS STORIES ON 4:3 and 5:2???

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SUCCESS STORIES ON 4:3 and 5:2???

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  • Been on the 4:3 diet for a few weeks now. Haven’t weighed myself but clothes are looser! Just wanted to see the success of everyone else???

    I’ve been practicing 5:2 for about a month. I’ve shed 3 kilograms and a whole reserve of clothing in my closet that I hadn’t been able to wear for years, now fit me. It’s so nice to again have access to everything in my wardrobe rather than just a few plus sized pieces I’d purchased.

    Other than that, I have more balanced energy levels, clearer head, lagoons of peace that suddenly come over me. Someone said I looked ‘glowing’ which I did feel at the time, so I was chuffed that my inner state was radiating. I feel I handle stress more effectively.

    I’m reading the fastidet book at the moment and realize that a main reason I’ll continue with this because is because rat studies have shown the potential to stave off Alzheimer’s in humans. In other words, it effectively delayed dementia in genetically modified rats, until the very end of their lives. I’m genetically modified myself, with having found out that I too have the Alzheimer’s genes and witnessed my grandmother descend down that track, so I’m highly motivated to make this a lifelong commitment if only for the reason that I’m in large part prevented from following in my grandmother’s footsteps.

    That’s really good! Well done. I was wondering do you actually eat and drink normal on non fast days? As pastas, pizza, takeaways, beer/wine ect??

    Hi Jackyboy, I don’t fancy pizza, pastas though I do eat some takeaways. I don’t drink alcohol, never really have. I guess I’m no fun! Anyway, I do have my own indulgences though my tastes have changed since starting 5:2 and so I’m finding I’m not eating as much of them.

    Hi Lael, well done on your 3kg weight loss. I too am interested in the ‘non weightloss’ aspect of 5:2. Your inner peace mirrors my experience.

    P.S. I’ll give you an example of my experience! I fasted yesterday and broke the fast today with a delicious chicken salad at lunch. Why lunch? Because I live with a night owl who is a night time snacking type person and I am often influenced to eat late too. So my fasting started at 11 pm so I set 11 am as the time to break my fast.

    Anyway, to get on with the story, my partner treated me to the delicious chicken salad at a ‘Paleo’ cafe on the Gold Coast and since it was a special occasion, I went ahead and ordered one of their ‘paleo’ desserts as well too! I’ve had these sweet treats previously and have devoured them with relish. However, this afternoon, after my fast yesterday, I was stymied and taken aback as I took my first bite since this treat that I’ve usually thoroughly enjoy, tasted overly sickening sweet. Though I finished it (because I still have difficulty leaving anything on my plate because it’s wasteful!), my stomach didn’t feel very good in the aftermath! Even as I write, I can feel that the thought of one of those treats repels me! This is new.

    Jackyboy04 – I do alternate fasting and yes, I eat normally on eating days. I don’t really think about calories at all. We have the occasional KFC or Maccas. I do try not to snack at all, but definitely eat pasta and bread. I have lost 18 kilo’s since March doing alternate fasting and had lost about 5 kilos previous to that just cleaning up my eating and walking more. All up I’m about 23 kilo’s in the minus with about 14 kilo’s to go 🙂 Or 11 kilo’s till healthy weight range. Good luck 🙂

    Thanks Westman! I was composing that long P.S. piece so didn’t get to see your post before submitting mine.

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