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  • Here is the work out I follow during my Kung Fu training, taught to me by my instructor. It is not for everyone, but if you don’t have any muscle or bone conditions and want to build strength, endurance and a good, strong mental attitude it is very helpful.

    Warm up:
    With all of these start with 10 and gradually build up:

    30 Basic sit ups/crunches
    30 First knuckle press ups
    30 Cross over sit ups (15 each side)
    20 One handed press ups (10 each side)
    20 V sit ups
    30 Star jumps
    30 Squat thrusts

    Hard training:
    These will strengthen the core muscles and legs as well providing a good stretch:

    5 Minutes alternating low/medium horse riding stance
    10 Sun Salutations (On the first and second ones, hold the down position 1 inch off the floor for 30 seconds)

    Warm down
    Very important to do this as it helps prevent stiffness and other problems:

    Hamstring stretches (Alternate each leg doing at least 2 sets, holding for 15 seconds each)
    Arms/Shoulder stretches (Alternate at least 2 sets, hold for 15 seconds each)
    Shoulder Rotations (10 forwards, 10 backwards)
    Hip Rotations (10 both directions,keep head stationary)
    Leg rotations (Rotate the knee in a flat circle with your toes pointed on floor, allowing hips and ankles to rotate with the movement. 10 each leg)

    Doing this set three times a week before my training has increased my core, leg and arm strength as well as improving my general flexibility and endurance. Hope it helps someone else.

    “Warm down
    Very important to do this as it helps prevent stiffness and other problems”

    My routine is not nearly as intensive as you have here.

    I very seldom warm down after my workouts.

    Mostly, I’m too exhausted and take a shower to cool off. I do remember to keep moving and refrain from lying down too soon.

    I’m curious as to how often you do this routine?

    Hi Rocky

    I do this 3 times a week before my kung fu sessions. The actual workout is a bit more than I listed but I left out the exercises that only really have a kung fu application (second knuckle press ups etc).
    I warm down always as I recently had a problem with my shoulder due to pushing myself too hard and not stretching post work out. Keep forgetting that I am not 18 anymore! Haha

    “Keep forgetting that I am not 18 anymore! ”

    Something always reminds all of us.

    When do you fast?

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