Strength Training on fast days

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Strength Training on fast days

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  • Hello

    I am just starting out on the 5:2 diet and was wondering how people went with strength training on their fast days? πŸ™‚

    I do strength training before breaking a fast. So on the first morning I just tend towards cardio. While I’m not too worried about protein, I don’t think it makes sense to over stress the muscles when I’m not going to be eating within a few hours. Strength training can really stress muscles.

    Anyway I’ve found this has worked really well for me. It did take me
    a few months to get used to it.

    I am starting this today and wonder how it will fit in with exercise…I’m poor at dieting but great at exercising!! But I would like to shift some weight for health reasons and to make it easier to cycle up those hills!! I wonder if I am best backing off the exercise until I feel more in the zone. I can keep up my strength around food but do some endurance stuff too which I wonder will be hard…any help/hints?

    Hi Karen,

    I always exercise in the morning regardless of whether it is a fast day or not.
    I’m fasting today and I only eat dinner as I like to save all my calories for a decent sized plate of food in the evening.
    This morning I did 45 minutes cardio followed by 30 minutes of weights/resistance work plus a 15 minute swim which I’ll be doing again tomorrow after only having 500 calories today, and I know from experience that I won’t feel any different than I did today.

    My only issue is keeping myself occupied and out of the kitchen until dinner but that is the same on any FD regardless of whether I’ve been to the gym.

    It usually takes a couple of weeks to get into fasting if you’ve not done it before so I suggest you take it easy and see how your body responds. Research shows that women do better than men when exercising in a fasted state and IMHO it’s often more of a mental issue in getting over the fact that you are eating less than usual. We’ve all been bombarded with advice telling us we’ll fade away if we don’t eat every couple of hours which is untrue as our bodies have glycogen stores which can be used and for those of us who need to lose weight, fat which can be turned into energy when required. And that is precisely what we want to happen.

    You’ll need to increase the amount of water you drink when fasting, and even more importantly while exercising. When I first started working out I felt so weak I almost fainted a couple of times and it was because I wasn’t taking enough water on board.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

    I went well with Strength training last night but felt like I suffered a bit this morning. I went to a 6am hiit class then went to work (I am nurse) so I felt so fatigued after fasting yesterday. I do take a fat burner but I don’t think it is giving me to much energy unfortunately.

    Thanks for your posts – Good advice and your experience. I have fasted before but found it hard to work out around exercise but my workstyle was a bit different then. Ill let you know how I get on.

    Hello folks

    Im a returner to fasting (I have gained some mostly but not paying attention to my eating habits)
    Perviously I lost all my weight whilst not really excerisng, considering that I have an active job and had an ankle tendon problem which meant I had to rest it.
    I have though now taken up lifting weights twice weekly and I dont want to give it up and my question is will it stop me losing wight?
    Also is it better to lift when your fasting or in your eating phase?
    AH–Im being hasty I sccroll up and see that some of you do just this..ok Ill just carry on..fingers crossed πŸ™‚

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