still confused. anybody else?

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  • jeanius or michael or mimi
    eventhough i have been doing this since march 2nd and have lost 20 lbs

    i’m still confused over the fastdays

    if i eat @7pm sun a nonfastday
    then @7pm mon fastday 24hrs
    then tues a nonfastday @8am is that a doublefastday or 1 1/2?

    should i eat after 12am tues a nonfastday

    because i’m so hungry wasn’t b4 but now i am

    Hi, I do remember Michael saying somewhere (here or in the book) that a fast day is in reality 36 hours – from last meal of non-fast day to first meal of next non-fast day – so I think he would say 1.5 elapsed days between those 2 specific meals is 1 fast day, yes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    donald thanks, so i should not eat after twelve am? or i can yes i can ๐Ÿ™‚
    still starving

    Hello, wiltdnrUSA – On the schedule you quoted, Monday is your fast day, and you appear to be saving the whole of your calorie allowance until you eat one meal at 7pm, thereby having fasted for a full 24 hours (from Sun 7pm until Mon 7pm). Then, what is recommended is that you sleep overnight on the Monday, without eating anything more since the 7pm meal. Waking on Tuesday, a non-fast day, you can eat normally, breaking your fast whenever best suits you. Some people prefer to wait for as long as they can before eating on the Tuesday so that they can achieve another substantial period of fasting. (From 7pm Mon until 9am Tues, for example, is another fast of 14 hours.)
    I assume by referring to 12am Tuesday, you are asking if it’s OK to break the fast at midnight, on the cusp between Monday 23:59hrs and 00:00 hrs Tues. Of course, the choice is yours – and what matters is that you find a timetable that you feel able to sustain on an on-going basis – but it would seem a shame to waste that easier-to-fast-when-sleeping overnight period by eating at midnight before you sleep, from Monday night until Tuesday morning. Whatever you’ve been doing to date seems to be successful, as far as weight loss is concerned, but if you’re finding your chosen timetable a bit of a struggle now, maybe you could try different timings. But, then, perhaps that might be just too confusing? Best wishes for further success in your efforts, whichever timings you choose.

    Postscript to wiltdnrUSA – I am suffering the consequences of 50 years of eating just before I go to sleep, now having to take on-going high doses of drugs to not-very-successfully manage a damaged and painful gullet, so I really don’t recommend late-night eating. With all best wishes.

    Jeanius thanks, i was starving.
    never thought about a damaged and painful gullet(had 2 look it up in google). hope u r now ok. will u b able to get off those high doses of drugs. i always thought that they cured that because, they found out, it was a bacteria.

    i’m doing the 3:4 because i have hit the famous plateau where it goes down one then up 2 and staying for a while in that arena (i still have a ways 2 go from 218 now 198 to 150lbs)

    i’m been switching things up to kick start. yesterday was a fastday w/ allot of water and nothing else a 0cal day past the 7pm thought why not.
    the other fastday all protein only
    & the 3rd fast day the normal 500 trying 7pm@dinner (which i will not do anymore)
    i started out doing the mimi way during the day was happy the pounds were coming off and then @198 to 202 stagnation.
    i should not complain so far it is averaging 1.4333lbs ๐Ÿ™‚ lost a wk since march 2nd.
    i always make sure that my weeks ave 1300 a day for the week like when i used 2 diet.
    however, this is fun & not being a prisoner anymore is such a relief.

    u were talking about 1500. maybe i’m doing it all wrong.
    however, no longer confused.
    i’m only going to weigh myself after 6 fastdays.
    being 55 and a women w/ type 2 diabetes (pills only) (hope i will be off those soon) it seems super harder. doctor is monitoring but does not seem to care. i call them the arrogant one’s the white coat mafia now. miss the great bedside manner one’s. there r some but very few and far between.

    thanks again, i now click on ur name to c what other gems u have written.
    please tell me ur fastday profile history if u want to share it.

    Hi, wiltldnrUSA – Many thanks for your good wishes. You’ll see from my most recent comment, prior to this one, that I officially now recognise myself as a person with GERD/GORD (Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease). I think the bacteria you refer to is Helicobacter pylori, which is linked to (/causes?) stomach ulcers, and which usually is successfully eradicated by a strong cocktail of anti-biotics. I think it’s time I returned to my GP for advice about further treatment, as my efforts in applying the 5:2 approach have provoked an increase in symptoms. I’m very glad that, so far, I’ve lost 28lbs in the process, though!
    Your comment about 1500 cals and ‘doing it all wrong’ relates, I think, to a recent comment I made to owen888 about calculating one’s TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). To my mind, the TDEE figure (based on one’s individual statistics and activity levels) represents the appropriate healthy daily intake for the five non-fasting days of a 5:2 regime and, then, one factors-in the low-calorie intake of the two fasting days in order to achieve weight-loss. It seems many people think that a more drastic weekly calorie-reduction will automatically lead to a greater weight-loss. That seems to be true in the short-term but in the long-term it: a) is usually too difficult to sustain; b) leads to a greater loss of lean muscle (rather than the more-desirable loss of fat); and c) seems to slow down the metabolism more quickly, thus making weight-loss even more difficult. All dieting systems seem naturally to lead to plateaux and a gradually slowing of metabolism/weight-loss, so, adjustments have to be made as one progresses, but, if one is patient and pro-active then, I think, those stages can be overcome and further benefits and weight-losses achieved. (Oh, It just occurs to me that, as soon as one achieves a good weight-loss, then one’s TDEE needs to be re-calculated, as one’s daily intake needs to reduce too. I wonder how many people have also failed to realise this?)
    Good luck with your continuing efforts – diabetes does seem to present particular challenges but I have read various positive accounts from many diabetic followers of the 5:2 method. It was good to hear more about your situation. Your 1.43333333lb average loss per week is really great. (See my entry of 16 May, 9.52pm for my own fasting history.) With all best wishes.

    I’m really confused. I’ve been doing fasting twice a week 2pm one day to 2pm the next day. I don’t eat anything during those 24hrs. However I have breakfast and lunch day one 1200 calories and on day two late lunch and evening meal 1200 calories. I’m not losing weight so presume I’m doing it wrong? Help

    Joannek, simply put you are not following Michaels idea of the “Fast Diet”. He says that on your fast days eat 500 cals- female or 600 cals- male in any 24 hr period. On alternative days. The idea of this is to make things a little easier for those “Fasters”. Look at other posters or go over Michael or Mimi explanations.
    Do not be confused, there is no reason to be. Do what suits you provided you eat within those guide lines.
    So… for example, Monday is your fast day. Have your last “normal” eating day on Sunday and finish your last meal at what ever time suits you. Wake up any time Monday on a regular waking time for most people… 7, 8, am ish…I know some are different but bear with me. Eat a small calorific meal if you feel the need before noon. Around 6 pm or 7 pm eat your second meal (or first meal) to achieve your allowance. Go to bed…at your normal time. Wake next morning and “break your fast”. Eat as a “normal” day. Repeat the fast on Wednesday.
    If a 24 hr fast suits you then do that, no problem, no confusion.
    The suggestion by Michael as to intermitent fasting is to make it easier for people to do. Just read the posts. See how others do it and find a way suitable for you. BUT… do not become confused, it is really simple, keep it simple, I do because I am a simple chap and I need to keep it simple.
    It will work for you.. just do not sweat the simple stuff.
    By the way, weight loss is secondary to this life style albeit a welcome one.

    Good luck.

    Joannek, I do late brunch Monday and Thursdays then go to dinner the next night. If I am very hungry I have a snack mid afternoon before dinner. I eat the minimum on my fast days but if it is cold (winter here) I have something light at night – last Thursday I had 200ml soup and some asparagus. I have lost 3.5kgs in 3 weeks.

    Odille – 170cm – start 01 June 2013-115kg – current 111.5 – aim 65-70.

    Thank you! I don’t have a lot to lose only 2/3 kg but I always feel tired, headachy and lifeless. I want the health benefits as well as weight loss. I don’t eat a lot-never have done and so normal dieting doesn’t work for me.

    Hi, Joannek – I think that always feeling ‘tired, headachy and lifeless’ should not be accepted as one’s everyday experience. As you mention the fact that you ‘never eat a lot’, I do wonder whether you are suffering from some kind of nutritional deficiency, caused by not having a sufficiently varied and healthy diet on an on-going basis.
    For instance, I have recently discovered the huge impact that a deficiency in just one nutrient – Vitamin B12 – can have on one’s whole system, often misdiagnosed as such conditions as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression, or even Dimentia.
    (For more details on this topic, click on the following link, to view the thread entitled ‘Vitamin B12 deficiency’, located elsewhere on this forum : )
    There are many factors that could be contributing to your constant lifelessness, so, I would encourage you to get a thorough health-check – including as many blood-tests as possible – from your Doctor, to investigate and eliminate as many of those factors as possible and, hopefully, to find an easily treatable cause of your physical difficulties. I wish you much vitality and joy in your life in the near future.

    on the 24-hour fast, noon to noon let’s say, when is the fast actually broken? Normal lunch day 1, normal lunch day 2? And then normal dinner day 2? I’ve asked this question several times and am still very confused as nobody has just simply answered my question. Thank you.


    If you look at the FAQ on this site, you will see that Michael says the actual fast time is 36 hours. So the fasting time should include 2 sleep periods. Sleep-Fast-Sleep.

    I just read some of the FAQs for the first time and there is a lot of good info. there.

    If you plan to make this work you will probably have to extend the time period from 24 to 36 hours. Most of that time you will be asleep. Good luck


    I’m fasting from 2 p.m. to 8 a.m. without eat anything (42 hours), just water. Twice a week. This works for me (about 2lbs a week).

    il giorno del digiuno posso fare la colazione e un pranzo leggero 500kc e poi digiunare fino al mattino? qualcuno mi aiutiiii

    Ciao, Eva, (eva76) – Non parlano italiano ma (usando un app di traduzione) la risposta alla tua domanda รจ ‘Sรฌ’. I miei migliori auguri.
    (English translation: Hi, Eva, I don’t speak Italian but(using a translation app) the answer to your question is ‘Yes’. Best wishes.
    – Eva’s question, roughly translated: ‘Can I have 500 cals for breakfast and lunch and the fast until the next morning?’)

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