Stem Cells – The field generals for autophagy?

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Stem Cells – The field generals for autophagy?

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  • My formal science studies stopped 57 years ago. There has been a fair bit of technology since but no pure science. 5:2 hasn’t just removed a large amount of weight, it is giving my brain a good workout.

    True that, penguin …

    This article is really just a run down of stem cell types, and what tissues they manage …

    The science is fresh, and it’s mind blowing, indeed …

    Just coming off of a 36 hour water fast this very moment (2 hours to go) … So, I wonder what stem cells were stimulated this time?

    I believe ALL are stimulated, just because that is the most elegant and natural response … Glucagon soaked stem cells are active this very moment?

    I’m absorbing as much of this science I can, yet I am still so ignorant …

    The brain needs exercise like this … Enjoy your day!

    Interesting stuff! Just skimmed it and will have to do a deeper dive. I’m coming off a 36 hour water fast too, but Longo suggests that 5 days is the minimum for really effective stem cell activation. Targeting next month for a fasting mimicking session.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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