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  • I started 4 days ago and yesterday had my second fast day and… I put 1 kg on !!!! During non-fasting days had reasonable meals, small portions, almost no carbs, no sweets, some wine… well as usual. Do you understand the reason of this weight taking? does anyone of you experienced the same? I’m discouraged! 🙁

    I’ve had experiences similar to yours and have learned that tracking weight as measured in pounds and kilograms only tells part of the story and that part can be misleading.

    For example, I’ve weighed up to a kilogram heavier and at the same time seen my measurements taken at 5 points on my body actually decrease, most recently I discovered a 4 cm decrease total combined from those 4 points over a period when I actually gained weight several hundred grams. From what I understand, intermittent fasting promotes the building of muscle while reducing the percentage of fat. Muscle weighs more than fat, so I now view my net gram gain at the same time cm have reduced as a positive movement. Had I simply gone by scale weight, I too would have been disappointed.

    My scales also measure body fat percentage, hydration and muscle mass. I noted improvement in hydration, muscle mass and fat percentage during this period when I’d gained those several hundred grams. Again, if I’d only looked at the extra weight, not knowing the composition of if, I would have been disappointed.

    If you are cycling, the weight gain could be attributed to time of month. Others in this forum do report that their weight does go up around certain times of the month even after FDs, though that is often quickly lost subsequently.

    Water weight may also be a culprit. Here is a sage quote from one of our members who has been practicing this way of life for many years. The quote comes from the link below, which I highly suggest you read, since it offers many other helpful tips and insights: “WARNING 3: Combining WARNING 2 with the fact the body retains water to varying degrees in various amounts at various times, your scales may give you a false reading on how 5:2 is working for you. You can do everything ‘right’, get on your scales, and see you have gained one or two pounds. On the other side, you might see you have lost three pounds (joy), but then go for two or three weeks without further weight loss (depression). If you like to weigh yourself often (more than every other week or so), get used to the weight swings (but don’t give up).”

    Cheers, Lael

    Here is the link that I recommend since it contains insight that has greatly helped me:

    Hi Gabriella and welcome:

    Lael has explained the likely cause of your weight gain. Here is some more information that might help:

    Good Luck!

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