Started 5:2, need help on workouts..

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Started 5:2, need help on workouts..

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  • Hi All,

    I started 5:2 a week ago and have been feeling great.. i lost around 2kgs of weight in 1 week!! I do walking like around 3miles-5miles daily.. i also do elliptical at home. I want to know what all exercises i can do? I pretty much prefer at home workouts bcoz i don not have enough budget to go to gym or buy any equipments for tat matter. I live in new jersey, US here it is getting really cold n soon will start snowing so i want help with workouts that i can do even when there is snow outside.

    More abt me : i m 26, 5ft 8inches n weigh around 84kgs.. i was a vegetarian pre wedding as of now i eat only chicken/eggs occasionally. so i gained weight, my pre-wedding weight is 70. 2ndly i miscarried last month at 4months so i ve a little belly n weight puton due to that. so in all i ve around 14kgs to lose.

    Any advice/help will be great-full i was want to be fit n start trying again. Thanks in advance

    Hi CrazyTrying,

    I am originally from NJ, now living in the midwest. Great job on your weight loss last week!

    Have you tried any of the Jillian Michaels DVDs? I like Ripped in 30 or 30 day shred. It’s a quick but effective workout & under $10 for the DVD.

    Good luck with 5:2. I’m only on my second week, but loving it so far. I lost 3 pounds last week & hope to lose 1.5 this week. I’ll be fasting again on Thursday.

    Hi Emily,

    Great start for you. I looked up jillian micheals workouts on youtube, I find them quiet hard for a beginner. 2ndly I live in apartments with wooden flooring so I cant do to much of noise, else my neighbor downstairs will complain on me. but I have been doing some workouts. i liked the Fitness Blender ones more.. what do u think?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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