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  • Hey there,
    So I’ve been combing a Keto diet(not super strict, I do allow myself cheat days on occasion and I still eat some fruit) and intermittent fasting. For about four months I’ve been doing a minimum of a 19 hour fast, but usually I do 23-24 hour fast a day every day simply because of my work schedule. I also do a HIIT workout three times a week, and do moderate exercise nearly every other day including weight lifting. But for the last month I have completely stalled. I don’t seem to be gaining weight but I am also not losing weight; more important to me however, is I don’t seem to be toning my body anymore. It’s like nothing I do is have good or bad consequences. From what I’ve read I should maybe switch up my fasting and not fast so often for a few weeks? Also, I don’t think I’m eating enough calories every day and maybe my body is staying the same due to trying to maintain my weight. On a good day I’m probably eating 800 calories but I find it difficult to eat more than that. I don’t feel tired, my energy has been amazing since starting this, I just feel like I’m running in place. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    I am not sure what your problem is. Is it your weight, are you happy where it is or not. If you have lost enough just maintain. Is it your fitness level the problem Are you exercising for health reasons or to be and feel super fit. Perhaps you are stressing yourself unnecessarily Be kind to yourself

    Thanks for the reply! My weight is not a concern to me, it’s more that my workouts don’t seem to be as effective in toning my body anymore-no matter how much I switch them up. So I am wondering if maybe my diet needs to be switched up? Maybe I need more calories in my diet to help fuel my body? You’re absolutely right in being kind to yourself and I am trying to remember that. It’s just frustrating to be working and not seeing any results recently.

    If you are only averaging 800 calories a day you shouldn’t expect to be able to build muscles. You can’t build muscle while you are staving yourself. The best you can hope for is to now just lose muscle mass too fast.

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