So happy I discovered this!

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  • I cannot say how happy I am that I came across this. I’ve been doing this for a month and a half (including the dreaded Christmas period!) and have shed a stone. The truly wonderful thing about this “diet” is that you hardly feel you’re on a diet at all. The first few “fasting” days are hard, but you soon learn that the hunger pangs subside pretty quickly. A cup of black coffee, concentrating on work, and you forget about it. And to know that, the following day, you can have whatever you want really helps. Fact is, you really don’t want that much the following day, but you still shed the weight – even if you have a spud or a glass or two of wine. This means you don’t have to change your entire lifestyle and give up out of despair. I never would have carried on if it wasn’t for the freedom afforded on the other five days. And it’s just so refreshing to know you can get thin and still enjoy yourself. This is simply brilliant.

    Cheers to that!!!!!

    Eat, Fast, Be Healthier, Live Longer and Lose Weight, what more can one ask for? Besides more ice cream and world peace but we all want those.

    Congrats on your success keep on going and when you reach those plateaus and you will, just remember to re-evaluate your TDEE and stay within it on feed days and may all your fasts be easy. In a year you’re going to be amazed at the new you.

    Yes! I agree completely! I’m thrilled too 😎

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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