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  • HI there

    I am in 4th week and I dont see many effects so far … why is that? can anyone help? What I am doing wrong?

    Hi Justine,

    Have you bought and read the Fast Diet book by Dr Mosley? I suggest you do this before doing anything else.

    If you are rigidly sticking to your fast day allowance (500 cals for women which includes absolutely everything that passes your lips including milk in coffee, etc) then you probably need to have a look at how much you’re eating on NFDs. Whilst you can eat anything you want in theory, this doesn’t mean as much as you want. So you need to work out your TDEE and make sure you’re not going over that.

    Also, you could take a look at when your fast day begins and ends, etc. But firstly, do yourself a favour and read the book. It’ll be the best $11 you’ve ever spent. Good luck!

    P.S. Just a head’s up – you have posted your address in your profile. You might want to remove that and instead tell us a bit about yourself which would help answer your question. It’s not easy to suggest which aspects you might be able to address when we don’t know anything about you.

    Keep pushing forward, my friend. Sometimes, when doing 5:2, you will see improvements in other areas first then it will eventually show on the scale.
    Improvements such as your clothes feeling better and/or loose.
    More energy, better focus and mind frame.
    These are signs that 5:2 is working, even though the scales stay the same.
    Also, make sure you are drink enough fluids aka water. It helps the scales to move.
    Good luck!

    thank u all, this is very helpful 🙂 I started to read the book yesterday

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