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  • Hi all
    i weight 78 kilos but my problem is trying to shift fat from my belly i have been doing the 16-8 for around 3 months now,ive dropped around 18 lbs but dont know what to do now as i dont want to loose anymore weight but i still have a fat belly,i feel if i continue i will look to thin.I goto the jym 3 times a week and wish to carry on,but not loose weight,i feel like giving up as there is no point.
    I am 5ft 8 male and 55 years of age
    any suggestions
    many thanks

    My advice to you would be not to worry about the weight and focus on being healthy.

    I’ve been having success with 16:8 as well and I am currently 2kg under my goal weight. I find it much easier to lose fat than build muscle, plus I’ve had a couple of injuries which make exercise challenging. I know I look skinny with clothes on, but I’d rather look skinny than be unhealthy.

    Keep up the intermittent fasting and exercise, but consider giving yourself weekends off if you don’t already and focus on eating enough fruit and vegetables and healthy fats. Don’t be hard on yourself and try to enjoy the journey – if it’s not enjoyable it’s probably not sustainable.

    You want to lose your belly fat bur you don’t want to lose weight. The belly fat is the weight you want to lose. Keep Fasting. At the gym, work on bulking specific muscle groups: Deltoids, pectorals, Quads, Glutes, back muscles. As those muscles build up you won’t look ‘skinny’ in your arms/upperbody. As you continue to Fast, you will get rid of [slowly] the belly fat.
    It is possible to build muscle at our age.
    Good luck, mr.P

    Hi Mr P, I am in similar position, down at the lower end of my healthy weight (after 15 months of 5:2) but a few areas of fat that are slow to shift, even after a year of being at this weight. Mine are the top of my arms, a bit of belly… and ankles, would you believe?
    My theory is that we lose weight last from the places we put it on first, and especially if we are older (I’m 60) and been overweight for a while (decades 🙁 ) then it is very slow to shift those last bits.
    I just keep on with 5:2. I find I stay within my healthy weight range and I think I am very slowly losing it from the remaining storage areas. I hope you do too.

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