Six kilos in six weeks

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Six kilos in six weeks

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  • Like many others, this is not my first trip down 5:2 lane. It is blatantly obvious that while I am on this site, reading and contributing to posts, I maintain my focus and do better.

    This morning I was a scale busting 81.7 kg – I’ve never topped 80kg before – the wake up call was loud and clear. So I’m back.

    Six in six may be ambitious, but I have four weddings in the early months of this year; the first two are in six weeks – I refuse to buy new dresses as I have perfectly lovely ones that I should fit into.

    If anyone wants to join me, we can keep each other motivated and on track.

    Hi Chipmunk,
    I too am back on it after a year away. The scales shocked me too at 13 stone. As did a recent photo of myself with very svelt looking sisters…. guess who was the fatty πŸ€” so no more… time to act πŸ™‚.
    We could gee each on if you want.
    Have a happy Wednesday

    That’d be great Rozb! I’m in NZ and it’s 4.43pm, that time on a FD when I start looking forward to dinner. It’s the Greek Salad out of Mimi’s 5:2 recipe book tonight. I just went to the supermarket to get the feta and had to control my urges when surveying the other shelves. Which days are you planning to fast?

    My fast days are Monday and Wednesday.

    Im in UK

    I know what you mean when the other shelves tempt, its the smells too that get me especially doughnuts which are a weakness of mine. I really need to get rid of my sweet tooth.

    Which days are your FD?

    Carry on Chipmunk, you can do it.
    If you want you can email me at:
    I would be happy to hear from you

    Best wishes, Roz

    Rosb my fast days are variable depending on social engagements…… I fasted yesterday then am planning tomorrow (Friday here) and Sunday as I am away for the first three days next week and it’s better (for me) not to fast when I’m travelling.

    Let’s keep communicating here so others can join if they want to – the more support the better!

    Fast Day for me today. Yesterday I managed a NFD quite well til I had an ice cream at the movies, though I am fairly sure I stayed within my TDEE, so not worrying about it.

    Woo hoo 79.8 this morning after yesterday’s FD so under the dreaded 80kg. Realise this is mostly water weight off but still happy to have a great start to getting back into this way of eating.

    Yay Great news Chipmunk 13 well done πŸ‘ what a result and incentive to keep going.

    Hey from Melbourne.
    I find chewing gum helps in the supermarket.
    Likewise, I have been on this diet before- lost about 15kg (maybe more- my scale broke)but dropped 2 dress sizes. Been significantly overeating the last 18 months, so time to reign it in.

    FD again today – don’t feel as on to it as I did the last two, but am determined to hold it together.

    Dreamit and Rozb – what are your goals for the six week? or for January?

    Hope you are still with me!

    My goal is for 6 weeks but want to go longer. I hope to be on it till i get to my target 9st 8 which my GP says would be my ideal weight. Im 13 stone now so in for the long haul…. but im raring to go with all the support on here and my email buddy. Ive already had 1 FD and got on okay so we will see…

    Hope you are getting on okay everyone. Take care and best wishes to all

    Happy Fastin 😊

    Successful FD today – looking forward to repeating it all next week!

    Well done Chipmunk πŸ‘ another week done. You can do it !!!!

    I’m also from Wellington New Zealand.

    Similar to chipmunk I got a dress that I’m determined to wear to a wedding in 8 weeks. I managed to reduce weight from 77kg to 65 kg from Dec 2017 and June 2018 but has since fallen off the wagon. I don’t have problems during fast days but NFDs are my problems. I snacked to much.

    Today I weigh 73.5kg (11.57 st) and want to reduce to 65kg (10.23 st). My height is 165km (5f 4) so 65kg should be very manageable. This is a long term goal & it will be great if I can loose one kg per week in next few weeks so I can fit into the dress.

    Today is my first FD for the year and I’m feeling positive. Bought a whole celery and a few carrots on the way to work for snacks after 12 noon. Will walk for 1km at lunch time then gym (yoga & palate) after work. For dinner 2 boiled eggs and 2 pieces of bread. For extra motivation I bought online the new book (The Fast 800) from MM this morning.

    All the best to everyone and let’s persevere.

    Hi girls! Have been peeking here and there for the last couple of weeks checking different topics.
    Spoted this one.and finally decided to join πŸ™‚
    I’m 33 (almost), lying just in my comfy bed in south Poland (00:50!!late!)
    I’m one of those whose favourite word is “diet”. Have been on a diet ever since I remember. Some of them workes wonders..however didn’t last forever. 6 months ago I gave birth to a beautiful daughter (there is a 2 yrs old son yoo! 😁)… Then all changed. I put on weight..and stil have think..8kg to loose. At 160cm I wish for 55kg I so much wish!! πŸ˜™ Biggest issue is the belly – fat muffin top. For the last week I stopped eating sugar, so it got pretty rough. But I made it. Tomorrow is a FD. I really hope for the “diet” to work!!! I tried it about 4 years ago. Lost 5-6kg. So really hop to do thr same or even more soon!!!!
    Will report tomorrow!!

    Glad to meet you lovlies!! 😘😘

    Wow and well done Megan! I don’t know how you managed to even consider dieting when you have two little ones. This would be the last thing on my mind when I was in your situation many years ago. You must be a very organised person.

    I’m 53 and my 2 daughters are 21 & 23. Like you I have been on some sort of diet all my life. My recollection of some information: women need to take in higher calories after giving birth (not sure how much more and for how long) and when they are breast feeding.

    You may be able to take more calories and still achieve the result?? Not sure whether other forums or internet got this type of information.

    My FD is going well. It’s 3.40pm and I’ve consumed half a bowl of raw celery, 2 cups of black coffee and many cups of hot chrysanthemum tea. Looking forward to the gym session after work today.

    Hope all others FD or NFD are going well too.

    8 Jan 2019 8am. Weigh 72.6 kg – a reduction of 0.9 kg. Of course most would be water.

    NFD today. Challenge is to maintain 72.6 kg by tomorrow morning.

    Thanks Phoenix!! 😘 I’ll tell you that- I’m a full time mommy of two, working from home 3-4h a day, keep this house sort-of-tidy, and study at weekends! And I somehow still think I’m not organised, not mentioning in control. I really need this diet to give me the sense of control – that’s why I loved it so much a couple of years ago.
    It’s all in your head they say.. I know, I realise..ble ble πŸ˜‰ but would much prefer to still “have it in my mind” while slim and sexy shaped 😁😁

    So. Lying on a sofa now (watching a programme about extremely FAT people- kill me!! but love them!! 😁) and thinking about tomorrow’s breakfast yummy! The day was just great. I probably consumed a bit more than 500 kcal…but only healthy stuff. I’m addicted to coffee and milk counts too πŸ˜• No one believed..even me but I went to the gym. It wasn’t the best session ever..but counts!! Aiming to go again this week – hard with all – but not impossible!!

    Tomorror a NFD horray!!! 😁😁😁😁😁

    Great to see others on board this post. Welcome!

    Phoenix and Megan, I have also spent most of mylife on a diet. What is it with the messages we’ve been sent telling us we need to be a certain size? We just need to be healthy!

    Megan, don’t think of it as a diet, think of it as becoming more healthy. Diet is so negative 😟

    Well done Phoenix on you successful FD.

    I’m away at the moment so NFDs. Yesterday went well and was proud of myself for ordering a Caesar salad with salt and pepper squid instead of anything else. Sushi for lunch. So a good NFD.

    Today is another NFD but plan to keep it light again.

    Hi ladies πŸ™‚ So glad I’m here as I do have this need to talk it all out about dieting…but feel like talking to people around is just too much. Not mentioning the fact that the idea of fasting seems like a rediculous idea for my girlfriends. You’ve just got to believe in such stuff!! Chipmunk said all right- not a diet, but health and a lifestyle. Amen!

    Rough day here, and only women can respond. I simply had to go to the hairdreser! Hubby at packed the kids (“donated” 2 sweets for yhe 2 year old so he “kindly” got dressed on time)! it’s minus 10! here!! So imagine all that! I was about to shout I swear (oh! and I did a lot of swearing in my head!!) I cannot believe I survived it all without treating myself with sugary-token. I’m so proud of myself! 😁😁 as a sandwich later was jus as good 😁 Now about to cook something for dinner..and that would be it when it comes to food.
    Ah! Just discovered my old stepper- will google later what ic can do for my but! 😁 ..and shall use every (other) day πŸ˜‰

    Have a good one! Speak later 😘

    9 Jan 2019 NFD 8.22am

    Managed to maintain at 72.6kg – a relief. I thought I’ve consumed too much calories yesterday, included some extra dumplings & desert that I could have cut out. So am quite surprised.

    Lovely to hear from you all. I agree with chipmunk, we should see this as a life style change for a healthier life.

    Megan, I still don’t know how you managed to do all the things you mentioned: babies, work, study etc. Make sure you have some “me” time fitted in.

    In Oct 2017 I weighed around 81 kg – my heaviest weight ever not counting pregnancy. My right knee was hurting when going for walks. These gave me a big fright and why I started 5:2. Both my daughters have long term health issues and I need to be healthy to support them.

    However these motivations weren’t enough for a sustainable weight loss (got down to 65kg in June 18 but gained another 8-9 kg since), so I need to start again to find ways to make it permanent.

    NFD today. I’m trialing 8:16 for NFD – I think it means eating in 8 hours window only. Black coffee and hot water till noon. Then a normal lunch and dinner.

    9 Jan NFD but planning at least AFD (alcohol free day). It’s been hot here so easy to down a delicious beer 🍺.

    Will be able to weigh myself tomorrow morning so fingers crossed 🀞 I have at least stayed the same, that is a tad under 80kg on my way to my 6kg 6 week goal of 75.7

    Phoenix I find 16:8 – fast from 7pm til 11:00am then eating window til 7:00 works well for me. It’s easy to get to 11:00am then light lunch and dinner. In the past, I often have done this on a FD.

    Megan, it sounds like you are soooo busy it’s a wonder you have time to eat! And don’t you feel good after a trip to the hairdresser? Feels as good as a successful fast day 🀣

    Keep going everyone- a week of the six is already over and we’re part way into week two.

    Hi chipmumk, megan and phoenix, its great to encourage each other. My hubby is useless at encouraging me on my weight loss journey. Hurray to all you hard losing weighters… that sounds corny but heyho.
    Im on day 2 of week 2 atm.
    Happy Fastin everyone

    10 Jan 2019 FD

    Weighed this morning and still maintain weight loss. I know weighing everyday is not necessary however I found this works for me. I weigh myself in the evening and in the morning every day. It helps me to make better decision about food.

    Rozb, great to hear from you. Hopefully your hubby is not the type who will gorge inappropriate food in front of you during your FD. My hubby is pretty good in encouraging me as he is trying to loose weight due to diabetes and high cholesterol. However he will never fast, or calculate calories intake- he thinks he will die. Instead he compensates his high calories intake (too much meat) by high level of activities & cut off cheese etc. I’ve given up arguing with him

    Plan for today is black coffee & chrysanthemum tea till noon, then raw celery till dinner time. Dinner will be 2 boiled eggs on one piece of toast.

    Happy Fasting or Non Fasting to you all!

    No Pheonix he wont ear in front of me, he just wont fast with me even though he has a few stones to lose.
    Having said that he has eaten a lot less today with me so wel see.

    Hi everyone.

    Disappointing morning on the scales – 80.2 which is 400gm in the wrong direction after 3 NFDs. My small victory is a no alcohol day yesterday, despite several hours in the airport lounge!

    I’m aiming for a very strict FD today. So far just peppermint tea and about to meet a friend for coffee. Have alerted the other half that it will be a FD dinner for him too. He was complaining he had a fat belly the other day. Ha ha.

    Go well everyone

    Oh no Chipmonk, keep trying you will achieve it
    Keep it up πŸ™‚

    Hi band! So great to have you! I thought about you today a few times and stayed focused. A FD here. Think could’ve done a bit better (reached aroud 800kcal I reckon) but so healthy: small sausage of 117kcal and small and slim πŸ˜‰ piece of bown bread, and small salad with mozarella cheese…and like 4 cups of coffee – can’t give up those! Just need something – no alcohol, no smoking (not that I’m a smoker anyway πŸ˜‰ ), no sugar! At least bitter coffee ❀ Thought that would be it..but then saw my husband eating made myself some too. So, maybe not perfect 2 FD …but jolly good I completed them. Let’s say 75% ..good. Next time will aim for 90% πŸ˜‰

    Really proud of you ladies!
    Thank you to Rozb 😁

    Ohh Chipmunk I just cannot stop giggling!! : “Have alerted the other half that it will be a FD dinner for him too” Hahaha! 😁😁

    Chipmonk I totally am there with you. I stepped on my scales…and 63.7 I thought what the f**k! I feel “sucked in” …but the scales show I’m even heavier.

    Phoenix!! Congrats! 😘😘 well done!

    A. Haven’t said that yet. I’m 160cm, and usually around 64kg. May seem not much…but I was something 56 before 2 pregnancies. Still store old clothes hoping for a weight loss miracle..but it still hasn’t arrived πŸ˜” I promised myself 2019 will be a year of great changes, and that if I don’t fit into my old clothes this summer I’m throwing them away. Obviously girls I’d be happy with 60kg but in shape! with muscles, that’s why I’m slowly taking up the gym and exercise.
    Ahhh it all sounds so easy!! But is so freaking hard πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

    Rozb I meant “Hello” πŸ˜‰

    ..this is just rediculous!! Lying in bed already…and instead of thinking ab cuddling my hubby…I’m thinking very carefully what I’m going to have for breakfast!! 😳😳😁😁😁
    Girls I don’t know how it is with you..but I love breakfast!! Open my eyes in the morning and think “eat!” 😁😁 Aaaa you cheeky morning please come soon!! 😘

    @megan33 if thats what keeps you going then why not concoct some great breakfast dish while in bed. πŸ’€πŸŒβ˜• πŸ˜€

    Aaa Rozb spunds brilliant!! 😁😁
    Happy NFD girls!!! 😘

    Hi all. Had a bummer FD yesterday. Wine and cheese really are not FD foods.

    Still, this morning I was 79.7kg. Miracle πŸŽ‰ Has inspired me to have a good FD today.
    By the way, I’m 169cms so ideally at my age (62) I’d weigh around 70kg. However I’ll be happy to eventually get to 72 and maintain.

    @rozb thanks for the encouragement! How are you going?

    @megan33. I love an egg at breakfast, nothing fancy but it keeps me going.

    A successful FD yesterday. Chipmunk, hope it was the same for you.

    We had a light dinner last night – boiled eggs and salad. And hubby wants fish & chips tonight. Keep my fingers cross I can keep today’s calories intake to 1500.

    My overeating days occur the weekend however. Friends coming over for dinner on Saturday. So need to think of a plan to ensure calories intake will be under control.

    Have a happy day everyone. It’s Friday morning here, and sunny with temperature reaching 24’c today.

    Phoenix, how about using a recipe from one of the Fast diet books for when your friends come over. You get to control what goes in, so you can make it diet friendly but full of flavour. things like chicken cacciatore are tasty and low in calories (as long as you don’t eat too much!)

    Good luck.

    Good FD yesterday til dinner when I added a large and delicious glass of wine. Still 79.7 this morning so seem to have gotten away with it!

    Away now for a week and no scales. Trialling fast 800 for the week as per the new Michael Mosley book.

    Hi girls πŸ˜” Tough day here..keeping me upset as my hubby got to work..then had to stay even longer..and that would be it for our nice romantic afternoon/evening. Extremely upsetting must say as didn’t see each other much during the week.. Ahhh. And he’s on duty tomorrow πŸ˜”πŸ˜” (police) All sucks.
    I’m not very happy with my eating. All cause of snacking which I cannot get rid of on NFD and wish to do so! Just to make it clear now snacking mean a piece of carrot while cooking, a little piece of bread with soft cheese while feeding my older one, sugar free waffle (-s!!) here and there. May seem not bad..but all counts and give me this dirty feeling od being stuffed πŸ˜• Yep. I felt like stuffed past 3 NFD.. And didn’t like it. I love this “cleansing” feeling that a FD gives you ❀ Love it!!❀
    Thought about doing 3rd FD…but there is a huge risk of loosing at the beginning 3FDs may seem too much.
    Ehhh will see how next week procedes.
    I”m thinking of “not eating after 6pm” rule. After some time it works wonders! …and no “stuffed” feeling next day!! 😁

    Well done girls on your good-small steps. These ones count the most!!!
    Night night now 😴😴😴😘

    @megan. Try writing down everything you eat on a non fast day. In fact, if you write it down BEFORE you eat it. that should make you think about it and maybe not eat it!

    My 800 per day is going well. Using recipes and meal plans from the fast 800 book.

    14 Jan 2019 FD.

    Formal weigh in this morning at 73.4kg, a small reduction of 200g from last week. Will do better this week.

    The weekend eating didn’t go well. Should have reduced the portion of main and desserts on Saturday; and not snack on sweets & chips on Sunday. Thanks Chipmunks for the suggestion. I will try these recipes when entertaining.

    So this week’s focus is on planning for weekend meals. Next Monday is a holiday in Wellington so have to work harder. Will write down everything I eat from now on. Good idea Chipmunks.

    Happy Fasting or Non Fasting Day everyone!

    15 Jan 2019 NFD.

    A successful FD yesterday and have started writing down everything I ate. Good idea Chipmunks to write the food down before eating. I’ll also try plan precisely what I should be eating this coming weekend.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

    Well done PhoenixW!
    We are away in the Sounds on our boat for a week or so, so I planned out the menus and did some prep so portion etc are under control. Have my partner doing the 800 calls a day with me. He keeps asking if he can have a gin and tonic 🀣.

    Plan out you long weekend menus and see if that helps keep on track.

    Sooo windy over here, hope the city is better.

    Megan33 where are you?? Are you managing to stay on track and avoid those pesky snacks?

    16 Jan 2019 Informal weigh in 71.8kg

    The weight loss of 1 kg overnight on NFD was a huge surprise. Of course the scale may be playing up; or somehow I’ve lost some water retention.

    However I’ve done something different yesterday. I put in a 3/4 bowl of cooked celery and carrots, and half the normal portion of rice and meat for lunch. Dinner was 2 small vegetarian fritters and salad. Supplement by a sugar free oak & fruit cake, and handful of nuts. May be I’ve found the formula.

    NFD today and going well. Stick to similar food as yesterday so far.

    Chipmunk, are you doing 800c per day plan?

    Have a good day everyone!

    @phoenix Well done on dropping the kilo!

    Yes I’m doing 800 a day for as long as I can, hopefully 2 weeks.

    Today is day 5 and I have gone over 600. Friends came to dinner – I served myself a suitable portion of veggie curry and bulked theirs up with bigger portions and rice. I did vege cruditΓ©s for before so that was good. They all ate chocolate after dinner and I’m happy to say I didn’t even want any! HOWEVER, I had a glass of wine and a few small apricots which has put me over but not badly so.

    Tomorrow is another day…….

    17 Jan 2019 FD

    Well done Chipmunk for your strong will power – I won’t be able to resist the chocolate, and all the yummy food you mentioned!

    So I wasn’t dreaming when I lost 1 kg the day before, and have lost another 200g yesterday on a NFD. I think the difference may cause by low consumption of rice, bread, pasta etc. Last night dinner was a small helping of vegan Pad Thai, and a piece of bread with peanut butter later. In hind side I should avoid the bread.

    I never thought carbs like rice, bread can cause problem in weight loss, as long as their calories are counted. So I shall plan meals in NFD carefully. Weekend will still be a challenge. My new plan is to stick to no carbs at every dinner. Time to investigate recipes of yummy salad.

    Have a great day everyone!

    I’m with you Phoenix – always thought it was calories that count – and it is, but as I’ve read in the fast 800 book, less carbs means more fat burning – there’s a technical explanation, but don’t ask me. Actually, the science of it all passes me by, but the research with different groups of people following different plans speaks to me.

    Whatever, as long as it works!!

    ;Looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow so hope I’m not disappointed……

    18 Jan 2019 NFD. Long weekend coming up – Hooray!

    Lost about 400g after FD yesterday so am happy. However big challenges coming up over the 3 days weekend. I must plan very carefully and actively limiting carbs.

    Chipmunk, I’ll read the 800c a day book once it’s arrived. Very interesting about less carbs means more fat burning.

    Have a great weekend everyone. Especially to Chipmunk – happy long weekend.

    Woohoo – weighed and measured this morning and could not be happier.

    Down to 77.5 after less than 3 weeks of our 6 week smash. It seems unbelievable 2.3kg of that is the last 6 days of doing fast 800, so I’m a big fan. Makes watching others eat chocolate etc while I drink peppermint tea all the more worthwhile!!

    We have friends with us over the long weekend Phoenix, but I’ve already worked out menus and how to give them non fast extras. Thank goodness the weather is good so salads are the order of the day.

    Good luck with your planning for the weekend.

    Congratulations Chipmunk! A whooping 2.3kg over 6 days. I’m very looking forward to read the book now.

    I have not started planning for long weekend meals yet. Will do it tonight.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Oops. Have slipped up a bit but ready to get back on the bus. Checking in to keep accountable – that 6 kg will go!!!!

    22 Jan 2019 FD. I normally fast on a Monday, but yesterday was a holiday so have shifted the fast date.

    I was holding very well on Sat and Sun, but not very good yesterday – eating out lunch and dinner, plus too much bread and peanut butter for snacks. Weigh in at 71.9kg this morning. I was hoping to keep the weight at 71.2kg. However still a good reduction of 1.5 kg over one week.

    Today is a new day and let’s stay positive. We can do it.

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