Six kilos in six weeks

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Six kilos in six weeks

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  • 800cals again today – after all my good advice about planning, and actually doing the planning, things went a bit west. Anyway, I’m home now and today is proving to be a good fasting day so I will keep myself honest and weigh in tomorrow morning and report back.

    I think 6kg in 6 week is extremely aggressive if you want that 6kg to be fat. (Water is probably possible, but it won’t stay off)

    A grown man water fasting can burn around 200g of fat per day of fasting. So it would take around 30 days of full on water fasting to burn 6kg of fat. If you are extremely large you can probably burn a bit more, but ~80kg isn’t that large for an adult.

    Here is a data point:
    This guy fasted for 382 days! He went from 207kg to 82kg, losing 125kg. So he lost about 327g / day, mostly fat. Still he started from 207kg! That is pretty large.

    I think the setting goals are great, but they should be more realistic. Typically people lose around 400g/week on 5:2. Even that requires dedication and care.


    I aim to reach 66kg by September. For some very bizarre reason I lost 4.8kg at the end of my first week. Wow! That has never happened before- even on my first 5:2 in 2017. I put it down to actually drinking water instead of coffee all day (low fat milk/no sugar and not on a fast day). 600g at end of week 2, which I am happy with. I am in week 3 with a weigh in on 27 Jan, but had a peak today and the scales are still trending down. I have mostly kept to my TDEE except when we have had social engagements which meant I couldn’t calorie count. I did my best with food choices but……

    I have been drinking more water than ever in my life- up to max for my body size. Bought a soda stream- it helps as I like bubbly water. I like champagne too but am being mostly good.

    My TDEE is 1675. On fast days I fast from dinner the night before to breakfast the day after (o calories- same as last time). I also compensated for going out by restricting my TDEE to 1200 calories the day before, then normal on the days after. I build in nice things and a champers on the weekend into my calorie counts.

    Onwards to a new day.

    Well, today’s report is not too bad. Weighed in at 77.4, so at the three week point that’s 4.3kg down. My goal for January was 4 kg so feeling pretty good. Especially after a fall off the 800 wagon over the weekend.

    @dykask – I’m not too worried it’s water weight – I have read MM’s new book pretty thoroughly and the science he reports makes me confident this is a good (and sustainable long term) way for me.

    Hope others are doing well too. Onwards for the next three weeks and the first two weddings, then set a new goal!

    23 Jan 2019 NFD

    Lost 400g from fasting yesterday so a good day yesterday.

    Well done Chipmunk on your achievement! I received the fast 800 book yesterday so will study soon.

    dreamit, restricting more calories in anticipation of eating events sounds like a great idea. I should practice it. I tried restricting calories afterwards and it didn’t work.

    dykask, your stats sounds interesting. I would be happy to loose 400g a week however I need to aim higher. What’s the saying: “aiming for the stars and you may hit the ceiling.”

    Have a great day everyone. It’s sunny, warm and windy in Wellington.

    Hi Guys, hope you don’t mind me joining this thread. You drew me in with the spectacular target of 6 Kg in 6 weeks!
    I don’t know if it’s possible but i’m interested to see if it is.
    I only started last week on the 15th January after reading the book over the new year, so early days, but i think the weight loss has impressed me so far.
    A bit about me: just turned 48, 5ft 9 / 175cm tall, and tipped the scales ( on my Birthday!) at 13 stone (82.5kg) that’s the heaviest I’ve been so something has to happen, when all you’re clothes are too tight right? My ideal weight is 11 st 7lbs or 74 kg. I’ve just been steadily putting on weight over the last couple of years and i don’t want it to continue.
    I’ve lost 8lbs in the last 8 days. I’m fasting today, and i fasted yesterday, as i like to get it out of the way, and in the first week this worked really well.
    I wasn’t hungry at all on my first two fast days, but yesterday, i was ready to chew my own arm off!
    I’ve just had some very low calorie noodle broth and an apple and even the pips looked inviting. That will be it until tonight, when i’m going out for something to eat before the cinema, hopefully they do salad!

    24 Jan 2019 FD

    I was snacking a bit more than I should yesterday. Thanks goodness the weight didn’t change overnight.

    Welcome Faceache! My target ratio is similar to yours: 165cm and aiming for 65kg. 6.5kg to go. I’m 54. I was at my heaviest 81 kg (not counting pregnancy) at Oct 2017.

    This is my second round. I started in Dec 2017 and managed to get down to 65kg in June 2018, but unable to sustain it. My weight gone up to 73kg in Oct 2018 thus this second round – started around 7 Jan 2019.

    For fast days, I have black coffee, Chinese tea till around 12.30 then may have raw celery and carrots. At around 3.30pm, may be a small apple. Then a low calories dinner. I found it too difficult to spread 500c over 2 meals.

    For non fast days, I try to limit to 1500 c per day. Instead of cutting volume, I reduce carb like and increased vegetables, and limit the meat. My lunch yesterday was surprisingly yummy, cooked celery and carrots, 2 TSP rice and 3 pieces of sweet and sour pork. And I added seasoned soya sauce & laksa paste to spice up the vege.

    My biggest challenge is over the weekend. And I need to continue to work on this.

    You will find ways that suit you.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Welcome faceache.

    I know it’s a tough target but I believe it can be done – I’m down over 4 kg in just over three weeks. It’s just a matter of sticking with it – easier said than done, I know.

    About 10 days ago I switched to Dr Mosley’s updated 5:2 – which is 800 cals a day for as long as you can (at least 2 weeks) then your two fasting days at 800 (instead of the 500). I just find 800 easier all round.

    Good luck!

    Thanks for the info, I’m reading the fast 800 now, but I’m not sure about this method as I’ve previously Tried an 800 a day diet and I was absolutely starving, all the time. I think psychologically I’m an all or nothing type, so I find it easier to abstain completely than pick at things. Maybe that Apple just made me more hungry in the end!
    its 8:50 am here and I didn’t want breakfast this morning, but as its a non fast day I’m planning to have a salad for lunch with a boiled egg and some hummous and fish and veg for dinner.
    I didn’t feel like I’d done well yesterday, as when we got to the restaurant they had NO salad mains! So I ordered a child’s chicken pizza without the cheese and a side salad, everything else was fried or with cream, but this morning I am down another 2lbs to 12 stone 4! I’m a bit shocked by this. I drank a litre of water in the cinema instead of snacking, so all good there.
    Does anyone else’s weight go down in whole pounds like that? 😳
    I won’t weigh myself now until the next fast day, which for me is Tuesday. May have to adjust next week tho.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. X

    25 Jan 2019 NFD. Lost 700g from FD yesterday.

    Colleague’s farewell morning tea at work today. So must exercise restraint – may skip lunch today.

    Faceache, well done on your calories control. I have lost 2.2 Ibs (1kg) overnight on a non fast day last week. Usually I can loose 400 – 800 g on fast days. I thought the scale was playing up. Looking back, I was not loosing much weight the week before, and have eaten lower than usual calories on that day. I record “officially” on my tracker every Monday morning but weigh twice a day. Weighing daily is not necessary but I found doing it help me to plan the daily calories intake.

    Like you I’m sticking to 5:2 and my fast days are Mon and Thurs. Also reading 800 a day book too and will consider whether I’ll give it a go.

    Also have ordered the Gut Cleansing diet book. My daughter has irritable bowel & autonomic dysfunction that affect her digestion system. I also feel bloated from time to time. So this book may help.

    Chipmunk, congratulations on achieving 4 kg in 3 weeks. You are on the path of over-achieving the target of 6 kg over 6 weeks – I think. I admire your determination.

    Have a happy weekend everyone!

    Faceache, I think I’ve been ok on 800 as the recipes have a lot of good fats (avocado for example) and protein which keep you fuller longer.

    Having said that, I’m a bit bruised after falling off the wagon – wine last night and a slice of pizza fell into my mouth at lunchtime today – So Phoenix maybe I was relaxing too much after my progress to target! Weigh again tomorrow to check the damage.

    I have so little headspace to think about dieting, that the 5:2 is already a big hit with me. I’ve done calorie counting many many times and it’s exhausting. I still have diaries from when i was 17 that detailed every ounce that i ate, and it’s madness. I wouldn’t want my daughter to do that to herself.

    I have also been guilty of telling myself for years “i must eat, or i’ll fall over” “i must eat or i’ll feel ill” i must eat, or i won’t have the energy to do that” all of which has proven not to be true over the last two weeks. And these assertions weren’t quieted by a salad! oh No! It would have to be something made of pastry….
    I feel brilliant when i’ve completed a fast day, and apart from a headache on the first day, no shakiness, or dizzy spells or feeling weak, so, pretty good really.

    I think you’re all doing amazingly well, we are much too hard on ourselves aren’t we? With all the stuff we’ve got going on.
    Don’t feel too bad about the wine or the pizza, or a little bit of farewell tea, we are only human, and we’re doing the best we can. x

    Gosh! you folks are doing a smashing job with following 5:2. Well done.

    Hiii! Sorry for my absence- tough week.
    Girls wishing you all the best!
    I need some time off from thinking about dieting etc. Kiddos,work, exams all too much.. Will read you If you don’t mind and take some of your motivation. But need to stop focusing so (too) much on MY dieting.
    Love you beautiful ladies!! ❤

    Hi im also in uk jsut starting and slightly below your starting weight at 12.2 but i was 12.10after christmas ive been doing othe rstuff but decided to try this we have the same goal weight. How tall RE YOU? i’m 5ft 3in I’d like to bet to goal by end of May for my holiday with my daughter who is 6ft and slim and i don’t want to look like a beached whale lying next to her on the beach!

    28 Jan 2019 FD. Weigh 70.6kg, A reduction of 2.8kg over 3 weeks and am happy.

    Fortunately 3 pieces of cakes last Friday (one was completely unnecessary however I would save calories to eat the other two) and snacking yesterday (working in front of computer on a Sunday afternoon and got bored) didn’t cause too much damage.

    Faceache, when I first started 5:2 a year ago I did not believe I could fast at all, as I never allow myself to starve. And I did it. I wouldn’t say it’s easy all the time but we certainly can do without eating for a while. For my fast days, I drink black coffee (no sugar) in the morning. It helps to suppress my appetite. Then cups of hot Chinese tea when I have the urge to eat. I’ll allow raw celery and carrots after noon and may be an apple at 3pm. Then dinner. I’ll include treats for fast days like going to the gym (yes this is a treat for me), and massage. And try to go for longer walks at lunch time.

    Welcome jloms, I’m 5’4 and currently weigh 11.1 stones. Goal is 10.2 stones. Aiming for the heavier side of healthy BMI. Lie Chipmunk I got a wedding to go to in March so hope to fit into a specific dress. I’m from Wellington NZ. Currently enjoying the summer weather.

    Megan, nice to hear from you. Take it easy and take lots of care of yourself!

    Have a great day everyone!

    Hi jloms, I’m a squeak over 5’9, but yes, very similar start and end goal! I am up 3 pounds over the weekend, which is a bit disheartening, but it is the T.O.M so i’m putting it down to that. Also if i could lose weight by shouting at people i’d weigh next to nothing in no time flat.
    I added another fast day on Saturday, to see if it would kick start anything and it made no difference.
    i’ll wait til Wednesday now to weigh again after my usual fast days.
    Good luck. x

    29 Jan 2019 NFD. A good FD yesterday with 300g disappeared overnight. However I think my weight loss will plateau a bit for next few weeks, using last year’s record as reference.

    I was glaring at a very yummy looking sticky date pudding muffin last night but decided not to eat it. I have already eaten close to 500 c at that time. But I can eat it today, except:

    This morning my colleague will be selling muffins to raise funds for charity. Need to think of a way to support her and her charity, and not to eat all these muffins in one go. May be I can get a few and share them with other colleagues.

    In addition my husband and me are going out for dinner tonight. Many eating challenges today.

    Chipmunk, have not heard from you for a few days, hope you have been well.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

    Hi everyone – yes Phoenix, I’m still here.

    Was off line in Greytown for the weekend and a big birthday party on Saturday night (not mine). Then today up to Palmerston North for a funeral (a good friend’s Mum) so I’ve been a bit off track. Well, a lot off track if I’m honest.

    Had a good 800 cal day yesterday but the rest of the time has been not so good. But I still have 3 days to make sure I meet my January target of 4kg and I’m confident I can do it. Just 2 kg after that before 15 Feb. Easy peasy (hahahahahah)

    Hello jloms, I’m 170cm (5’6″) and started at 81.7kg (a horrifying 179lb or 12st8lb in old measures)

    Hi Megan, read away and cheer us on!

    Faceache1 TOM days are long gone but I still shout!

    thanks for being here everyone – you give me strength for a new day tomorrow. I just bought new batteries for the scales so maybe they’ll repay me with kindness.

    30 Jan 2019 NFD

    Too much fried food for entree at dinner last night, but managed to limit the intake by putting 3/4 of main into a takeaway container. Done a small damage weight wise and hope to recover rest of this week. I hope to reduce to 69.99 kg by Monday.

    Faceache, my weight can change by 1kg over 24 hours – I weigh every night and first thing in the morning. I record weight on the tracker every Monday morning, as this would be my heaviest weight – My biggest challenge are the NFDs at weekends. I experienced weight gain and plateauing in the past. After a few weeks the weight loss had continued. We need to be patience and don’t give up during this time.

    Chipmunk, you are doing well – all the travelling, eating out and still managing. I find it easy to do 5:2 in a structure environment – like working in an office during the week then go home after that. So I can plan and cook all my meals. Eating out and weekends usually throw me off balance, food wise. So well done Chipmunk!

    Have a great day everyone!

    31 Jan 2019 FD. Weigh 70.9kg, a small increase since Monday.

    Reflection: need to cut back quantity for lunch (NFD) and eliminate card for dinner. Am getting a bit too relax this week.

    Have a lovely day everyone!

    January weigh in tomorrow and hope my 4kg target is met. However our scales are doing weird things and I can have three different (by 2 or 3 kg) weights on successive weighings over 5 mins! Go figure.

    Hi all, its been a while since i posted but its been a difficult 2 weeks… not lost anything at all. Im going to be stepping up my activity by joining a monthly challenge on MyFitnessPal, it encouages exercising for at least 20mins each day. So wel see what happens.

    Hope you are all doing well. Take care.

    1 Feb 2019 NFD

    Can you believe it’s February already. Where has the time gone?

    Only lost 100g after the fast day yesterday. It looks like my target of getting below 70kg will be delayed by a week. Need to stick to less or no carb for dinner during the week.

    Rozb, great to hear from you! I experienced plateauing for 2-3 weeks after 2-3 weeks of weight loss, after loosing the initial bulk last year, so understand your dilemma. Hold on there and the weight loss will continue.

    Chipmunk, keeping my fingers cross for you. Also just choose the lowest weight from the scale. My scale can fluctuate up to 500g. I wriggle till the lowest weight is shown.

    Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

    Checking in for the end if January on my 6kg in 6 weeks journey.

    Couple of bumps, but today my scales stayed within 1kg so I’m picking the middle!!

    Jan 2nd – 81.7kg (180lb)
    Feb 1st – 77.1 (170lb)

    Doing a happy dance – the big change came when i moved to fast 800 for a solid week

    Hope you all are tracking well. Two weeks to go.

    congratulations chipmunk13, I lost 2 lb in 5days and counting.
    I came across this article
    What do you guys think ?

    Hi Bos and welcome.

    Well done on the weight loss – keep it up.

    I haven’t looked at the article – if they can’t spell losing correctly I worry about the accuracy of their
    information!! There is a lot of rubbish around and I prefer to stick to the scientific evidence provided by MM.

    Oh, Thanks

    4 Feb 2019 FD. Weight 71.1kg, an increase of 500g since last Monday.

    My control was not strong last week, then severely weaken by work Friday night drinks (pizzas and sausage rolls), barbecue at friends (too much bread, cheese and deserts) on Sat and too much snacking on Sunday.

    However like Scarlet O’Hara said: “After all tomorrow is another day!” I shall exercise stronger will this week.

    Chipmunk, a big congratulation! I’m tempted to try 800c diet – may be after returning from overseas trip in early March.

    Welcome Bo! Good on you for the weight loss. I agree with Chipmunk – stick to MM’s 5:2 or 800c. Too much information can be confusing.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Hi all – new scales as the old ones were all over the place.

    This morning 77.2 on the new scales so I’ll call that holding the same weight and look to get the final 1.5kg off before the weddings in 11 days – eeekkk!!

    Grandson and his Mum and Dad to stay this week so will require extra willpower on my part – currently making a banana cake and choc chip biscuits – what are the chances I won’t eat them – quite good I hope. Won’t be doing 800 per day but had a FD yesterday and have planned another for Thursday.

    @phoenixw – tomorrow certainly is another day, but remember – we can’t keep making every tomorrow another day or we’ll still be in the same place – if that makes sense 😉

    Have a great week.

    Well, it’s been a really tough week for me too guys. Really horrible.
    Thought I’d give myself the weekend off over thinking things.
    Saturday night we had a Chinese takeaway, which is a scheduled treat night the first Saturday of an even month (we are really tight 😂) and today (Sunday) I’ve had three meals! Which I’ve not done since the 13th January! I think I got overexcited that my ski trousers fitted me again, which seems like a minor miracle as they wouldn’t even go over my thighs before.
    Back on the plan tomorrow, I’ve got a busy day at work, so that should make things easier.
    I weighed in at 12st 5lb on Saturday morning, but I’m too scared to weigh again until Tuesday after my first fast day. 😃
    Hope you’re all doing ok.

    5 Feb 2019 NFD. FD went well yesterday and have dropped a massive 800g overnight. It could cause by losing the water retention accumulated on Sunday. It was hot, I was outside most of the days & drank massive of water.

    Faceache, I share your pain. When I started 5:2 I studied information from different forums to ensure I’m on the right track. This may help you too.

    Chipmunk, you are correct about not to wait for another day. It’s about not letting go at any time that I must do.

    Have a happy Waitangi Day (NZ national day) tomorrow everyone.

    Lovely day here today – enjoying our weird NZ summer of wind, searing hot sun, cooler days, pleasant days and who knows what next.

    @faceache – congrats on getting the ski pants up! I know how it feels to get back into something you’ve kept in the wardrobe with wishful thinking.

    Kia Ora PhoenixW – enjoy Waitangi Day. We’ve got the son, daughter in law and grandson here from Dubai so more family joining us for a barbecue lunch tomorrow. BTW, I haven’t eaten any of the banana cake I made! So angelic am I!!

    7 Feb 2019 FD. Slow day yesterday went ok and the weigh maintained. Went out for lunch and compensated by a small dinner – avocado on one piece of toast.

    A challenging day tomorrow – a planning day offsite and usually involve too much food.

    Tēnā koe Chipmunks! Well done on your self control. I try not to bake any cake, as I know I will eat it.

    Have a wonderful day everyone.

    8 Feb 2019 SD. Fast day went well yesterday. Not sure how much has lost as the scale was showing 70.1 – 70.6kg. Need a new scale soon.

    Working offsite today so will need to exercise strong control, as there will be too much yummy food.

    Have a great weekend and also Happy Chinese New Year!

    8 Feb and last day of the kids visit –

    Too many NFDs and eating plans have gone out the window -also have a couple of meals out tomorrow, so from Sunday to Friday (the first wedding) will be ultra strict F800. Not going to weigh myself til Monday when I’ve had a FD Sunday in the hopes it’s not too shocking……..

    10th Feb and a F800 to kick off the week.

    My six week challenge ends Thursday so it will be a miracle if I’ve managed to lose the 6kg after last week’s eating – totally off the rails with the family here. Still, I feel in charge of this coming week and will do the best I can.

    Will report weight tomorrow – eeekkkk

    11 Feb FD. Official weight 69.9kg, a reduction of 3.6 kg since 7 Jan 2019.

    Didn’t achieve 1kg a week, but very happy with the result, especially with the weight is now under (only very slightly) 70kg.

    Last Friday planning eating went well. I’ve actually lost weight that day – may be water thought. However I’ve decided to cut diet fizzy drink completely as I suspect it causes weight gain, or reduce weight loss.

    Good luck Chipmunks!

    Have a great day everyone from scotching Wellington.

    Well that wasn’t as bad as it could have been! 77.8 this morning, so 600gm up on my end of January weight, but still 4kg down from the beginning of my challenge. Hopefully some is water weight and I’ll drop another kg before Thursday. Hopefully.

    Another stunner here in Wellington this morning.

    12 Feb Slow Day.

    FD went well yesterday, managed to fast from 7pm previous night till 6.45pm. The weight loss this week will be slow however, according to past record.

    Chipmunk, hope you can fit into the dress for the wedding. I need to try mine tonight.

    Have a wonderful fast or slow day everyone.

    13 Feb 2019 Slow Day. Surprised at further weight loss this morning – I have expected a very slow weight loss this week.

    End of 6 weeks tomorrow, and all the best everyone for your final weigh in!

    Times up for me. My six weeks ends today with a slightly disappointing bump. Hot Cross Buns will do that to you.

    This morning weigh 78.4 so up on the past couple of days ( no surprise) but I’ll take the 3.4kg loss for the 6 weeks.

    I’ll muse on why I got so hopelessly tempted over the last week and post after wedding weekend. Off to Taupo to day.

    14 Feb 2019 Slow Day. Supposed to be fasting today but today is Valentine Day and already had breakfast out with husband. And will be out for dinner tonight too.

    Slow day went very well yesterday and weigh in at 69.2kg this morning, a loss of 4.4kg over 6 weeks. A good effort. However the weight loss needs to continue.

    Off to Singapore next Friday for the wedding. A week to go for more serious fasting.

    Happy Valentine Day everyone!

    Hi Guys, Congratulations Chipmunk, i think you’ve done really well! I’m down another pound this week, slow but steady, to 12 st 2. I’ve been really good apart from, i was supposed to be fasting yesterday and i had to have lunch, i was starving! i had steamed salmon and veg tho, with no fat, so still good, and then i had a baked potato for dinner with a mound of veg. I have been so busy at work that i had no time to log on, but tuesday was so difficult, i had been fasting monday and tuesday decided to fast too, but my husband noticed that i hadn’t eaten breakfast and said ” you can get yourself something on the way to your meeting” well, that was all i could think about after that, i mean literally obsessed, as if i hadn’t eaten at all in days, so i stopped and had a bacon roll ( 340 cal) aaaaaggghhhhhhhhh. bloody hell it was good tho! I did a proper fast day wednesday to make up for it, and healthy eating yesterday, and today, I’ve sort of fallen into a fast day again as i’m so busy :0(
    as soon as i get to below 12st i will go into maintenance mode for a bit at 6:1, I’m looking better and my clothes fit again, and as i’ve had so much will power for nearly two months now, its obviously starting to crack me up a bit!
    I also think i’m a bit dehydrated as i’m terrible at drinking water, i never see to find the time.
    Hope you’re all doing well, finally, the scales shifting again has given me a boost in mood, so all good.

    Hi there – back from the weddings, which were lovely. Didn’t do too much damage food wise, but of course alcohol is a lot of empty calories.

    Phoenix, I hope your wedding is as much fun.
    thanks, Faceache – I like your approach of of taking maintenance for a while.

    I’m signing off this forum having started it with a goal of 6kg in 6 weeks, looking like I was going to readily attain it after the first 4 weeks, then falling over at the end.

    Even so, I am still 3.4kg lighter than I was at the beginning, have found the fast800 is a great option for me, and I’m continuing on the road to good health.

    Thanks for your company, advice, and most of all encouragement. I’ll be still hanging out on “February 2019 – shortest month challenge” and encourage you to come on over – it’s a very great forum with lots of characters.

    Good luck

    Great! Hope this works. For example, I lost weight when I lost a lot of money .. Then I lost about 5 kg, I was stressed. But when I won back on the, I scored again. I’ll try this method

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