Shouting from the rooftops!

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Shouting from the rooftops!

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  • Hello all,

    Not being someone who shouts from the rooftops I feel, however, that I must share my joy at finally reaching my target weight this morning. I had hoped to make it by my birthday and did, JUST, as it is tomorrow (28th)

    For anyone who might be interested, my statistics from starting 5:2 are below.

    I add this in the hope that if anyone is struggling at the moment and need a little bit of encouragement then read on. A few times I was a bit downhearted due to poor weight loss and thought about packing it in but since joining this forum in February  I have been encouraged by all their stories and achievements.

    My challenge now is to ‘maintain. And not slip back to old habits. I plan to do 6:1 to see how that goes with the occasional 5:2 if my weight starts to creep up.

    A special thank you to Michael and Mimi, who, without their inspired ideas, I am sure this would not have been possible.

    Good luck everyone in reaching your own personal goals. Keep this wonderful support and enthusiasm going.

    Started 5:2 on Tuesday 14 August. : 41 weeks = 78 fasts (one week off for Christmas and Easter!)

    Weight – 15st 13lbs (101.16kg / 223lbs); BMI – 33.03; Waist – 38″ trousers; Cholesterol – 6.3; Blood Pressure – 149/120  Body fat = 27%

    Reached target weight on Monday 27 May :

    Weight – 11st 7lbs (73.03kg / 161lbs); BMI –23.84; Waist – 32″ trousers; Body fat = 19%; Cholesterol – 3.4; Blood Pressure – 117/79

    Wow! Congratulations.  I have more modest goals than you, and hope to live up to your example.

    Well done.


    Hooray, bycress16!  You really deserve to be shouting from the rooftops – determination and consistent effort, crowned by such a wonderful success.  Have a great Birthday, tomorrow.  I wish you every joy and delight ahead.

    well done bycrest16! what a joy for you! thanks for sharing the good news. enjoy your birthday tomorrow : )

    You rock! Great inspiration to read your stats. Thanks for sharing them!

    Congratulations, a job well done.

    Does anyone know, apart from weight loss, if you get similar health benefits/results in other diets.

    What an inspiration!!!

    Congratulations 🙂

    Congratulations!How do you feel?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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