Shoulder injury; do you think 5:2 has helped in any way?

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Shoulder injury; do you think 5:2 has helped in any way?

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  • After my 3rd lot of knee surgery I decided to stop running – it was a head over heart decision. I started swimming as a replacement sport – it had to be front crawl as breast stroke is murder on your knees and although I could swim and was fit from running I couldn’t swim 2 lengths without a break when I first started. In 3 years of swimming I ramped up to swimming 9 hours a week – 3 lots of 2-3hr swims (200-300 lengths) and then, last April 1st 2017 I realised I had a shoulder problem that was not going to go away – I’m now 12 months down the line from that and still have no idea if my shoulder will ever be right again. I had a lot of physio that only worsened the pain my shoulder. When I finally had an MRI scan – 6 months after the injury started to rear it’s head and after 3 months of physio – 2 problems were identified – a partial tear in the Supraspinatus muscle and a possible tear in the labrum. I had a steroid injection in the shoulder for the supraspinatus which actually didn’t make much difference – but 6 weeks afterwards I started to think things had improved slightly – I had the injection 2 days after I started 5:2. So – it’s hard to say if the improvement was due to the steroid injection – I was told that the improvements may well appear quite quickly – within days/first week – although I was also told at a later meeting that the benefits can take weeks to manifest themselves. I can understand or speculate that losing weight might help reduce pain or inflammation in knees but I wondered if the “cell repair” triggered by fasting that is talked about in Moseley’s 5:2 book may also be a factor in the slight improvement in my shoulder problem (the supraspinatus muscle is one of the 4 rotator cuff muscles) – I wondered if anyone else had had a shoulder problem that they had thought might have improved during the time they had been doing 5:2. It could be co-incidence – many injuries heal with time but my shoulder problem had seen no improvement for something like 8-9 months (in fact a worsening due to inappropriate physio prescribed to me because the physio’s did not have the benefits of having the results of an MRI scan to consider – after they saw the scan results they recommended stopping all physio exercises I had been doing at home).

    I say I’ve seen an improvement because I’ve been able to swim once a week for an hour for the past 7-8 weeks.

    Hi again lemonstar,

    I’ve had a rotorcuff tear while on 5:2. I can’t say 5:2 helped in healing, but now I’m at goal weight, I’m off blood pressure meds, no longer need annual cardiac tests, and in general, my body seems to be “happier”. My balance is better, I can walk a little better etc.

    Perhaps simcoeluv would be able to tell you whether autophagy could help in the healing of your injuries. Personally, I don’t remember it being related to helping healing specific injuries, especially in a small time frame.

    I hope someone else or simcoeluv can give you some more info.


    I injured tendons on the inside of both elbows doing chin-ups and lowering myself with my wrists still bent. (So called golfer’s elbow.) Just because a monkey can do something, doesn’t mean a human can … Anyway I struggled with this for over a year and it just wasn’t getting better. Once I started fasting both arms healed within a few months to where pain was gone. Over a year later I’m now able to do pull-ups without pain.

    Hard to say if it was the fasting, the time or both. Personally I think the fasting really helped but I was having any success for over a year. However tendons are slow to heal.

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