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  • Hi all,
    I am on a 5 week shift pattern, which include in a total of 7 night shifts, so swinging from day to night shift and eating is all over the place.

    My question is, as I have a desk job, will the 5:2 still work for me on night shift?

    I go to gym 3 times a week, which include but not limited to, light jogging and light weights for toning. Oh I am Male.

    When on nights when I wake up I start my day say at 4pm… and pretty much would have my 600 calories until 4pm the following day. Is this OK? is there a better way?

    So here’s my shift pattern
    Week 1 – Monday to Friday … 1000hrs until 1900hrs
    Week 2 – Monday to Friday … 0645hrs until 1530hrs
    Week 3 – Friday to Monday … 1845hrs until 0645hrs <<< Nights
    Week 4 – Saturday % Sunday …0645hrs until 1845hrs <<< Following week Days
    Week 5 – Tuesday, Weds & Thurs 1845hrs until 0645hrs <<< midweek Nights

    Then back to week 1 and so forth.

    Any recommendations , tip and hints are welcome. My BMI is current in the high 29 and only just started running more than 1 mile at a time (slowly but surely)

    Thanks for reading and thanks for your help in advance


    Hi Maxi
    I fast on third shift too. Its very strenuous work.
    i had worked out fasting pretty well while on first shift but the late night work made it difficult for family meal time and then have energy to work overnight.

    i eventually moved 2 fast days to friday and Sunday
    , but as I’m trying to lose 100 lbs for goal have settled 4:3 . So on Wednesday I fast also.
    what I do is eat half the calories 300 just before i clock in and the other 300 half at lunch time. I go home and just sleep to avoid the hunger.

    on Friday I make my last feed day meal at lunch time which is 5am
    Go home around noon and sleep till the family comes home. But I just don’t eat. I drink teas. And i go off on my own when start eating.
    I go to bed hungry.
    I don’t eat anything again till i wake up saturday morning around 8 am. So its a complete water fast for 27 hrs.

    saturday i make it a tdee feed day. And the food energy helps me to do compound lifting at my gym..
    i keep my saturday eating window open til 9 pm .
    so i have 2000 cslories i can eat in 13 hours.

    from saturday 9 pm till 12am sunday im on the second water /tea fast. Again having a feed day meal right before Clocking in for work.

    I’ve been at this for 2 years and not suggesting anyone do it this way because it’s specifically adapt to my schedule.

    my points are that it was effecting my work performance to fast on week days so i moved the fasts to week ends. , but found saturday to be the social eating day. My family is more supportive after they got used to me not participating . It took a few weeks to get used to dad not being at the table on Fridays and sundays. But dad’s losing weight at 1lb a week and they glad im happy about that. I just had to make sure that there was other family time things to do than eat together on those days. Besides I i do still have family meals on monday , tuesday, Thursdays and satudays. On the 4:3 so while cook nutrition based meals. Mom serves the junk goodies. And everyone’s still happy.

    so just wanted to say good luck . And try to keep in mind it’s more important to have good fast days than good feed days in the beginning , but eventually it’s a good habit to try and be within tdee on the feed days to.
    best wishes

    could fast properly on night shift, I move my fast days to suit my shifts. It makes 5 2 a bit harder as I think regular days would be easier to stick to but that’s the problem with shifts.

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