September 30 Day Challenge

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September 30 Day Challenge

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  • Day 29 – Tokyo, Japan – FD 83.2 kg

    Been consumed by work.

    Day 29/CD/Melbourne Australia

    After yesterday’s successful fast and an excellent nights sleep I’m feeling extra bouncy and raring to go. I love how a FD can reinvigorate one’s body and mind.

    @coda I hope I didn’t miss wishing you a speedy recovery?
    @at lovely to hear from you. Missed your positive and supportive posts.
    @pocket winos I’ve been secretly consuming way too much wine. I really need to rein myself in. My waist line is up. Still below goal but need to exercise more self control and stop self – sabotaging.
    @happymargo thank you. This group really helps me sfay on track. I started with @coda at the beginning of the challenges and left after the first challenge. I rejoined in February this year and love the positive vibes and support.

    Have a wonderful and positive day everyone

    Day 28, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Day 29 NFD Country West Australia
    Think someone nicked a couple of days while I was sleeping. I cannot believe we are at the end of September.
    I was going to do a FD tomorrow but it is the Grand Final of the Aussie Rules football here in Oz ( in Melbourne) and we often sit down and watch the footy with a meat pie and sauce.
    Meat pies are sort of a national dish. I have made a very healthy filling wiht lean meat and heaps of veggies ( not traditional!) and just have to make the pastry.
    @annemarilyn, I think you and I should strap on our parachutes, hold hands and jump off the plateau together. We should leap into October with renewed motivation and vigour. The updraft of support from this group will give us the need impetus!
    @califdreamer, the more parachuting and holding hands the merrier! I can see us all zooming through the air holding hands like you see in the movies ( vivid imagination)
    I’m willing if you are.
    @dykask, hope you manage to get a break from work.
    @keetseel, I will try to catch the youtube you mentioned – it sounds funny and I do enjoy a good laugh.
    Does anyone know what has happened to @fatrabbit? Haven’t read a post for a while.
    Have a good last couple of days for September everyone .
    Just guessing that I am not going to lose the 4 kgs needed to make target before tomorrow??😜

    Day 28, USA, Missouri Ozarks, NFD

    Hello all – long, busy, productive day. Ate two waffles for breakfast ( a little butter and syrup) and then ate a nice big Mexican dinner. It was yummy – chili queso, chalupa, chili relleno and lots of chips and salsa ! Had a great time with my husband (and am so grateful that I can say that) and happened to see two of our dearest friends (and neighbors) at the restaurant and had a wonderful chat. They decorated our entrance porch with Welcome Home banners, streamers, and balloons when my husband was returning from a 129 day hospital stay a few years ago – that kind gesture, although small to them, will never be forgotten.

    An added bonus, I told the owner of the restaurant to hold the check for me as it was a birthday treat for my husband (he turned 74 last week. When I went up front to pay I was told – it is already taken care of. We love you guys and dinner (and tip) is on us! We go there every week and when we walk in, they show us to “our” booth. Once it was taken and we expressed “mock” outrage and said they should have put up a brass “Reserved” plaque.

    Hope everybody else had an equally wonderful day.

    Hi, I am new in this 5:2 diet have lost 2 kg in four weeks, but up and down after,
    now 7 weeks not lost any further,
    will keep me posted later in the process,
    I hope to lose 7 kg more,

    Hopefully it works,

    Day 28 NFD St. Louis USA

    All my best to all of you.

    Still Day 28 – turned out a CD; pretty pleased actually with meal provided at training mid-day and all.
    Will plan to finish the month on a FD tomorrow & face the music Saturday morning for final weigh-in for the month.
    Then I’ll be able to strap on the parachute, as @lilymartin suggested and leap off the plateau in October. Perhaps there’ll be a few more to join with us in that endeavor. Love the word picture!

    @lindasue – sounds like you have some wonderfully supportive people in your neighborhood! What a blessing!

    Day 28 Melb AUS FD
    Day 29 Melb AUS FD

    1st time doing b2b but my week is running out of days. It’s 3pm and so far so good 🙂

    Day 28 – Ireland – FD 2nd B2B
    September Goal: 147lbs
    Current Weight: 149.5lbs

    Looks like we have a lot of B2B fasters today – great encouragement as this month draws to a close.

    I am now on my 4th FD this week. A tad extreme, yes, but as the first weeks of September were spent stuffing my face in sunny Spain and France it’s a case of needs must. I have almost lost my holiday weight, almost down to my start September weight, though with 2.5lbs to lose TODAY to reach goal……well…..😳

    Doing a liquid only FD so it might work. Tomorrow is the final weigh in.

    @onahealthyhigh I woke up quite euphoric this morning too. Very bouncy and happy. My body really does love me fasting and I love how good I feel.
    @lindasue Aw, that was so sweet of the guys in the restaurant. Does the heart good to hear tales like that ☺️

    A quick note- this week I wore a pair of size ‘small’ pants to work and I have had to move up one notch on my FitBit strap 👍

    Day 29 Newcastle UK 🇬🇧 NFD.
    Quite Birthday yesterday spent with the wife. Just two real ales one for me and one for bigviking as promised 😉. Hope you had a lovely birthday to. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.
    Still got a holiday to look forward too on the 26 of October 🌞😁 it’s taking it’s time to get here. ⛴🏖🍺🍷.
    Have a great day everyone.

    Hello day 29 co down ni CD

    So as the month closes you may or may not have achieved your goal. If you did, excèllent, well done you! If not please don’t fret. If you are reading this post you are still a winner in seeing the September challenge through to the end – not everyone does. Be very proud of yourself. In starting a new challenge each month it gives us a new start, to draw a line under a month, an opportunity to reset, refocus and maybe adjust your plan. If your plan for September worked, great, keep on keeping on. If you feel your plan could do with tweaking here and there, October is the time to try it. What works for one may not be what works for you, just keep trying until you find what works best for you. It will be so worth it ❤

    Just to say I haven’t forgotten you lovely people. Have a couple of health issues right now, so am off work. Will be back with you in a couple of weeks for the October challenge.
    Big thank you @basyjames for hosting Sept.

    Bon courage x

    Day 29, UK, FD
    Thank you to everyone for birthday wishes! Last FD of the month, so I hope scales will be nice to me tomorrow!

    Day 28 UK FD 🌈
    Day 29 UK NFD 🌈

    Norway, Day 29, NFD

    I had my last FD yesterday, so I report my weight and mesurements in the sheet today.
    Total loss of 1.4 kg/3lb in September. I had hoped for more, but I am happy about the loss 🙂 Didn’t lose too many centimeters, only 1 cm around my hips. But several people have said to me they see a difference, especially in my face and tummy, so that feels good. Hoping to lose 4 more kg until 17th of November, as I am going to Sydney for 10 days then. There will be tiny clothing and bikini, so I hope to feel more comfortable with that. So October needs to be a really strict month for me.

    So with that I just say thank you for a great friendship in September, hope to see everyone in the October challenge-forum as well 🙂

    Day 29, London, UK, NFD

    @jessyoursize, I would love to join you for Dry-October, but I already have a cheeky red picked out for lunch on the 1st , however, I am planning to be very mindful throughout the month and actually replace the cork in the bottle after 1 or 2 drinks, rather than emptying it!!! – this I call progress!!!!

    @daffodil2010, I’m soooo with you!! The first week of September I gained 6lbs even though fasting went well, I think August indulgences with the wine caught up with me, hence my Dry-September pledge – some things have such a delayed reaction with me – anyway I’ve spent the last 2 weeks doing (attempting!!) 3:4 and I’m currently 2lbs above goal, (so -3lbs from Start weight, but -9lbs from Sept 6th!!) today is a NFD, but Day 30 will be a FD so my final weigh-in on Sunday morning should be good!!!!

    I think I’m back into the groove!! After my excessive July holiday & dad’s funeral in August, September has been my reset month and I’m ready for October!!

    We have GOT this!!!!

    Day 29 Wales NFD

    Successful FD yesterday, great nights sleep and woke feeling healthy and not a bit hungry.

    @coda – love your encouraging post today.

    @basyjames – thanks for hosting this month, I will record results tomorrow.

    Keep with it everyone and have a wonderful day.

    Day 29 – Reykjavik – FD

    The scale didn´t impress me this morning. I´m still stuck at 95+ and it´s now been 2 weeks since I reached this weight without further improvement. It´s actually been a roller-coaster time with adding on weight and then sliding back down towards 95 kg. I have had a series of health issues in this last two weeks, headache, inflammation, constipation and now the latest sleeplessness. My own diagnosis is that I don´t drink enough water, which I have a tendency to forget, but now I´m wondering if this could be something more than just water shortage. There is a lot of stress at work now, so that is maybe something that doesn´t fare well with fasting. This is the longest period I have gone through on 5:2 without losing weight. I know it´s only two weeks but patience is not my middle name and I can feel this is starting to get to me.

    I have been thinking of doing a dry October in addition to the 5:2 but I´m a little worried to leave out red wine as it is the only thing that seem to move my digestive system these days.

    As I´m not under 95 kg I´m doing a FD today (b2b) in a somewhat desperate attempt to reach my minimum target of -2.5 kg in September.

    Bent but not broken 😉

    Day 29…..Florida……FD

    Had a somewhat good food day yesterday and slept like a rock. So, I’ve decided to stay on the path, I am on for now, doing the same thing. I’m just going to cut out the sweets for Oct. and see where I land. If I don’t shift any weight in Oc. Even after cutting out my sweet treats, then this is the weight I’m comfortable with and my body likes.
    Plus, this is the weight I was when we made the big move from NY to FL., 10 years ago. So, I guess I can’t complain! But I probably will…….lol

    Okay, well I must be off….. I’ve got a dryer repair man stopping by this morning to see if I can get this dryer fixed and I surely don’t want to be in my sleep clothes when he gets here……

    My husband told me to stop acting like a flamingo, so I had to put my foot down!

    Day 29, South Wales, NFD/16:8

    Thanks @basyjames for hosting this month’s challenge. I decided to do a final weigh-in this morning so I’ve entered that on the sheet. 3lb loss this month – not as much as I’d hoped, but still, right direction…onwards to October!

    On a more annoying note, I discovered accidentally – whilst helping my daughter weigh kitchen items for a school project – that my analogue scales are way off. So my actual weight is 6lb heavier than I thought! Ho hum. So now I have 13lb left to lose until my goal weight, not 7lb as I’d thought. I adjusted the spreadsheet to reflect this.

    On the plus side, the new digital scales I’ve just bought are very nice, and will tell me body fat % etc too.

    @tenoro – I and others here have had long plateaus too (3 weeks+). I think state of health, water retention, stress etc., can definitely affect weight loss. Don’t be discouraged!

    Day 29 North Wales NFD

    @tenoro, sounds like you have a good explanation for your platau. I wouldn’t let it get to me, just keep on, and drink water! Keep a bottle near you at all times and don’t just take a sip, take three huge sips. I had a 2-3 week platau in September, it was not fun at all (especially since I almost just started this WOL), but it budged after 3 weeks. Take care of yourself by drinking water, eating healthy and getting enough sleep, and your constipation and infalmmation will go away (or you should see a doctor!), and your weight will go down. Just don’t lose faith! We all believe in you!

    Day 29, Northumberland UK NFD

    Oops, broke my fast by falling into a cheesecake. Damage probably about 600 cals, but at least I’ve made it to the gym. Reasonable week, but late night snacks thanks to evening meetings are far from helpful. Target for today, below TDEE and eating window of less than 8 hours.

    Day 29 – Woking, UK – NFD
    Managed a fast day whilst travelling yesterday. Probably not the healthiest one I’ve done as it was a single meal of schnitzel mit pommes in the work canteen at lunch time, but probably under 800 calories I think.
    I think I’m still retaining water as I had a sudden drop of 2.6% body fat between Monday 18th and Saturday 23rd when I was travelling despite staying exactly the same weight. I’ve done 2 fast days a week since then without any weight change but my % body fat has dropped another 0.5% according to my Fitbit scales. I know I haven’t been drinking enough water as I’ve gone from 3L a day to closer to 0.75l. My jeans are also looser in the legs so I’m fairly sure I have lost weight but the sitting in meetings and on flights and trains is making me hold on to water.
    It’s frustrating to be so close to finishing the month under 17st, especially as I’d got down there 2 weeks ago. Still, at the moment I’m 3.5lbs down for the month so mustn’t grumble.
    Heading to the airport at 4.00 tomorrow morning but this time for a holiday so I’ll jump in on the October challenge when I get back.

    Day 29 – USA (Illinois) – NFD

    Doing fine in maintenance. Loving our cooler weather that has finally arrived giving us crisp autumn days.

    Don’t give up once you’ve reached either a plateau or a goal.That’s my admonition to anyone who is frustrated. This is a WAY of life that works for health!

    Onward and downward.

    @steve-toon-taxi-driver I hope I enjoyed the craft beer you drank for me 😀 Thank you Kind Sir!

    Day 29 Akron OH. I originally planned a B2B FD but got home and hubby had unexpectedly bought me my favorite treat from the bakery; I was so touched by his thoughtfulness and so overcome by my cravings that I fell into it…and then some! Talk about triggers!!!
    I probably will be unable to post tomorrow, but from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you all for participating in the September challenge. I wish I had a lovely poem to share (like @debster251) but I do not. I just know it’s been an honor to host this month: we held each other accountable, supported each other through good times and bad, celebrated successes together and provided comfort to those who needed it.
    There is a lot of ugliness on social media; and some people use the internet to do some really terrible things, but we have successfully created a safe space here. This validates to me that we are all the same, it does not matter who we are, where we come from, what we look like, or what we believe; we all want the same things and we are all capable of supporting each other through good times and bad.
    I am proud to call you my friends, my very best to you all.

    Update – I’ve noticed my zero calorie fasts are becoming more pure all the time. (Less chewing sugar-free gum, less coffee, less tea, less diet soda, more water.)

    I got a break in the afternoon and did another 5k. However I kicked it off too fast and didn’t tape my left foot. I could feel some stress in my right knee probably from favoring my left foot. Fine now but my time suffered: 28:03 vs the 27:57 I did last week. However, twice in a row around 28 minutes shows it isn’t a fluke. Fasting and HIIT have maintained my running conditioning even though I didn’t do much running. Right now once a week is enough.

    Wow this fasting gets pretty easy. Yea I could eat, maybe sometimes I want to eat but I don’t feel like I have to eat. The only thing I don’t look forward to the push-ups tomorrow morning. But I want those abs and I still have a lot of work to do there. I have notice my belly fat ends above my pants now and there are the bottoms of the abs there. Else where it is just a hint if I squint.

    Day 29, Emden Germany, FD

    Day 29 – USA – FD

    @basyjames, thank you very much for hosting September…it did fly by pretty quickly, didn’t it? I noticed my WW scale shows my body fat percentage at 38.1%, and the FastDiet tracker shows a much lower percentage, I think around 29.9%…how is that possible?

    Day 29, Rocky Mountains, US, FD

    Well, all my indulgences and sloppy FDs have caught up to me with now being 3 pounds above my maintenance weight. That happened over night. A serious FD to the rescue today. I have to forget the cheese cake and pumpkin pie in the kitchen. Went out for mineral water yesterday, came home with sweets but forgot the water! 😅😅😅 Oh boy!

    I will hop on the no sweets in October wagon. Also will do dry October until I leave for Europe in a month from today!

    Have a good Friday everyone!😊😊😊

    Day 29 – McMinnville Oregon USA – FD
    Day 28 – NFD
    OMG Dry Winos only 2 more days!!

    @coda – The worst is over, thank goodness. My sister had both of her feet/toes corrected and has been happy with the results, no more pain. So I’m wishing the same for you.

    @liathanail – I admire your ability to make good food choices while traveling. Good job!!

    @basyjames – Thank you for leading the September challenge. 🌸

    @jessyoursize – Wow so impressed that you are continuing the Dry Winos challenge…..I will be sitting it out. I’m looking forward to savoring a good glass of red. 🍷

    @lindasue – Love your neighbor/restaurant story. Those kind of relationships are invaluable.

    @flourbaby – I’m with you on corking the bottle after 1 or 2 drinks, my new favorite word it “savor” as in sipping, no guzzling.

    @lynned – What a bummer on the scales. You still lost 3lbs this month though so that’s positive.

    Day 29, Gozo Malta, nfd

    Ate a lovely salmon and fennel pie with potato and ricotta topping for lunch. It’s quite high in calories so this evening I’m having a bag of rice cakes at 230 calories and a slice of melon. I only had coffee with semi skimmed milk twice and half an apple otherwise so that should keep me below my tdee and could be a controlled day rather than a nfd.

    Have a great weekend everyone, tomorrow I’m off to Malta with my daughters and grandchildren to see Noe s ark where there are lots of animals for the kids to see.

    Onwards and downwards

    Day 29 Lancaster, PA FD
    I’ll be weighing myself tomorrow morning✨

    No food since last night, kept my cals. under 500. I know I need to be drinking more water. I’ve got a nice big 16 oz. glass of water, I’m planning on drinking all of it and 2 more before the day is over. I’ve become interested in the paleo diet. Not sure if I can find any decent recipes for organ meat. I’m not used to eating or making meals with it. I’ll be doing some reading on that. In the mean time, I’ll have a hard boiled egg and 1.5 cups of green veggies, table spoon of apple cider vinegar and light olive oil. Maybe a tablespoon of grated of Mozzarella cheese.

    @dykask ✨🎶Congrats! You are making great progress! Very Inspiring!✨
    @at 🤗Glad to see you back, I trusted you would be popping back in soon.✨ It’s awesome to have all of the maintainers in the group here to remind us, when we have success it can last. Thank-you @at @fatrabbit (looking forward to hearing how you are doing.🐇✨) @lmrenfrey @keetseel @onahealthyhigh @redrockgirl302 @snowflake56 @songbirdme @steffieagle @steve-toon-taxi-driver @taraga ✨😊✨🎉 please add your name or let me know if I missed any Maintainers ✨😊✨

    ✨✨Wishing Everybody Well.✨✨

    @basyjames ✨Thank-you✨ for hosting the September Challenge and making it a comfortable place for us to share.✨🎶💛🌸💐🎶🎉

    Hope to see you in the October Challenge!✨💐✨🌸

    Day 29 California USA NFD

    Only today and tomorrow to go on the September challenge! Thanks to a couple of over-the-top NFD I’m not sure I’ll make my 59.9 kg goal, but I haven’t given up yet. Maybe today will morph into a FD. I have plenty of things to keep me busy. Yesterday’s FD resulted in a 1.3 kg loss. That puts me at 60.7.

    @redrockgirl302 – This is a tough time of year when pumpkin cheesecake seems to be everywhere. I shared a slice with my DH at a restaurant 2 nights ago. It was surely responsible for some of the weight gain. Thank goodness for FD!

    @basyjames -Thank you for hosting the September challenge! Your putting everything together is much appreciated!

    @liathanail – Enjoy your holiday! Maybe you’ll knock off an extra .5 lb for the month, before you go.

    Day 30/CD/No 🍷/Melbourne Australia

    @basyjames thank you for hosting. I’ll post my final weight later this morning. It’s only 3.40am here. Looking forward to a few more hours sleep before weighing! Our two little dogs are spooked by the wind and a visiting possum.

    2nd post,, London, UK,

    @tenoro, you’re probably right about linking water consumption to your plateau, I recall info in an earlier challenge about the empty fat cells you get from fasting, filling with water in preparation for no water coming their way, so you’re banishing fat but gaining water = plateau. But if you keep hydrated the cells release the water in a big “WHOOSH” once they realise the water is still coming!!! @liathanail, I guess that’s what happened to you – Fat% down, but weight the same!! It sound counter intuitive, but the more water you drink, the more you lose, you just need to reassure your body it isn’t going to dehydrate!!

    @redrockgirl……………. “came home with sweets but forgot the water!”……….LOL, been there, done that!!!

    @awilson, I’m with you, I can’t wait to savour the heck out of a bottle of red on October 1st!!!!

    Final push tomorrow with a FD, I’ve planned to seriously drown the dragon so that red wine doesn’t dehydrate me & shrivel me up like a prune!!!!

    Day 29 – Cumbria UK – FD (2nd of B2B)

    Had a good FD yesterday 450cal consumed and also did an hour’s aerobic class to start my day.

    Went for a 6km walk this morning with my usual Friday group – nothing to eat since a light supper last night and looking forward to my mixed vegetable salad with a small serve of humous tonight and may have a small glass of kefir before bed taking me to around 498cals!

    @snowflake56 – it will keep him out of your hair for a bit 😉 Seriously it is good for each of you to get involved in different activities……I certainly have found that I’m now rather busy with everything but it is all things that I enjoy!!!!!! OH and I also make sure to make time to do things with each other as well – Retirement has been a life changer for us both
    @coda – Thank you. My friend has just finished her 3rd cycle of chemo and has a multitude of scans and specialist tests next week to see what effect it has had on her various tumours so she is feeling a worried at the moment – I try to give her a call once a week. Weigh day for me tomorrow too – here’s hoping all the socialising has not made had too much of an impact!!!! BTW a great post on Day 29 so encouraging!
    @onahealthyhigh – Thank you for your kind words 🤗and I have to admit to consuming much too much wine and bubbly over the past couple of weeks too………
    @lilymartin – I believe that @fatrabbit wanted to take some time out – she disappeared mid way through the Aug Challenge then popped back at the beginning of Sept – saying that she “got a bit overwhelmed and needed time away and to think about other things” I hope she is doing OK too
    @lindasue – what a lovely story showing wonderful community spirit ❤️
    @steplam008 – stick to 5:2 it works! join us for the October challenge and we can support you through this next phase
    @stayinthin – been thinking of you – hope we both complete our B2B successfully!
    @daffodil2010 – 👍for the smaller pants – keep the faith
    @steve-toon-taxi-driver – sound like a lovely way to spend your birthday – cheers 🍷
    @laurealice – hope nothing serious with the health problems – take care x
    @tenoro – sounds like you need to take care of your body at the moment and stress at work is not helpful – can I suggest that you just follow the basic 5:2 in October and try to drink at least 2Litres of water daily and keep your NFDs controlled and hopefully things will take that downward spiral again 🤗
    @lmrenfrey – the vision of you falling into that cheesecake had me 🤣
    @okeydokey – thank you for your kind words – I get as much out of being part of this forum as I put in, I’m pretty sure being on here has played a big part of keeping me in maintenance for the past 10months
    @basyjames – Thank you so much for hosting this month 💐🤗 I do hope you will continue with us in October

    Having just about completed 2 great FDs, I’m hoping to have a controlled last day of this September 30 Day Challenge tomorrow.

    Great job by those who have made kg/lbs disappear during this September Challenge and also by all the maintainers (this includes those who are spending some time on a plateau!) 😇

    To those who have struggled – Don’t think about what can happen in a month. Don’t think about what can happen in a year. Just focus on the 24hrs in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be – and you will get there!

    “When it rains looks for rainbows. When it’s dark look for stars!”

    Day 29 – ABQ – FD

    So I did well yesterday – I almost didn’t think I was going to make it – I’d actually written it off since we had an impromptu lunch meeting here at work again. But I just wasn’t hungry when dinner rolled around. I stayed at exactly 515 cals – but since I didn’t have the mindset of a FD I decided today was a do-over day!

    I am so looking forward to tomorrow! Not only is it the last day of the month so I get to see how well I’ve done (positive thinking here), but we are taking our daughter to the pumpkin patch for the first time! We have a really awesome one just on the other side of our mountains that I’ve been dying to take her to, and since tomorrow is the first day of the Balloon Fiesta here in Albuquerque, it’s a great day to get out of town. Hubby and I will also be celebrating our 3 year anniversary by going on our first date since our daughter was about 4 months old! IT IS GOING TO BE SO AMAZING!!

    @flourbaby – so glad you’ll be joining me! And progress is progress! Go you!! I have a lovely Moscato D’Asti waiting for when I finally see the scales under 150 – so hopefully mid November!!

    Day 29, US, NFD

    I’ve been away for a conference this week; the sort of “live in” conference where your meals are all provided, buffet style. I didn’t do any FDs, but I did just ate 16:8, protein and salads only. No carbs, no grog and lots (LOTS!!) of water. No exercise either – completely out of my usual routine. And guess what? Wooosh!! After no movement all month, right at the end I’m 2kg down. Happy with that! (Little happy dance!)

    Have been catching up on all the posts. My thoughts go out to you who have lost a parent (Belfastsink) or friend (strawberriesandcream). It sucks.

    In with that sadness, I did get a giggle from Happymargo about not being able to say grapefruit!

    Well done to all you Dry September folk. Who was it who was forming a “dry” equivalent for sugar and sugary products next month? I can’t give up my vino (and martinis) but I’m in for kicking out the sweet tooth in October.

    Thanks saffy420 for hosting next month. One more day to go then I’ll hop into the new forum.

    3rd post,

    @jessyoursize………… you nearly gave me a heart attack, I had to reread my post to confirm, I said ‘I would love to join you for Dry-October, BUT’……….. so I really don’t think I could manage another month, but I’ll cheer you on from the sidelines as I keep your Sober for October group in mind!!!

    My additional October challenge is to have a minimum of 2L water per day, I currently do this and more regularly, but I need to be consistent, so EVERYDAY 2L minimum!!!

    Day 29 – SW WA USA – FD

    I was sure I posted earlier today, but don’t see it. Going for a FD today and weigh-in tomorrow. Will face the music!

    @coda – thank you for the encouraging post

    @tenoro – you might try ACT (Apple Cider Vinegar) in a cup of warm water with a bit of sweetner (I use Stevia). I drink it 1st thing in the morning. It helps with the digestive moving thing plus other benefits.

    @liathanail – I’m impressed with your losing weight even with all the travel.

    @basyjames – thank you so much for hosting in September.

    Well done @jessyoursize for b2b months! Like @awilson and @flourbaby, I shall cheer you on from the sideline. I am already thinking pub lunch on Sunday, followed by a some time at home savouring a bottle of wine 🍷

    Day 29, USA, Missouri Ozarks, NFD

    Hello all, spent a great day out with friends. Ate no breakfast – had chili, value fries and Jr. Frostee at Wendy’s for lunch. This afternoon I baked homemade sugar cookies (from a pouch, first time, wanted to try them). Made as directed but added a splash of Mexican vanilla that the kids always bring me back from their cruises. They were great ! Made about sixteen very large cookies. Ate two warm out of the oven ! From Aldi’s and will definitely buy them again. Got a chocolate chip pouch as well to try another time.

    Salad and pizza a bit later – will probably not eat very much as I am not hungry but we shall see. I love the freedom of knowing that I can as I will be back to fasting on M, Tu and Wed. I wore jeans today that were my tight, skinny jeans last winter. Hadn’t worn them much in the warmer months as I wear sandals all summer and the jeans are of a length that I like to wear my black boots with the heels. WELL, they were much looser than when last worn (although my weight is the same). I had to wear a belt cinched on the last hole to keep them from bagging ! That’s okay – made “room” for the sugar cookies. haha…

    Beautiful fall day, hope to get some outdoor work done tomorrow (if the wasps are willing! )

    My best to each of you.

    Day 30 – Tokyo, Japan – NFD 80.7kg

    Only made it to 100 push-ups this morning. I had to stop because of pain in my left arm. Oh well …

    Overall a good month. Weight is about the same but I had a big trip that could have totally destroyed my month.

    On to October!

    Day 30 Melb AUS, NFD

    Last day of the month here. Thanks for this group. I did have holiday weight to lose. I did lose 3.2 kg of it and didn’t start the challenge til 11th Sept. Im very pleased with that and will def. be in for the October challenge too 🙂
    Thanks @basyjames for hosting

    Day 30 – Woking, UK – NFD
    Finished at 3.5lbs down for the month but hopefully it was actually a bit more as I weighed in at 3.15am.
    Off on holiday so will start October challenge on the 9th.

    Day 29, Mountaintop PA USA, NFD

    Ending September on a positive note of maintenance at 143.3 after 6 weeks with no FDs until today. This 5:2 WOL is amazing. I eat when I am hungry after my morning 3.5 mile walk and then I am good until dinner with a snack in the afternoon if needed of nuts, yogurt, or apple. Usually one or two but not all three.

    I do not obsess about daily calories and on FD it is closer to 800. Have been following the 5:2 protocol for 10 months. 15 pounds gone after I was at “goal”. Our bodies figure out our sweet spot. Healthy food and regular exercise, water and some treats now and then will keep us on the path. Dark chocolate is one of the treats.

    A new month and another birthday for me. Many do not enjoy the privilege. I am grateful. See you all in October.

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