Self Sabotage?

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  • Hello everyone! I’ve completed two full weeks of 5:2 and am amazed at the progress so far (almost six pounds and three inches around my waist). I feel like I’m starting to sabotage myself though because I can’t seem to control myself on my ‘off days’. I know they are not a license to eat but I still find myself mindlessly indulging in ‘treats’ (even in small quantities) that I know will add up and slow my progress. How are you approaching your ‘off’ days and getting the balance right so you feel like you don’t need to count every calorie going into your mouth without convincing yourself you deserve that extra piece of chocolate or glass of wine? Thanks everyone!

    Hi there Coolmazzy, I’m having the opposite problem to you – I’m feeling it hard to eat “normally” on my non-fast days. I dieted the old fashioned cal counting way for 6months after having my last child at 1000-1200 cals per day, i got rid of 2stone this way but got stuck at 10st10lbs (I’m only 5’2″) and just couldn’t drop any more, i kind of gave up for a year as I find it just soooo obsessive, but am very apple shaped and weight was creeping up again. This is even though I’m in the habit of only eating around 1600 cals or so a day generally and don’t know whether I should let this go a bit or stick to it on my non-fast days. On the plus side, I’ve only done 3 fast days and I’ve dropped 5lbs, so I’m interested if I can beat my 10st10lbs regardless. I know what you mean about seeing “treats” and thinking “I can eat that, I’m not on fast day”! I think it’s because we have our “diet” heads on and it’s hard to not think about “naughty” foods and the “shouldn’t” makes you want it. I’m personally going to get around this by allowing myself treats but only 1 or 2 in a day, because there is always another non-fast day! Good luck ☺

    Good luck to you too Hezabel! Like you, I’m 5’2″. I was over 11st after having my third baby in January and managed to get down to 10st13lb using Weight Watchers. I found myself either obsessed with food (because I had to count points) or constantly guilty with whatever I put in my mouth – it was absolute torture. Am completing my 6th fasting day today and have dropped to 10st7lbs – lower than I’ve been since I got pregnant with my first child four years ago. I agree with you – it’s that ‘diet’ mentality. Going to try your strategy of 1-2 treats a day (moderate-sized of course) and see what I can do.
    p.s. not sure I could handle 1000-1200 cals per day on non-fast days but did lose about fifteen pounds years ago (and kept it off) by following a simple plan from my naturopath: whole grain (no refined flour, sugar etc.), lean meat and nothing with over 10g sugar per serving. Very easy and very effective (just lost the rhythm when I got pregnant and only wanted to eat cod & chips!!)! Trying the 5:2 this time to ‘re-set’ my metabolism and relationship with food. Good luck!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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