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  • I am retired and have arthritis in my feet so sometimes it’s difficult to walk.

    When I am ok although I have a toilet downstairs I walk upstairs to use the bathroom. When I get ready in a morning and maybe going out later. I leave shoes and coats upstairs so I have to go again upstairs to collect them.

    We had a new kitchen fitted, we made it so we have to move about more, to collect plates in the utility room with the larder also located there. It’s only three times a day you back and forth cooking and washing up but more steps are being used and keeping you mobile.

    I do swats and swinging my arms while waiting for kettle to boil, after using the bathroom maybe 200 swats and arm swings. It all adds up.

    I have a Fitbit, although it’s hard to get the 10,000 steps in for me, which sometimes I do, I try and can do at least 7,000 steps a day….sometimes I used to get 3,000 in a day which is quite lazy.

    I was out at the weekend and walked 8 miles, I used to do a lot of walking 45 years ago, I really enjoyed myself I was with a group and I lead from the front with the leader chatting and was suprised at the speed I was doing, We were told to slow down a bit. I nearly never went because I thought I was slow and didn’t want to spoil it for the others. It just goes to show to give things a chance. Again my feet didn’t hurt but my calves after three days.

    Hi symba7. You certainly seem to be doing all you can to keep active! Getting the weight off has to be good for your arthritis.

    Arthritis and high cholestrol is the main reasons for me to lose weight. keeping active isn’t always easy!! I also do the squats while teeth brushing and calf stretches and press ups against the kitchen work surface while the kettle boils! I find I can do 20 pressups in the time the kettle boils! I cant do them on the floor due to shoulder probs!!

    I think we’re about the same age and have about the same amount to lose to target, 14lbs for me!

    The main thing is we’re taking control and doing something to improve our health!

    Hi Rocy,

    I have about 11 lbs to go to goal. My hubby and me are both 67 and are very determined to get this weight off.

    Hubby has had two new knees and a very bad back for the last twelve weeks so he has been a be slow of late on weight off.

    We are now trying to walk 30 mins around our village every day and hope to start swimming twice a week.

    The words use it or loose it springs to mind…we don’t want to end up in a wheel chair!

    Hubby needs to strengthen his legs and his back.

    Between us we have lost three stone, slowly but it’s coming down. It’s a way of life and I am enjoying doing it…I have hitches sometimes but that’s life…working it into weekends away and holidays but we are ok.

    The press ups are a good idea while the kettle boils ..must give that a try.

    Good luck on your journey….we will all get there


    Hi symba7
    You’re so right, use it or lose it! I love swimming and used to do a mile 2/3 times a week but somehow life got complicated and I stopped! I did go the other week and will start again as the Autumn comes.
    My main exercise now is cycling, which I love but in fine weather! I do have my static bike which I bought a few years ago on my physios recommendation to help with my hips and knees, its great to keep those joints moving. My arthritis is so much better and less painful!
    Good luck, kerp in touch!

    Just up dating you and I wondered how you are doing..

    We are still pushing on and I have moved my goal posts…coming now with 31 pounds off and nearly been on 5.2 two weeks short of a year…a 5.2 birthday year coming up on the 2 December.

    I am hoping to go 4 lbs more to goal …then 2 or 4 lbs extra off for wriggle room.

    Hubby still working with me but slower, 17 lbs off, his bad knees and back slowing him down but he’s still working on it.

    Hope you are still going strong ….well let me know how you are doing…


    Gone quiet on here.

    You found me…lol..x

    18 months further on….

    We are still maintaining and continuing fasting…steps are now between 10,000 and 15,000 a day…Nordic Walking three times a week…

    I am to goal but would like another 7 lbs off but not really bothered possibly vanity pounds…hubby creeping up now to me doing very well…

    This is definitely our way of life now..

    Leptin & Insulin Resistance Balancing Tips w/ Jason Fung, MD

    Sorry my post above isn’t related to this thread. I accidently posted it here.

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