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  • Restaurant portions, at least in the U.S., are ridiculously large so I’ve gotten into the habit of asking the waiter to bring a to-go container WITH THE MEAL. I then immediately put at least half of the food away in the container and set it aside. (If the food is there on my plate in plain sight I will likely pick at it, but once it’s in the box, it’s off limits.) This tip allows me to 1) enjoy the rest of my meal, and my dining companion, without the distraction of, “I really should stop . . . well, maybe one more bite . . . Stop it! . . . OK, this is the last bite for sure . . . ” and 2) I can enjoy a tasty “doggie bag”  lunch or dinner the next day, provided it’s not a fast day.

    Well done, Pixie! =) In my country it’s not so popular to ask the waiters to put a part of your meal in a doggy bag, so not many people dare to ask for it. But I’m happy to announce that this is starting to change and that I’ve already seen some people starting to do it. I hope this sensible attitude catches on and some time in the future it will not be so weird to take your leftovers from your favourite restaurant home with you 😉 I surely plan to do it the next time I’m served a ridiculously big portion in a restaurant.

    Also, very good idea to put in the container half of the food immediately the moment you are served. If you wait until you are done eating, your mind will constantly playing tricks on you to find excuses to keep eating and eating. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about! 😉

    I suppose you wouldn’t have to involve the waiter at all. You could just discreetly bring a container from home, casually transfer half the meal to your own container and set it out of sight. It might even be fun to see the waiter’s shocked expression when he thinks, “What?! How did she eat HALF the meal ALREADY!?” 🙂

    Good thinking! 😀 I should really try that out 🙂 I’ll make sure I’m given a secluded table, though XD

    Hey! I didn’t find a new topic but I would like to continue. I had my own tricks for visiting the restaurant and it worked out well. But it all went wrong when most of the restaurants were closed due to covid. I spent most of the year in Toronto, so I can say that almost all restaurants have switched to delivery. I saw a list of those fast food outlets that opened at this time here – For some reason, pizza and burgers prevail . But it doesn’t work when I’m at home. I look at the photo in the order and I want to double the portion …

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