Reduced inflammation

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  • I was taking anti inflammatory meds like crazy but after IF, my pain was reduced. Then, I was able to start stretching and strengthening my core which helped everything! I was so surprised that not eating, could rejuvenate me!😍

    I don’t even see anything surprising in this. Avoiding food was a well-known medical practice for centuries. This is an instinctive behavior in sick animals)) I also like to use herbal medicines if the situation allows it – It is safer than modern pharmaceuticals. Have you tried using herbs for treatment?

    Hi RebeccaJil
    Nope I haven’t taken anything by mouth but my father-in-law, who is Malay, made an oil of jungle plants (secret recipe) and it took the pain away for a while. He is a good herbalists. What type of fasting do you do?

    Well, my friend is a doctor and he gave me advice on how to get rid of back pain. He advised me to use the cbd products from this site and this the perfect solution to relax as well as get the necessary calming of the body for relaxation. I think this is the perfect way if you want to sleep better too.

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    Sounds not healthy to be honest.. I’m not sure, you should see a doctor

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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