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  • There are some great ideas in this book and have made several recipes but I am a little disappointed that considering it’s a recipe book for a specific calorie counting diet (and our day allotment is quite small!) that quite a few recipes have ingredients listed by number of, or ‘size’ as in medium rather than weight. I guess this is less of a difference when it’s tomatoes, carrots etc but I am trying to make every calorie count – measuring milk for tea etc. so an extra 10cals +/- for several ingredients does add up. I try to stick to the 500cal for fast days as close as possible as it’s very easy to creep up to 600+!

    When it comes to meat I really think they should all be give as weight only. I don’t know how a calorie count was worked out without the weight. For example the Chicken Puttanesca has 12 boned skinned chicken thighs – I think the weight of these can vary greatly so the calorie count could be out quite a lot depending on the size of the thighs. Checking the chicken thighs I usually buy, if I used 12 of them, the calories would be 500 over for the total meal.

    I agree. I bought 12 chicken thighs from the local stall here in Australia and the weight came to 3.4 Kilos! Needless to say common sense made me just use 6 for the putanesca which was totally delicious by the way – but I have no idea how many calories I ate!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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