Rant alert!!! This really annoyed me.

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Rant alert!!! This really annoyed me.

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  • In ‘The Times’ today a headline screams ‘Rush for comfort food as 5:2 dieters cram in calories’

    This is a pathetic attempt by some half baked hack or more likely an idiot editor, who has absolutely no clue about anything, never mind 5:2, and who probably has never heard of Michael Mosley, trying to grab attention.

    I have attached the article below and while its content is relatively interesting and in no way ‘anti’ 5:2 – its title is totally misleading and not a little offensive.

    It is typical of the media to try to ‘trash’ anything and everything that has become popular and, for whom, sensationalism over truth is the byword.

    Quote :-

    Barely a fortnight into the New Year and it looks as if most of us have abandoned in spectacular fashion any resolution to lose weight.

    The major supermarkets all report that sales of curries, pizzas, puddings and other such diet-busters have surged in the first two weeks of January.

    Normally retailers expect sales of comfort foods to drop off at least until February as customers go through a burst of guilt-induced healthy eating, but this year they are up by as much as a quarter. Marks & Spencer reports that sales of its Indian range are 25 per cent greater than during the same period last year. They have sold nearly a million pizzas, up 20 per cent on last year, and sales of biscuits are up by 11 per cent.

    Sainsbury’s reports similar increases in demand for pizzas and curries. Even more surprising are figures from Waitrose, where sales of clotted cream rice pudding are up 228 per cent and ginger sponge pudding up 152 per cent.

    “Single-serve treats and impulse buys like chocolate bars and desserts for two in individual pots are doing particularly well,” a spokesperson said.

    Before we despair at our ever expanding waistlines, however, the figures may underline not so much a loss of willpower as a change in the way we approach dieting.

    The so-called 5:2 or Intermittent Fasting Diet, in which you eat normally for five days a week but restrict yourself on two, typically to 500-600 calories, has become the dominant diet of the past 12 months.

    Celebrity advocates include the singer Beyoncé, the actors Jennifer Aniston and Benedict Cumberbatch and the cook Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

    Figures from Marks & Spencer show that high sales of comfort foods have been accompanied by record sales of calorie-counted ready-meals of the kind dieters seek out on their “fasting” days. The Count on Us range from M&S is having its most successful January since it was launched 14 years ago, according to Sandra Ziles, head of product development.

    “It was a diet range that went out of favour in recent years but it has had a resurgence of interest,” she said. “The 5:2 diet is on the tip of everyone’s tongue and this range is very manageable for people on that.

    “The most popular lines are the lower calorie ones such as lamb moussaka [280 calories] and chicken and mushroom casserole [252 calories] as it means they can eat a full meal on their fast days and still have calories to spare. They can eat normal tasty food and it’s not a punishment any more.”


    OK – I’ll leave the soapbox for someone else now

    Found two articles posted my the Times in January regarding the 5:2. Both quite negative.
    I feel letters to the respective authors coming on.

    One went as far as ridiculing it as “trying to have your cake and eat it too.”

    The other likened it to self-abuse and hinted at anorexic behaviour.

    (…shaking my head at this point…and climbing on top of your recently vacated soap-box…)

    Dear Sadly Misguided People at the New York Times:

    For over 25 years I have dieted in one form or another. At one point I was nearly 200 pounds and wore a size 18/20 snugly. The problem with all these diets was the unsubstainability of them along with the feeling of deprivation and/or guilt when I “failed” and immediately put back on the same amount of weight (or more in some cases). To compound matters I had not always been over-weight. From 18-30 I had maintained 115-125.

    In July of this year at 170 pounds (with my insurance IBW listed at 140 at the top end and 125 at the bottom) I learned of the 5:2 (FAST) Diet. I set a goal of a thirty pound loss for the rest of the year…bringing me back into IBW range.

    I weighed weekly and took measurements.

    I felt no need to “cheat” on this diet….because whatever I craved I could have the following day.

    When Holidays came I refrained from the diet and restarted at their end. No feeling of “I blew it” or guilt/failure…I simply restarted.

    With the money I saved on the “fast food” I normally purchased I bought new clothing at the end of the year.

    I dropped from an 18 to a 16…then a 14…and am currently a size 12…working my way toward a 7/8 by this July. I averaged a pound and a half to two pounds a week off. A slow healthy loss. I certainly didn’t gain it all at one time.

    Imagine a 20 sack bag of potatoes and two 5 pound bags of flour. I was carrying this around 24 hours a day. Seven days a week….now I am not. Don’t presume to tell me this isn’t a health advantage. By the way…I “beat” anorexia a long long time ago…


    During my annual check-up my labs were perfect (the doctor’s words not mine) and my cholesterol level was perfectly normal…which hasn’t happened in years.

    The best part is I feel wonderful. More energetic. I eat smaller portions now because one of the nicer side effects of the 5:2 is after a while you simply don’t WANT large portions. You fill up more quickly. And yes…on the Non-Fast Days I eat whatever I like…including Creme Brulee or a perfect Chocolate Cupcake with sprinkles on occasion 🙂

    This is the Last Diet I will ever need.

    This year’s goal is to drop to between 125 and 130 and stay there using the 6:1.

    Oh…and slip easily into those black leather trousers…

    In my opinion this is quite possibly the BEST “Diet” EVER!

    As they say in politics ‘I wish to be associated with the words of the previous speaker’ 😀 Well said Carla!

    Hermajtomomi put a similar point across in the ‘Smug, judgmental people who have never had a weight problem’ thread – http://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/smug-judgmental-people-who-have-never-had-a-weight-problem/

    I have heard comments such as ‘starve today and stuff yourself tomorrow’; ‘you’re body will go into starvation mode’ etc etc The upshot is that 5:2’s detractors have never bothered to actually find out about it and yet consider themselves ‘qualified’ to write about/discuss it.

    Well done all.It has really annoyed me too. I read that piece in the Times today.

    It makes me so cross that this misguided reporting is preventing other people from trying this out and seeing that it works well. I also notice that there has been a general highjacking of the 5:2 trying to make money by claiming weight loss.

    I was very disappointed by the coverage on BBC1 Breakfast last week too.

    One could wonder if it isn’t a kind of inverse advertising—like you can do intermittent fasting by living on ready made food—Marks and Sparks got a bit of free advertising (all publicity is good publicity–it will hook someone in). Maybe Marks PR rang the Times, because you would wonder why some reporter sat at his desk on a Monday morning and thought “I know a riverting read–how much prepackaged food Marks and Sparks sells–that will make an amazing read.
    The other side of the coin is that if 5:2 fasters are using these processed meals that would be a worry– lose the weight temporarily but heh cardboard food that does nothing health wise. If you do use prepackages on a regular basis you may find the Fast recipe books have easy to prepare meals that are healthy and nutritious—oh dear I sound like the nanny police !!!

    Hi all, interesting comments about M&S Ready Meals. In the original book Mimi suggests that there are some good quality ready meals about. She actually mentioned M&S ready meals. When I started the 5:2 back in Feb 2013, being lazy I took to the M&S Fuller Longer meals like a duck to water. I lost a total of 23 lbs. I fell of the wagon for a while due to a combination of factors but am now back on it using the ubiquitous Ready Meals. I have lost 6 lb in two weeks so they seem to work for me.
    Each to their own as they say but they do get a bit of a bore after a while.
    Good luck to you all out there.

    Carla, why don’t you send copies of your eloquent letter to all the offenders? They are all talking unmitigated bollocks, probably because they can find nothing else worth writing about. Also weight-loss diets are a universal theme at the beginning of the year. And as I’ve said elsewhere, now smokers are fewer and further between, the holier-than-thou health Nazis now take pot-shots at the overweight, as well as insulting the intelligence of those among them who are taking sensible, I repeat, sensible measures such as 5:2 to lose a kilo or twenty.

    I don’t tend to use Ready Meals but I can see why others do. Cooking is one of my few domestic skills and I actually enjoy doing it – I sound like the Indian mum in Goodness Gracious Me – “I can do that at home with a small aubergine”.
    Ready Meals are calorie-counted, the portion sizes are probably somewhat less than what we would serve ourselves. I can’t see a problem either with people buying single portions of desserts, etc. Very sensible of them. It’s tricky to make such things just for one or two at home. I always end up making too much and we always insist on finishing it up, which is why I can’t remember when I last did that. Ready Meals are like everything else relating to 5:2, if it helps you achieve your goal, then go for it.

    I did in fact use Ready Meals last summer when I was in Scotland working on a research project. It being summer and me having no cooking facilites, they tended to be Ready Salads, calorie counted of course. All were good, and one or two were outstanding, especially a lovely concoction with smoked mackerel from a Co-op near Haymarket Station in Edinburgh.

    there is an interesting article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/…I-lived_readymeals-month
    She lost weight but became lethargic, constipated and prone to infection. Her Vitamin c levels became very low.
    The healthy Sainsbury’s Moroccan Couscous has 25 gms of sugar ( 6tsp)
    I think its fine to eat whatever you want but it pays to be informed about nutritional values, and since this WOE isnt just about weight loss…

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