Rabbette and 165GW kicking ass with great focus in 2020. Everyone welcome.

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Rabbette and 165GW kicking ass with great focus in 2020. Everyone welcome.

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  • @rabbette. So…Maybe that’s what we needed. A new thread, a new focus, a clean page.

    February is The Month. March as well. We have goals. Yes we do. I want to be in a great running shape by April. That’s -20lb. Doable.

    I am refocusing on fasting being ALSO a spiritual way of life and I will extract focus and determination from the act of fasting. I won’t eat when not hungry (doh!). I will add more resepct to the act of fasting.

    Accountability. From the range of 162-168 in November-December to this:

    Weight in January

    Jan 1: 173lb
    Jan 3: 172lb
    Jan 20: 177lb
    Jan 24: 173.5lb
    January 30, 2020: 171lb
    Feb 2, 2020: 176lb

    Fasts in January, as per Life app, so they tell me when they “ended.”

    Jan 1: 38h
    Jan 4: 59h
    Jan 5: 20h
    Jan 7: 36h
    Jan 10: 39h
    Jan 12: 18h
    Jan 14: 38h
    Jan 16: 43h
    Jan 18: 40h
    Jan 19: 22h
    Jan 21: 20h
    Jan 22: 16h
    Jan 24: 43h
    Jan 26: 40h
    Jan 27: 16h
    Jan 30: 39h

    So just from glancing at those–I have done 10 36+ fasts. That’s prettty good! I normally don’t even count/ record the fast that don’t go overnight, but I started to. But darn it, I need to eat less!!!

    Pease and balance AND weight loss trough fasting in 2020.

    *I see my Freudian slip above, too late to edit. Pease and Balance?? Did I really mean peas and balance?? HA ha HA. Peace might be a long way from now…But moving forward.

    My long term plan is not to treat EVERY eating day as a feasting day. Feast is only once a week.

    My plan for tomorrow, which is NOT a feast day is as follows:

    10am (36h fasted) or later: 400 calories
    – 2 soft boiled eggs (160 calories)
    – half a slice of very thick bacon (80 calories raw? It is less when baked, I guess.)
    -1 cube of cheese with coffee (140 + 20=160 calories)

    Snack: 340 calories
    -1 apple + 2 carrots
    -1 cube of cheese

    Lunch/ Supper
    -Homemade chilli, not sure how to estimate calories. I’m guessing 1cup is about 300?

    So this is all 1040 calories. My goal for ADF is 1600. This means I will have 3 eggs and a full slice of bacon, more coffee with milk (I used to love only cream in coffee, but now I LOVE milk. Weird. Not keto. But I love the taste and not going for keto.) I will also add another apple, a couple of nuts, another cube of cheese. I will choose and calculate accordingly. Maybe a slice of toast with my eggs instead of the extr cheese etc. But I think I have my day mostly laid out.

    This might actually be an OMAD…Not sure yet. I tend to really, really prefer OMADs. But then I think I’m getting myself more and more used to big meals, and this also means that if I have OMAD at 11 am I absolutely can NOT decide this to be 18:6 and have another large meal.

    February 5:174lb.

    I’m back to daily updates / vents and daily weigh-ins, because I think that was super helpful.

    I’m at 38.5h fasted and I’m not hungry. I had a cup of black coffee and later a cup of green tea. Lately “Asian Pear Harmony” green tea by Stash has been my absolute favourite.

    I’m not even peckish! And yet…Food…Has its vague appeal.

    I am posting here to convince myself not to eat unless hungry! lol

    Still February 5. I broke my fast at 41.5h I ended up eating in the course of 2 hours and started my next fast.

    Here I am, counting in real time, after I ate all of it. I might be surprised with the result. I do hope there is no unpleasant surprise

    2 carrots 50
    2 apples 110
    1/2 c plain Greek Yogurt 150
    1 c of spring greens 10
    2 tbs hummus 60
    1 tbs babaghanoush 40
    1/4 slice of bacon 50
    2 fried eggs 80
    3/4 c of chilli 200
    1/2 sweet potato, fried, oil drained 250
    small handful of nuts 350
    coffee with milk 30
    cheese cube 140
    slice of flax bread 60
    oil estimate for frying 150

    Wow…1750!! This is exactly where I want to be. I could have skipped the nuts, but they are my treat with coffee, and I avoided added sugars. Even if my greek yogurt and chilli were more calories than I estimated, I think I’m definitely under 2000 and this is GREAT. With TDEE of 1600-1700 and with ADF, today I was right on track!

    Bonus point–I made pancakes for the kids. Half a pancake was left uneaten. Nope, I did not eat it. I wasn’t even tempted.

    Bonus realization regarding my drastic weight fluctuations, with the weight going +5lb on two days? I think PICKLES. I recently got two jars of amazing homemade pickles and I ate them in great quantities–as they are delicious and low in calories. I also drank most of the brine. This would explain water retention, I think.

    Fasting tommorrow until Friday morning.

    Feb 5. Another update. I am posting as this helps me when I am struggling. I started my fast at 5pm and by now I haven’t eaten in 4.5 hours. Now I am actually hungry. Now I am tempted. My stomach is unpleasantly empty, as compared to the pleasant empty feeling I usually feel when I fast.

    The old me (the January me) would have decided to eat a bit. After all, it is my eating day, so it is totally okay to finish my eating window later and be flexible. This, however, was me who gained 7lb.

    The February me is a tough and committed chick. The February me is thinking of summer and my the jeans I stole from my daughter! Well, she decided she didn’t like them and they are mine now. I have goals for how I look and my fitness. I ate slightly over my TDEE and I don’t have to eat today.

    If I am unusually hungry tomorrow, I will break my fast at 24h. However I don’t expect to be unusually hungry. Another 40h fast, here I come.


    Feb 5/130.0/FD

    This is 3rd FD in a row. Pleasantly well in the afternoon I spiralized turnips and then sautéed them with bacon grease. Delightful I tell ya. I even had some left in my bowl and saved the leftovers. You know that is my number 1 challenge.

    After class last night on the drive home I mentally was so smug feeling about how I would just go home have a cup of tea and go to bed bc I was not hungry. – then I get in the door and my sweetheart says they feel icky. I was like noooooooooo. So I made us both an emergen-C (a vitamin pack thing you dissolve in water) well after that I wanted my figs *its been recommended to me by my Dr. to eat figs at least 7 everyday. (Usually I just have 4) which I already had earlier. But for whatever reason I wanted 4 more. Dang it. Had my tea and contemplated my decision. It didn’t put me over my FD calories but it could have stalled letting go of another .5 lbs. time will tell tomorrow.

    @165gw – I love OMAD but have sometimes ran into the muck if I *thought I’ll make lunch the only meal but then my SO wants/assumes I’ll also eat supper and really it is my NFD but I too need to be mindful not over eating a meal. So I break the portions into smaller meals.

    Good on you and not eating that leftover pancake. We got summer clothes to look cute in and pancakes are not going to help. 😉

    Going for another FD tomorrow we’ll see how I feel after my fig indulgence.

    February 6, 172.5lb Yay! It is going down!

    I’m at 24h fasted right now. I only had a cup of black coffee, cranberry tea, and now green tea. I’m also been cooking all day. Ha.

    As expected, I didn’t wake up hungry, even if I was hungry last night. I woke up feeling great! Right now, at 24h I’m feeling peckish, be definitely not hungry and not tempted to eat, even with all the peckishness. Yeah, that’s definitely not a word. I’m encouraged to be on track and seeing 172.5 on the scale was great.

    I can’t wait for the weather to be better so that I can start running regularly.

    I’m proud of mysef for not breaking my fast last night! Today has been a breeze.

    @rabbette: I’m not sure I’m convinced abour sauted turnips haha! I do love them raw, and that’s my latest obsession–turnips, carrots, and apples cut in a bowl. Yum. But again, bacon greese is always a winner.

    I know this mental smugness all too well! There are those moments when I feel I can extend to past 40h so easily–I’m not hungry, feeling like full of energy and so close to bed time. And then BAM. Something happens and I end up eating. I think I Allow myself to eat, because I think I can be done with the fast. I’m not always pleased after eating.

    Figgs. I love figgs. What do they help with? Seems like so much sugar in 7! But hey, maybe I really need figgs? Please recommend them to me! I need an excuse for figgs. haha And how do you stop at 7??

    I keep learning that I don’t enjoy breaking my meals, especially when I’m at home. I think if I were eating out, I’d eanjoy a small salad and then another meal later. But I really love OMAD. I just have to be super careful and not double up!

    I would like to eat 2000 calories tomorrow, as I dont want to undereat. If I eat exactly as my TDEE on my eating days, this means that I’m cutting my TDEE in half! I am not sure I this is sustainable. I should be alternating 1700 calorie days with 2000-2200 days as well.

    We are doing it!!!

    February 6

    At 9am tomorrow I can break my fast at 40h. Some mornings I drink a pot of tea before eating, and if this strategy works, I might break my fast at 42-43 hours.

    I’m out of raw veggies and salad greens. I’m out of a lot of things, actually, as we had an ice storm and I didn’t want to drive on slippery roads to get groceries. Still plenty of my newly cooked chilli, bacon and frozen veggies to saute. Not enough eggs…hm…Plenty of sweet potatoes–our new obsession!

    I’m a bit hungry now and should really be asleep.
    I’d like to plan my eating for tomorrow, though, so that I don’t over-eat.

    Definitely baked sweet potatoes + yogurt. Definitely coffee + cheese. I have some sausaged that I might like. Chilli. I think I have a rough idea. I’ll be okay. I will track my calories.

    February 7. 171lb! I want to start seeing that 169 soon.

    I am at 40.5h but no interest in food, so a pot of green tea it is. I hope I am not tempted by the kids’ leftovers as I should not eat when not hungry.

    @rabbette This is exactly the time when I am feeling smug but it might all collapse haha

    Feb 7/130.8/NFD – maybe CD depending on supper choices.
    Feb 6/129.4/FD changed into CD

    i hope its a control day – broke my fast yesterday evening with homemade french onion mac n cheese. Oh dear it was delicious and I’m glad I made it and ate a small bowl and then had 2nds of 1 more scoop. Which probably eneded up being what I might normarlly ahve but waiting for the 2nds was good. Becasue when I had them I really appreaciated that last scoop and didnt just scarf it down and felt more pleasnatly full.

    This morning I woke hungyr (I would guess it was the white pasta I had from the mac and cheese) so I made 2 eggs, diced a small tomato, and diced a small avacado. Great breakfast and didn’t really need lunch so… well see what is in store for supper.

    I got to see 129 for a moment… happy to be staying lower, now need to get it to drop lower and stay. Ha think i just said the same thing twice.

    @165gw – don’t collapse you got this… also consider that although you do like OMAD if you find that you are overeating b/c you think yeah I’ll do one meal and then end up nearly always have a 2nd meal – I think you are right in pre-planning might go a long way. Maybe try pre planning 2 meals a day. Even just an idea like *lunch small reasonable plain-ish salad. (I find if I don’t go too crazy adding things I can make it smaller and appreciate the simplicity) like spinach, strawberries and either a squeeze of lime juice of lime juice and olive oil. Then dinner is your BIG meal (or vice versa if that works better, but be true to your dinner, keep it small if you already had the big meal.

    I like your pot of tea idea. I drink an 8oz glass of water before I have my coffee in the morning. It helps me stay more full and bonus keeps me more hydrated. yay.

    Good luck you can do it!

    February 7

    I broke my fast at 44 hours.

    Then it was a good eating day!

    I decided not to count calories. I’m sure it was around 2000-2200 and it all felt great. Had cheese and nuts with coffee, some stew and sauted cabbage, date balls and 95% dark chocolate. Feeling pleasantly full but not too full and I hit the start button an hour ago on my next 40h fast.

    February 8.

    Yesterday I extended my eating window to later in the evening. My son cooked. It was nice. It was excellent. I didn’t eat much, but did end up eaiting a lot of mango. I also had plenty of very salty things and then slept very poorly due to a wind/ ice storm, so I decided I wasn’t going to step on the scale with all that water retention.

    I’m at 22h fasted today (green tea, black tea and cranberry tea). I’m fasting until tomorrow morning, the later the better.

    I made sauted red cabbage for the first time ever yesterday–with onions, apples and squash and a bit of red wine vinegar and it was delicious! I plan to make the same tomorrow! Yum.

    I also finally got to the grocery store–apples, carrots, yogurt YUM!


    Eyes wide after my NFD of what I had it will prob go up tomorrow and if not then yay I’ve made different decisions that have made better over all health choices.

    I think part of this process (WOL) is acceptance (realization) of what habits you already have and then learning how to work/break them.

    165gw – mmmmm yeah I would not be driving in slippery road. *to be honest we could live at least a month if not two on just all the weird random stuff I have accidentally stocked in our cupboards.

    Cheers you made it.

    Feb 11/131.8/FD

    Started FD on Mon (yesterday) it felt like a little bit of a challenge when I woke I had homemade soup. I think I continued with a soup for lunch and one for supper as well. As I was really cold yesterday, its rainy and slightly chilly, but the rain makes it so bone achy.

    Today had my soup and then wanted chocolate or so I thought, but then as I pondered the different chocolate things I had none of them really sounded good. So I decided then to just bite my 100% cacao bar yes very bitter chocolate but I’ll say it does the job and really it is good in its own way.

    Again cold and dreary today and another bowl of soup sounds tempting. Maybe I’ll just make a cup of broth since my hot tea does not seem to be keeping me in check. Contempating that I’m fudging my fast tho, that does have some power. LIke thinking about that second bowl of soup and i’m like…. naaaaaa you don’t really need that you are probably thirsty so maybe a dash of salt under the tongue and glass of water (I’ll go try it and come back.) Actually that was quite nice. Had not done the pink salt water thing in a bit.

    Barely wearing some of my dance pants. Really going to have to see about how to take them in a bit. Hope the weather is better in your parts and not as soaking wet as it is here. I could not even imagine if I loved running. I have noticed I do like walking more tho.

    @165gw – Hope you were able to have better controlled eating days. I actutally said no – to an extra stout day. Yes I now have 1 stout day a week. As much as I love the stouts they love my hips a bit too much and we need a healthy relationship (otherwise I find that stouts are a little clingy) haha.

    ps I LOVE mango! I would have to say it is my favorite fruit. Yup.

    I’m seriously thinking we may be distant cousins with our taste in foods. We do like so many things well at least I know if we ever do decide to meet it will be easy to either EAT or FAST b/c we do both in very similar ways (although I do like my bone broth so we may have instant pot a chicken for my fasting days. mmmmmm thinking about the broth again (prob means I need more water) let me get some of that.

    February 12

    The last two days were OMADS, and today I’m stretching it until tomorrow morning (40ish hours). These last days were super stressful, my sleep was all over the place to 2h a night. The OMADS weren’t as bad as they could have been, so that’s good. But my eating WAS a bit random. Since the days were stressful and weird, I didn’t have a chance to step on the scale in the mornings. Yesterday I ate quite a lot of pickled fish. That’s my weakness when stressed and I bought the jar to treat myself. This means probably more water retention. I should not panic tomorrow when I step on the scale.

    Today the first day of TOM, so feeeling crappy and proud of myself for making it a full fasting day, in spite of cooking for the family.

    @rabbette: Ugh, that cold rain is the worst. At leas we had some nice fluffy snow and more coming tomorrow. I went for a 1h long walk today–it was nice. Walking is definitely my first love–I love walking and can walk for hours and hours. Running is this recent challenge. I technically could have run today, but one of the kiddos wanted to go for a walk so that’s what we did.

    That’s nice that you are taking in your pants! That’s motivational! My bra is fitting a bit better after the latest gain, so I know I lost some.

    Gosh, mango is my love, that’s for sure. If we are getting together, no broth or fasting, though–feast time lol

    We are half way through the month and we are to kick ass in the second half!!

    Feb 13. 171lb. I’m honestly pleased,even if the weight is not lower, as I was bloated from too much salty food, so I think this is a good result.

    In addition, today’s Eating Day turned out really well. I broke my fast at 36h and had my OMAD. It worked out really well. Not sure about calories, but I didn’t feel I overate. It was an early meal and I’m not hungry despite this being evening and I haven’t eaten in over 10 hours. Usually I have my last meal of the day much, much later.

    I also went for a run in the snowfall! It was so beautiful and amazing, and considering I haven’t been running consistently, I did super well! 32 minutes and just over 2 miles, so a very slow run in several inches of snow on the ground and the snow falling gently. It did feel like a huge work out lol. I did it!

    I also built a snowman and went for a short walk AND shovelled the driveway. So an active, and a happy day after a long streak of stress, with good control over my eating.

    I might end up breaking the fast tomorrow at 28h if I hubby and I end up going out. If noot, then 44h it is. Either way it is all good.

    February 14, 171lb.
    I am at 24h and feeling well. Feeling light and empty and energetic–this is what I love about fasting, and I am glad I am getting this feeling back.

    Feb 17/138.4/FD

    jeeeez I sure know how to flux! It was my fault between this odd over indulgence with peanut butter filled pretzels that I hand dipped in chocolate (what! Why on earth did I think I was making them for my sweetheart) AND then ATE 1/2 the bag *and it wasn’t a small bag either… Also a whole evening of stouts did not help the numbers that I read on the scale.

    Well I’m just going to have to stick to my FDs really well again and see what I can do about that whopping hike of a gain.

    @165gw – Yay a run in the snowfall sounds awesome and built a snowman! awe that sounds so cool. I built a snowman last year and the next day as it was melting it turned into mmmmmm something else from the view from my window (thank heavens it only looked like a mmmmmmmm man part from the POV of our house) I did burst out laughing tho when I drove past it out of our driveway.

    Got to go and teach. Take Care

    @rabbette: We’ll make it. I’m facing the same, my Cosmic Sister.

    After my run, I had several rather blah days. Who am I kidding, I’m not getting de-stressed any better. I’m just trying to stay afloat. Lots of little things all at once. I haven’t been overeating, but I had several 16-22 hour fasts in a row, instead of fasting overnight. I feel that I simply need to eat, even if it is all emotionally driven.

    I am quite determined to have a 44h fast, from now to Friday afternoon. This should work. The weekend is going to be all pure stress and I don’t know yet how I’m gonna handle it.

    The snowman lasted for several days, which is quite impressive for our climate. Today was super warm, and then it all froze again. The head got progressively smaller, but it is all standing.

    The best part about this WOL–we are still here, and we are still on track and the next day will be better. I do wish I could sustain that killer motivation from last year and get to 155 in time for running. I think it is still possible, I just need to deal with my stress better.

    Feb 20. Small victory. I am at 24h fasted and going to bed. Yay. 44 fast here I come. I even cooked a bunch of my fabourite foods and packed them all for tomorrow.

    Though I certainly didn’t lose any weight. I guess I figured out maitenance? lol I need 155lb though.

    Feb 21/133.8/FD CD?

    I never know on Fridays anymore. Sometimes I squeeze out a FD b/c supper is light and we just hang out and watch a movie or go to a show and I dance and just have 1 seltzer Vodka lime drink. Other times my sweetheart is sooooo ready for the weekend that it starts at noon on Fridays.

    I’m not defeated tho, nope but I will say first goal is more challenging to get to than I thought it would be dang it. Glad I at least got past the -50lbs mark b/c folks always ask how much weight I have lost (being a yoga teacher I have students that have been away at random times and then come back to one of my classes and they are like whoa) so at least I get to say I’ve lost over 50lbs and that still holds true b/c the most was -57. I just keep playing ball at this 130s mark.

    @165gw – so which meal seems to be the hardest one to avoid? is it dinner? I ask because I am analyzing pit falls. Mine seems to be snacking. Some FDs since I still have broth and/or a light dinner, I will eat a snack. ALSO the figs dont help in that matter. I am really good and only eat 4 figs *don’t ask me how, I think I just treat it as *food medicine* and know that it is more for my health and not necessarily my enjoyment. Even tho I do enjoy the figs yay.

    I think once we get to moving more we will be able to get this weight off of us. I’m curretly dealing with an annular tear in my last vertebrae above the tail bone… Looking at 18 months for healing and exercise is good, but trying to not do to much to fast. On a seperate note I have been working on my arm strength and these tiny little arms are looking sculpted (never in my life did I think that was possible nor did I think I would ever need/want that) So there is progress

    Besides like you said this WOL still has us staying trim even if its not quite as trim as we were expecting to be. I’m happy to not have just gained it all back. And really the fact that I can STILL eat some cake or have some goodies/junky stuff sometimes is worth it!

    February 22: I am at 21h and fasting overnight into tomorrow, so that’s good. I think I am controlling my stress a bit better. I had a really good day and it was sunny too.

    @rabbette:.Yes, we need to focus on the positives. 50lb is a huge accomplishment. You’ve done so amazing and have maintained. Especially as your body is always on display and under observation due to what you do.

    We will get there. We have done so much already.

    It is not a particular meal for me, it is more of a mindset. Some days as I approach 16-18h, I decide to treat myself. I am learning that I am not feeling like it is worthwhile. I started waking up with a bit of stomach ache, which I have forgotten about. I should treat myself with fasting instead. So much better for my body and mind. But when I am stressed and emotional I am not that rational. I am getting there though.

    I am done with February. I need March.

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