Quick lunch plan on fast day

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Quick lunch plan on fast day

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  • I got stuck today with no lunch idea, so thought I would try it and see.
    Got a pack of ready to eat Honduran king prawns from M&S 140g (excuse the brand), and made soup from 1 x reduced salt vegetable stock cube and chucked the whole load in the soup. 1 stock cube makes 500ml of soup and goes together with the one “salty” food a day.
    it was delicious!!! so it was soup but with the prawn in it that gave it some substance, and I feel sooooo full now!!! brilliant!!!
    the “damage” is:
    stock cube = 30cal (1g protein; 2g fat; 4g carb)
    140g pack of Honduran king prawns = 116cal (26g protein; 1.2g fat; 0.4g carb)
    total: 146cal
    not bad I think 😉

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