questions about feast days and seasoning

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questions about feast days and seasoning

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  • 2 questions. Sorry. What happens if I eat less calories than I should on feast days? Ive started today but only managed to eat 947 calories. I am going to have a treat later but this is still way under 2000 recommended intake. The other question is do we hve to count calories on salt and pepper when seasoning food?


    Hi HMB personally I don’t. Really there aren’t that many cals in them and you probably don’t own scales sensitive enough to weigh them accurately enough anyway.

    And with how much you eat on normal days – eat how you would normally eat.

    Eating less than 1000 calories on a normal day will send your body into Starvation mode and your BMR will change.
    Take your measurements and weigh yourself.
    This page explains how much you should be eating for your height and weight

    I don’t think there are any calories in salt or black pepper, but there are other disadvantages to consuming too much salt specifically Hypertension (high blood pressure which can lead to heart problems and strokes). I think the recommended daily salt intake is less than 5 or 6g which can quickly be achieved in a normal diet as its found in most foodstuffs esp processed foods.

    I don’t count the calories in spices, as long as I use them normally and not in huge amounts.

    Like the others I do suggest eating a bit more. If you find it difficult just supplement with some fatty foods, like some bacon. It’s quite healthy as long as you don’t overdo it. 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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