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  • I’m a complete novice and cannot give advice.
    After reading about probiotic balance. I learned that sauerkraut is an excellent source of some good probiotics. Only discovering it today and looking up it’s nutritional values.
    31 calories for a cup
    High in vitamins C & K too.

    My approach is to simplify my fasting days with eating fish for protein. On a 4:3 Monday,Wednesday,Friday.
    Tuesday pastas which is half vegtables sliced into noodle textures and half pasta with mushrooms. Meatless.
    Thursday is simple cereal/salad/ surf and turf dinner.
    The weekends are low in animal fat, and try to do compound weight lifting or balance yoga. As I have more energy. Also jumping rope if not lifting on days after meals.

    For me exercising on fasting days is what triggers hunger pangs. So on fasting days I jump rope for ten minutes prior to eating and when a hunger pang comes I eat to sate it. Typically I consume food on fasting days at noon and again at 5pm. Before I go to sleep I’ll do another ten minutes of jump rope and dash off to bed knowing I’ll eat well in the morning. Coincidentally that’s approximately 600 calories of exercise that can be practiced everywhere I go.
    Tip. I dont drink anything for energy purposes. Water, green tea, with lemon or orange combinations.

    Hi Samm,
    You must be very fit doing skipping as your exercise. I tried it last year and it nearly killed me, totally breathless. When I lose some more weight I will try again. I was inspired by a lady I met on a Yoga holiday, she was in her 80’s yet could run up flights of stairs without appearing to be out of breath. When I asked how she maintained her fitness she said she skips for thirty minutes a day. I was very impressed, her yoga was good too.
    Keep skipping.

    I becoming less winded. I wish I could say I’m fit. I learned to skip when I was 13. My dad lost 50 lbs skipping rope and eating well 30 years ago. Now I’m the one struggling with obesity. Several times I’ve gotten back to jumping. When I was 13, 29, and now at 46. Taking advice set a timer for ten minutes to jump until winded. Stop skipping, but continue doing jumping jacks a slower rate until I catch my breath, and start skipping again. This gets me back into the swing of it.
    I recently did some wiki reading on the lymph system. Basically our hearts pump our blood, but there is not a pump for the lymphatic system. However there are a few exercises that actualy help to circulate it.
    Trampoline, jump rope, and jumping jacks. After realizing this my 1st choice for aerobic exercise is jumprope. After watching The Truth About Exercise I’ve switched from just trying to lose weight to focusing on visceral fat. So what I’m trying to do is fast, exercise, and help my immune system with 30 minutes exercise a day.
    I will say it gets much easier to fast and jump rope after the phase of getting winded passes over time. Skipping can be done at beginners pace just getting to ten minute mark. I can also do a serious all out increase of pace which must be similar to HIT as my accuracy increases. Also I’ll share that jumping rope for ten minutes for me is about at the mark of boring if done with music. I simply can’t do 30 minutes of jumping consecutively without getting hunger pangs. On or off fasting. My tip: raise body temperature for metabolism 2hrs before or after eating. For that reason on a fasting day I exercise prior to eating.
    Also my understating is to try eat alkaline foods when taking in animal fat as fat will be less likely to stick to the walls of arteries. For example eating a rib eye steak with a side of dried apricots.. Also not drinking a cold beverage while taking animal fat as the icy drink may make the animal fat stick to the stomach walls longer. Mmmmm. Made myself hungry. This week I plan to enjoy eating a ribeye, with dried apricots and wash it down with two warm glasses of green tea with a puree lemon on my non fasting day.

    I don’t want to over post on this forum, so I’m following up on this thread with jpegs pictures of antioxidant foods, probiotic foods and skipping rope.

    Besides just calorie counting of intermittent fasting. I also want to incude probiotic food, foods high in antioxidants, and exercise.
    Skipping meals and skipping rope.

    I take probiotics in a capsule, particularly if I have to take antibiotics for any reason…probiotic capsule two hours after the antibiotic seems to make a big difference in how my body responds.

    ooooh Sam apparently Kim Chi is another probiotic… who knew? another veggie to add to the list and because its spicy it switches it up

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