prawn and mango salad

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  • Tonights dinner is prawns with mango slices on a rocket and coriander salad with chilli and mango dressing and a slice of brown toast 220 calories. Looking forward to it.

    Sounds yummy. Must give that a try.

    Sounds really good! What are the quantities? E.g. how many prawns, how much mango etc.

    Just eaten it it was fantastic. 100g of prawns 67 cal. 100g mango 65 cal. The bread is 51. Salad with lettuce, courgette, pepper, whatever you like. Fresh coriander. Mango and chili dressing from Waitrose 21 cal. It makes you never want to eat rubbish again.

    Thanks, ljc1011. Definitely on the list for the next fast day (or perhaps even for a normal day :D)

    Thanks for the amounts. Can see me having that over the weekend.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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