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  • Was wondering if other have had improvement with their pmt whilst following fasting diet?

    Not sure what the ‘t’ is, but I’m guessing that ‘pm’ means either peri or post menopausal. I use a Tincture of Motherwort [10-15 drops in 8+ oz water daily] for symptoms and recommend it to everybody. Modifies the grumpiness and helps me sleep the night through. Look for it in a health food store.

    I found fasting alleviated pre-menstrual and menstrual symptoms, including water retention and cramps. Well, I say fasting, but it’s probably as much due to a change in diet – I pretty much cut out added sugar and refined white carbohydrates.

    Thank you for replying and sorry I’m so late replying. Did you cut down on total carbohydrate intake or just switch to whole grains?

    I stopped eating bread and pasta every day! And made biscuits/ cakes a once a week treat at most. I don’t believe that products labelled ‘whole grain’ are automatically a healthy switch, it depends on the processing. So I didn’t just substitute whole grain bread for white bread/ wholewheat pasta for white, etc. I made more fundamental changes to my diet.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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