Please Help! Why TDEE??????

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  • I am returning to the Fast Diet. It worked before, but I stopped.

    Now I notice there is a TDEE calculator on this website. This leaves me wary. Why do we have to calculate calories now? When I first did this I counted 500 calories 2 days a week and just ate freely on the other 5. Yes, sometimes I overate, but I still lost 7 lbs. in a month. And this was after having tried every diet under the sun and not losing.

    So, is calorie counting on our “free” days now mandatory? I guess I’m confused now that the calculator is up. I mean, it’s there for a reason! It wasn’t there in the book!

    Thanks in advance for any input/responses/opinions/advice. Much appreciated.

    Most folk don’t have to count calories, their IF goes smoothly and we hardly see them here once they have got going because it all goes swimmingly. But sometimes its really useful to know what it is that you are really eating. When I stopped losing weight I was shocked to realise that my TDEE is about 15% lower than what I was eating on non fast days, so no wonder I didn’t lose any weight.

    For me it was more a question of taking a look at what was going on. I also used myfitnesspal to track what I was eating, and that showed me how much sugar I was consuming…..

    So, useful information if you need it, but not a way of life.

    Thank you Ruthi. So do you count calories now on your nonfast days?


    many don’t

    however i do

    i go 20% less than my tde on nonfastdays
    due 2 a sedentary life

    but 500 cals fastdays super nutrition

    c which one works 4 u

    u might b the lucky one

    go into search click on names there is a thread of noncounters

    just make it fun & no stress

    u can always change it anyway u want

    keep us posted

    No Teatime, I don’t count calories, or very rarely.

    But I did in the early days, while I was relearning what to eat. Nowadays I know that I am generally close enough, as long as I stick to my personal eating rules.

    If you are losing weight, and eating healthily I wouldn’t bother to count calories except for information. A lot of us who are slightly longer in the tooth have rather lower TDEE’s than we imagine, and so its a useful exercise to help retrain appetite.

    I think its also useful to look at the calorie content of foods, especially the ones that do us no good. I find it really helps me to make the right choices to be aware of, but not obsessive about, the calorie content of some of my areas of weakness (which nearly always involve SUGAR).

    This might be of interest:

    A lot of us gained weight because we didn’t know what ‘normal’ eating really was, TDEE helps to get a better idea of this. It’s also important to remember that as you lose weight, your daily calorie needs decrease.

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