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  • I’m 14 stone 58 year old man and have lost 1 and a half stone in the last 2 months of the diet but I hit a brick wall at Easter and had to Miss a fasting day because it didn’t fit in with the routine of being with my family

    I also made this an excuse to start eating my mother’s house!

    I’m back home now but feeling completely demotivated about the whole thing for the first time

    it was so disheartening to see myself going to straight back into eating rubbish at the flip the coin

    I’m fasting today but my heart really isn’t in it – I know I will have gained weight

    just feeling very negative generally please give me some positive inspiring things to think about and reboot my mind


    hi Qckfox, we learn to fast like a baby learns to walk. We fall, we wobble, we misjudge things. It’s all learning experiences. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gained weight, and it is a whole year before you have to worry about Easter again.
    All best wishes to you. Just keep on! Cheers for today’s fast. And the next one!

    Look forward with determination — you can and will succeed. One foot after the other. Someone in Los Angeles (me) is rooting for you!

    I wish I was a motivational speaker and could give you powerful words of wisdom; all I can say is we all stumble so you’re not alone. The important part is you’re fasting again so keep going.

    Here’s what Lydia said to Dom in the movie Fatso when he ate $40 of Chinese food and felt awful because he fell off his diet and binged, “Christ fell 3 times… and he was Christ.”

    Wishing you great success with fasting and don’t worry about the past, you can’t change it.


    qckfox, I bet MOST of us over indulged on Easter. I know I certainly did!!!

    I started fasting again on Monday and I was really looking forward to it because my fasts always reset my appetites and my metabolism. In fact, I did 3 days of water fasting because I had had desserts and really was excessive.

    Why not rely on the pattern you’ve established over the last 2 months? I’m betting you had a program that was very regular and do-able if you have already lost more than 20 pounds because that’s an excellent result! Just don’t fall into the trap of beating yourself up. That’s just not going to help you like resuming a healthy pattern will. And it’s not so much fun.

    We’re all out here rooting for you. Let us know how you feel after you’ve finished your first fast day. I hope it gets you past the toxic consequences of sugar. If not completely, try a second fast day until you’re back in the saddles.

    qckfox, do NOT give up and please, don’t beat yourself up over it!
    I agree, it IS depressing to find yourself returning to old habits. But basically, it’s just a learning opportunity – if you think about it, you will be able to see what triggered the “relapse” and maybe you’ll be able to avoid the “traps” next time. Plus, Easter with its evil combination of family feasts and chocolate eggs, is over, and we can all return to our healthier habits and patterns.
    Then, you’ve only done 5:2 for 2 months – that’s too short a time to wipe out long established eating patterns.

    You’ve done well so far.
    Think of what you’ve accomplished already – and now it’s all about this:
    Get up again, straighten your tiara, and on you go. (It’s really a stupid saying, but somehow strangely motivating.)
    Good luck!

    a big thank you for everybody’s comments

    it’s nearly 9 o’clock in the evening here and the fasting day has gone ok

    I will re read everything tbat everybody has written there is so much good advice

    but it’s been really helpful to feel I’m not alone and it’s at reminded me it’s quite normal to have a negative period occasionally

    tomorrow is another day! X

    I am with you I too put on weight this week, but have told myself (no stinking thinking) back on track and look forward to next weeks loss. Cheers
    From NZ.

    hi, irene here. I have just started on using this site last week. We are all the same. Like when we learned to cycle, just try again. I lost 20lb a year ago with weight watchers , stopped the diet in Nov.Put on 6 lb.. This week trying this . Lost 2lb . It will work

    @qckfox congratulations for sticking with your fast! Great job!

    I have fallen off myself especially these last 2 weeks. 2 months ago I started this doing so well with the 500-520 calories on the lower calorie days and eating more veggies and fruits on all of the other days with 16 hours fasts in between dinner and the next meal the next day. I even started 3 weeks ago one 1 of my 2 days not eating anything but cream in my coffee and vitamins. But the last 2 weeks I have eaten whatever I wanted, not very healthy, things like candy, crackers, etc. so much that I think that I have gone over 2000 calories a day, and have felt so bad doing it too. I still fast for 16 hours or more, but I have not made myself do the 2 days of 500 calories this week like I know I should but just seem to not be able to. I am ok so far today with 550 calories and will try not to eat anymore.

    I know what you are going through and all I can say is don’t get discouraged I did but just keep telling yourself encouraging mantras and you can get back on track. I wish you better luck than I am having with this the last couple weeks. Oh and also keep up the good work!

    @littlezombie – glad you’re not giving up! Encouraging mantra is a wonderful idea. Any thoughts on some? I know going forward I could use one.

    FastEnough-What I have been doing is when it gets hard for me to follow this, is I ask myself “Do I really want to feel bad anymore?” Let me clarify this, usually when I binge eat like I have been doing, I feel sick afterwards. My stomach hurts and eventually my head starts hurting as well. I know this happens every time, but like most of us who do it, we do it anyway. When I ask myself that question, I also say is it worth the pain that is associated with it? Or do I want to feel good about myself after I eat? Usually that works for me, granted not the last 2 weeks, but I have been saying it to myself this past week and I have been eating better and for the last 3 days, I have been eating “cleaner” meals and feel SOOOOOO much better.

    The way I do it may not work for everyone, I have been saying the same thing to my sister because she is trying to “clean” up her diet as well, and sometimes it works for her and sometimes it doesn’t. But if you ask yourself a similar question and follow it with this “I can do it! I don’t need that candy bar (or other junk food)!” and walk away from it, it will eventually work. I know it sounds corny, but like I said, it will eventually work.

    It’s not corny if it works. 🙂 Sounds like you’re doing well. Keep it up!

    That’s an excellent post, littlezombie, and you are quite correct. We have to stop ourselves right before engaging in a bad decision and pose those sorts of questions to ourselves. It does work, just as you said.

    I have yo-yo dieted many times over the years and lost weight each time. I have lost weight in many different ways, and each time it involved a measure of introspection and self-talk as you suggested. I only need to learn to keep the weight off for life once I reach my goal.

    About 15 years ago, I was “only” overweight, and I lost 40 pounds eating submarine sandwiches. Before each trip inside the restaurant, I posed questions to myself, just as you suggested. I would literally sit in my car in the parking lot and say to myself, “Okay, this is the big decision time. I can go in there and order a foot-long sub with cheese, rich sauce, full-fat chips, and 3 cookies for dessert. It’s my decision, and I can do that. No one will tell me not to, so it’s up to me to make a better decision and exercise self-control. I will choose to have a six-inch turkey sub on wheat, with no cheese, only a little spicy mustard, lots of veggies, baked chips (low fat), and no cookies.”

    I would then focus on eating slower and enjoying each bite, rather than devouring it all quickly.

    I did that daily for a couple of months, and combined with a lot of running, I lost 40 pounds. So, yes, self-talk definitely works! When we are faced with that moment of truth, we have to pause and talk to ourselves. No one will stop us from making bad food choices. It’s up to us, and, yes, we have the power to do it.


    qckfox, you should give yourself a pat on the back for the amazing amount of weight you managed to lose in just two months. Don’t beat yourself up about a blip. Who doesn’t lapse every now and then? You are only human and it is understandable to slip a bit round about holiday times or special occasions especially if you are socialising and there is lots of good ( though maybe not good for you) food on the go. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself down and remind yourself you can do it. You have to be in the right frame of mind to lose weight. That is why the Fast Diet works so well as you can be relatively normal the other days of the week.
    I was on an all inclusive holiday in January and the result was gaining half a stone and getting out of the Fast Diet habit. I know it is not the end of the world and that I can and will lose it because I have done it before. Onwards and upwards ( well downwards really as far as the weight is concerned, lol)

    Dido53 thanks for your reply and kind words

    after Easter I was really discouraged about continuing and I had to nip the feeling in the bud before it got worse and a comments and help and advice and support people gave me on this thread really did the trick it got me focused again

    the great thing about the 5:2 is that you only have 2 days a week where you need to be good so psychologically it’s much easier to get on with your fasting days and gather your thoughts and get back in the swing of it

    So after my panic I didn’t put on weight over Easter anyway! and I’m feeling really motivated again

    many people on this thread told me it’s a learning curve and it’s really true i’m getting the hang of what to eat what not to eat what type of things I want to eat on the fasting days and calories excetera
    so it’s actually getting easier the more I learn and get the hang of it

    Great to hear you’re motivation has kicked in qckfox. I’m fasting today but really didn’t want to until I stepped on the scale, now I’m motivated again. LOL

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