PCOS & insulin resistance – anyone else with these?

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PCOS & insulin resistance – anyone else with these?

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  • Anyone else have PCOS & insulin resistance and doing or thinking about doing the fast diet?

    I have only been on the fast diet for three weeks now but I amazed to say it is working for me.

    Due to my insulin resistance I have found ‘dieting’ hardly ever works. I am such a determined person and can usually achieve anything I set my mind to but where weight loss is concerned I have never found the key to success.

    I read somewhere else on the forum that someone with PCOS had success with 4:3 so I jumped straight in with Mon/Weds/Fri as my fast days which gives me the weekends free to eat without counting calories. This so far seems to be working really well and I have lost 11lb which is far beyond any expectation I had.

    I have tried slimming world and gave up because all around me were losing weight, despite them admitting to sneaky treats etc. but I never cheated and was steadfast but no weight loss. I left when the leader said she thought I needed to eat more jelly! What kind of diet advice is that?

    I have tried exercising, cycling with my husband and son approx 14 miles a day up and down steep hills. They had to start eating more because they were losing weight but I gained 2lb and was exhausted the whole time, but I didn’t let that stop me, I cycled until I couldn’t cycle any longer and actually fainted as I had pushed myself too hard.

    This past year I have felt so despondent that I have eaten exactly what I wanted and I gained an extra 14lb. I could see this was only going one way and then I saw a recent program about diabetics losing limbs etc. and some of the people were younger than me. It was just the nudge I needed and as luck would have it, in the back of my mind I remembered Dr. Michael Mosley and a segment of one of his programs about eating/dieting and fasting.

    I am absolutely thrilled to have found the fast diet. I am fasting 4:3 and ensuring I never eat past 6pm. If on a fast day I have cravings then I just tell myself I can have it tomorrow and I can manage that. Often when tomorrow comes I forget all about the cravings and just enjoy having a little more porridge and some fruit with my breakfast and find that I don’t feel the need to scoff carbs like I would have before.

    I have PCOS and endometriosis. I have only been doing this for a month so I haven’t seem much changes yet. I am also doing 4:3. Will let you know after a few months.

    Hi Cat2be, I’ve just started back today after having Christmas off. Gained a few more lb but hopefully will get back into it.

    Will be good to hear how you got in a few months.

    How’s it going for you ladies?

    Well last month was the first month I didn’t have to grab a handful of pain killers. That is a good sign. My periods seem to be a more regular which is good. It seems that we are on the right path so far.

    Hello! I have PCOS and had been becoming progressively more despondent about how out of control I felt over my body and its incessant weight gain over the past 18-24 months.

    I started running, being mindful about portions and food choices, and the weight just kept stacking on. I found myself at 92.8kg (204.59 lbs). I’d never been anywhere near this weight amount before, and seeing that number on the scales at the gym was so disheartening.

    A friend recommended the 5:2 as a diet scientifically proven to reduce insulin resistance. I started on September 4th, and had been attempting fasting on Mondays and Thursdays. Every Monday was done over the past 9 weeks, however there were 3-4 weeks where my Thursday fast didn’t eventuate (travel, funeral, forgotten dinner dates).

    I can’t say I’ve been rigid in what I eat on the other days, however I’ve noticed just how much I was overeating before. I don’t know if anyone else with PCOS feels the same, but I’m basically a snake – I eat and eat until I’ve gorged myself so full that it hurts to move. I’ve been progressively changing this thanks to being wholly more mindful of my portion choices over the adoption of 5:2.

    Juicy bit now – I weighed myself last night, and I’m down to 88.1kg (194.22lbs)! That’s a loss of 4.7kg (10.36 lbs), equating to about 500grams (1.1 lbs) per week. WOOHOO! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the scales go backwards. Here’s to the next 4.7kg lost!

    I too have PCOS and have been on 5:2 since Feb 2016. I am 59 and was pre-diabetic I have dropped 2blood pressure tablets, 4 sizes in trousers and feel so much better! I originally started for my daughters wedding in May. I got to my first target and kept going! It has been slow, I have been on several holidays and weekends away. I had a plateau in the summer but decided to just keep at it. I eat fruit for bfast, homemade soup for lunch and a tea if about 350 cals made from scratch with lots of vedg and protein. I usually fast Mon then Wed or Thurs. I can’t cope with B2back I get far to Hangry! Keep going this does work! I have tried all diets but for the first time in my life I feel in control of my weight, and the lightest I have been for 30 years! Hope this helps! I take 1Metformin tablet a day but I am going to the Dr next week asking if I can come off this now I am 3 stone lighter. I read a very interesting article about reversing PCOS symptoms.
    Really interesting article I am hoping I may have reversed mine with 5:2 and starting to exercise!

    Hi again everyone!

    I’ve been going along at the same pace, really only focusing on ensuring I stick to 500 calories or less on my fast days. I’ve found myself generally attempting to do a 16:8 or 14:10 on non-fasting days, which normally means only eating two meals per day.

    Snacks have reduced almost as a side effect of doing 5:2. Each fast day seems to get a bit easier – maybe now that I know what I’m in for, and that I will survive going through it!

    Weighed myself today – now 85.9kg (189.3771lbs)!!! Basically 7kg (15.43 lbs) lost since starting 5:2!!!

    I’m aware my mental strength is the main battle. I’ve decided I will continue to only weigh myself once a month. Potential weight variations on a weekly basis would do my head in.

    Happy fasting to you all 🙂

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