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  • Hi all. I have been doing this diet for about 10 weeks now. I did lose nearly a stone but over the last couple of weeks I have put a few pounds on. I have gone down from a size 16 in trousers to a comfortable 14 and slightly tight 12 trouser waist. I am however struggling now. At first I found it easy, my motivation was good and I was really up for it. I have remained committed on the fasting days but on the other days I know I am overeating. I am craving sugary carbs. Can anyone help or advise me?

    I don’t know if I can offer any advice or help but I do empathise. I have times where it’s easy and times where it’s tough – think it goes along with stress in my life or doing too much or things like that. And sometimes I blame the weather. 🙂

    Sorry for the lack of anything constructive but good luck with it!

    Hi Alice,
    Before I had even started the FastDiet, I had decided I definitely needed to eat less things with sugar in them. Before I would have things like candy bars or ice cream the same day without even thinking about it. After a frozen custard binge around Easter, I decided I needed to change that. I started to consciously limit myself to 1 sugar item per day. I was successful that 1st week and felt powerful. Then I saw Eat, Fast and Live Longer and was totally inspired. I added the sugar limit to the non-fast days and have been mostly successful. Maybe sugar-free gum could also help you. Definitely don’t let yourself buy the tempting things at the grocery store. Hang in there.

    Alice that’s a great achievement losing 1 stone in 10 weeks that’s something to be proud of I like christine67 idea of limiting yourself to one sugar item per day or even two depending on how much you are currently eating I think making yourself feel guilty will make you feel worse than you do so instead of trying to cut everything and then feeling bad once you do eat something that you shouldn’t, allow yourself to eat it but have a limit that is achievable i hope this helps

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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