On my third week

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  • I am on week 3 and although I ate a bit too much over the weekend I am still 5 pounds lighter. I dont think weight is that important – I know my volume has decreased more! I can button up my shirt collar more easily, my trousers have fallen due to lacl of stomach.

    I seem to have more energy but as its early days I will wait and see if its real and not just a figment of my imagination.

    My appetite has reduced somewhat. I could not face the quantity of food I used to eat.

    I feel as if too much food is slightly poisonous to my system and I feel better the less I eat.

    I also notice that I am more hungery the more I eat. Its probably blood sugar or something.

    I intend to give it a few more weeks yet and I save on two lunches a week and eat less food generally. I think I may sabe £5 a week or more.

    well done on your great start to this plan, once your stomach starts to shrink it is harder to over eat without feeling bloated or unwell, keep us posted on your progress xx

    Well done so far.

    Hope you didn’t lose your trousers at an inopportune time.

    Keep up the good work.

    Note to self: Do not read about eating when fasting.

    I just love this site. Some of the comments are brilliant. Well done to you all. You keep me going…………

    Well this is my 3rd week on the fastdiet and I have noticed a couple of things that I wonder if anyone else has noticed

    First even though I have not weighed myself since starting it was then 13.13 I know I have lost some weight because my cloths feel bigger and the husband actually said you can see in your face you have lost which of course made me feel quite good you can also see that I have a waste again, …..I have also noticed that my taste and smell have heightened, I have also noticed that the fasting days are not half as bad as I thought they would be, I start to really get hungry around 3.30..4pm and I have found that a few pretzels and a drink of cranberry sorts me out till dinner time at 5pm, at lunch time I have just been having a piece of water melon a dry cream cracker and a yogurt after and to my surprise it has been enough,

    I am very confused though as I really can’t see how it is working, I mean yes I can understand the fast days which is mostly if not all fluid that you are loosing, but what I cant understand is if on your no fast days you are eating what you like when you like surly that is putting back all that you have lost on your fast days, now would that not be confusing for your body and digestive system, as one minute you are more or less starving it then the next minute you are stuffing anything you like into it

    Confused I might well be but I have to say that for me at least it seems to be working

    Hi Lolli – I’ve written this before but it might help explain things to you: Suggest you read the FAQs and read the book if you want more info where all is explained. But in brief, if you eat say, approx 2000 cals a day normally and then eat only 500 cals twice a week, that means you are eating 3000 cals less per week than normal, so you will lose weight. Not to mention the various health benefits.

    Thank you Humphrey…well it is working for me and I have also noticed that on my fast days I don’t feel very hungry anyway, I have never been much of a picker you know like picking all day so at the moment I am happy it is working, I have a load of slim fast in my cupboard so could I have one of those if I wanted on a fast day with perhaps some fruit after

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