October 2017 31 day challenge.

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October 2017 31 day challenge.

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  • Day 27 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Not quite caught up on posts but lunch break is up. So appreciate all your sharing. I’m glad we’re in this together.

    Together we are stronger!

    @Strawberriesandcream – your cruise sounds wonderful! Of course I’m partial to the Canaries where I lived for a couple of years. I did visit again about a year ago. Fell in love with the people and the language there.

    Day 28 Gold Coast CD

    Last weekend of our holiday! What a good idea staying home for this holiday has been. We’ve rested lots, done stuff around the garden that has given us satisfaction and both managed to get rid of kgs as well. Not to mention that we live in a beautiful spot, and why would we want to go anywhere else?

    @aljomisaza congratulations on your anniversary, wow 30 years is worth celebrating. If it’s our coast you are coming too, enjoy! The weather is certainly ideal for a few days away.

    @jessyoursize, thank you for volunteering for November. I’m looking forward to hitting my goal again – being accountable to and supported by this group is certainly helping me.

    @lilymartin 🙂 tigers in your backyard, can so relate, after rains here the weeds get so high anything could be lurking. I lived in Perth for many years, and still visit kids there. I’m now married to a Queenslander, so this will be our home for the foreseeable future. I do love WA though.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Day 28 NFD country West Australia
    well controlled day yesterday.
    So glad my mojo is back! It certainly helps and keeps me motivated and on track.
    re only 1 Malteser – yes true tale!!
    I have iron willpower , at times.
    Alas the will power is a lot of a diva – appears very infrequently, doesn’t stay long but when it’s around it’s awesome!!
    @flourbaby, your posts make me laugh😀😀 We may both be greedy twins! My eating habits have NOT been moderate pre 5:2 – hence the need for this WOL.
    @johnnyr good to hear from you again👍
    @jessyoursize – many many thanks in anticipation for hosting November. What is it they say – if you want something done, get a busy person to do it!👏👏🌹
    @saffy420 many thanks for herding we cats in October.
    I for one find this forum ABSOLUTELY essential in keeping me on track, and so well supported by the kind kind people who populate it.💐
    It is currently cold, miserable and blowing a gale but I am off tiger-hunting in my back yard.🌬💨💨
    Hope to work up a sweat getting rid of a jungle of weeds and then planting some veggies. Unless I get blown straight down to the South Pole!💦🐅⛏

    Day 27, Mountaintop PA, NFD

    @doffodil2010 Good job with your 142.7. You could be “in the zone”, which is my sweet spot too. Love this WOE.

    Day 28, FD

    We’re flying home from our All Inclusive holiday today. No idea how bad the damage will be when I step on the scales tomorrow, but I’ll start making up for it with a FD today.

    Day 28 – Japan – NFD 80.8kg

    I was really busy yesterday and really didn’t even notice my fast. Maybe that is the way to be, but without the teenage daughter issues.

    @bigviking – Good luck with the scales! At least if you did gain some you had a good reason.

    Day 28 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD
    October goal: 140lbs
    Current Weight: 141.7lbs 😀😀😀

    Happy dance this morning for my “official” weigh in – though I am on and off those scales regularly, the Saturday morning weigh in lets me know how on track I am.
    So I have lost 2.25 lbs since last week, and I think it’s about 5 or 6 lbs in total for October.

    This WOL is amazing, and this forum is just what is needed to keep me reigned in.
    @steffieagle hopefully I am in the sweet spot zone 😊

    Today though is also my day for not counting calories, for eating full irish breakfast and later drinking alcoholic beverages, and relaxing 🍷🍺.
    There are steaks, rosemary potatoes, turnip and gravy for dinner, Bramley apple tart with cream for dessert, a selection of wines to wash it down.

    Tomorrow afternoon I will reset (DH is in work from 13:00 hours) so I may try to fast…but definitely two FD’s Monday and Tuesday. I will ignore the Halloween trick or treat sweeties on Tuesday.

    Happy weekend all.
    @jessyoursize thank you for hosting November. It’s much appreciated.

    Day 28 UK NFD

    Day 28, Newcastle UK, NFD

    Really enjoyed the lovely weather yesterday and after my job in the morning I carried on in our own gardens and have got them tidied for winter. A few gaps could do with some winter colour – any excuse to buy more plants!

    Happy & safe travels @RedRockGirl502. Glad you enjoyed your staycation @camcd – it’s a strange feeling knowing you are heading into Summer as we head into Winter. It’s also good to appreciate where we live – sometimes we can take that for granted. Good to hear from you @johnnyr. Whilst you might think ‘well she would say that’ – I actually have been thinking of you in the last week – along with a number of our cyber friends who are taking some time out from the forum. @keetseel & @lynzm amongst others. You hit the nail on the head @EmmaTaylor – this journey/WOL will never end and it’s our choice to live it. So long as we never quit, we can cope with our occasional blips. That’s life. @annemarilyn – whilst I’ve travelled fairly extensively, I’ve never been to The Canaries or Madeira – so very excited. I love the Spanish language too and your comment has prompted me to get out our language CDs and get some practice in beforehand. @steve Toon Taxi Driver – on the contrary – you shouldn’t feel like you’re imposing yourself. The islands depend so much on tourism and are happy to see the cruise ships visiting. They’re more important than ever right now. We enjoyed our Caribbean cruise on P&O Azura last November and I remember St. Martin’s well. I bet you are having a wonderful time – the entertainment on P&O is superb. @fatrabbit – cheese! Yep – I can empathize with your dilemma. In our household it’s that chicken and egg question. What comes first the cheese or the red wine…… @jessyoursize – Thank you!!! – @lilymartin – you took the words right out of my mouth. @saffy420 – thank you so much for leading us through this month xx

    OK – let’s have a great weekend. Together we are stronger.

    Day 28 Wales NFD

    Enjoy the weekend everyone!

    Day 28 Belfast NFD
    Just starting to catch up. Sober October is out of the window completely. My problem with sweets and alcohol is an all or nothing mentality.
    Will read the three pages I’ve missed later when I’ve time. Skimmed this page.
    Many thanks @jessyoursize for hosting. Could I ask you to copy the spreadsheet then post it online? It’s been running from my drive for the last few months and I should hate anything to happen to it. Hosting is very rewarding. You really get to know folks and share their trials and tribulations.
    @dykask teenage woes are such a stressful time. I used to wonder what went wrong between that love chubby toddler with the big smile and the gangly grumpy teenager. Hopefully it’ll pass soon. Growing up is so hard and pressured these days.
    @coda hope all is well with you. Xo

    Back on the wagon tomorrow.
    Have a good day everyone

    Day 28 – USA – NFD

    Lost 1 lb. last week, so now 167.6, a tiny bit under my goal for October. I don’t have any fast days scheduled for the rest of the month, so I think I’ll post that as my final weight.

    Day 28…….Florida……FD

    Yesterday, ended up a pretty good day and the scales were kind to me this morning. I do have to work this morning, hopefully, we are not slamming. I’m hoping for a nice controlled day today.

    @dykask……. I raised two teenagers, so I’m hoping this piece of info helps. They do eventually come out the other side with the respect and morals you instilled in them since birth. Right now, she’s just testing her boundaries as a semi adult and learning the world around her as a adult. This is a difficult time as she is no longer a child but not quite a full blown adult. The best advice I can give you, is take her out just you and her get to know her as a young adult, talk to her as if she is a young adult. Ask her about her dreams and hopes, her philosophy on life and the world around her. You be amazed.

    I saw a little stiletto of a man, he’s on the loose, he’s on the loose carrying a can of fandango

    Day 28 UK NFD
    @jessyoursize, many thanks for volunteering to host November for us all. Probably November and December with all the food challenges and celebrations are the hardest months.

    Had a lovely day yesterday, met up with my oh and his work colleagues for drinks (lots of them), then tapas and champagne – I haven’t drunk that much alcohol for ages, suffice to say I enjoyed myself a little too much and feel a bit rough today. Doing it all again later when we’re meeting up with friends for the second celebration of the weekend. The cake I brought is beautiful but I suspect it will have an impact on my month end weight, so I’m not braving the scales till Tuesday morning to see what October brings.
    @stevetoontaxidriver, you’re on the cruise 🚢 we have pencilled in for 2019.
    @at – you’re a real inspiration, keeping in maintenance for so long. Thanks for reminding us all of what’s possible. That goes for everyone in maintenance- by posting regularly you reinforce that this is a sustainable WOL.
    @redrockgirl502, have a fab time in Austria. Sachertorte mmmmm.
    @metatauta – Way to go, meeting October goal with room to spare.
    @daffodil2010- another person going great.
    @strawberries and cream – I’ve had my ups and downs this month but it’s been fun hosting. It’s meant that I’ve “had”to come onto the forum regularly so when I’ve been down I’ve received amazing support. It’s kept me on the right track. For the first time ever, I’ve been really stressed and haven’t turned to cakes and biscuits to help.

    Have great weekend everyone.

    Second post

    @jarbia – good luck for your OH’s results. You’ve truly got a handle on this WOL with your holiday weight. Well done you!
    @strawberriesandcream – what a show! I went to bed with a wonderful glow!
    @Redrockgirl – have a ball and safe travelling!
    @EmmaTaylor – no shame! Tomorrow’s a new day.
    @aljomisaza and @at – happy anniversary!
    @molij – I think clothes at the truest gauge of success. Well done!
    @fatrabbit – your tales make all your animals seem so real to me!
    @jessyoursize – just a suggestion as you’ve a lot on. If I delete anyone who hasn’t used the spreadsheet, and start a new page, then anyone can add their own name and save you work?
    @daffodil2010 – I’m envious of your itinerary. Sounds wonderful and you’re doing so many things I’d love to do!
    @bigviking – safe travelling!

    Onwards and downwards 😃

    Day 28, London, UK, NFD

    I’m not too sure what I’m doing at the moment!!!! I can’t seem to rein in the sugar/flour dragon, I’ve slacked off on the drowning part and I’m constantly hungry!!! Except I KNOW it’s thirst, but I’m using it as an excuse to eat anything & everything I fancy!!!!
    My B2B2Bs go relatively well but they aren’t a cure for an uncontrolled weekend!!! Working part time and having a 4 day weekend certainly has it’s pros & cons. I know 1 or 2 slip ups doesn’t make for a disastrous month, but the finish line is sooooo close, but my goal weight isn’t!!

    Whew!!! – Rant complete, (TOM brain fog) now thinking positively, at least the red-wine dragon has taken a well-deserved holiday!!

    I haven’t caught up on posts, but I hope everyone is doing well whether fasting or staying controlled.

    Day 28 USA (travel to IL) – NFD

    It’s been a wonderful time with DD and 2 adorable GD’s for a fabulous visit. Utah is a very nice place. We went to an excellent Utah Symphony concert last night starring 4 Broadway Divas who sang some of our favorite ‘show tunes.’ I’ve been singing Broadway songs since I was a little girl, so it was really fun.

    Must run – will try to catch up on reading posts later on.

    Onward and downward,

    Day 28, Gozo Malta, nfd

    Have a great weekend everyone. Tomorrow is my granddaughter s birthday party. I’ll fast Monday Tuesday and Wednesday as usual. Jessyoursize thanks for hosting the November challenge and please count me in. I enjoy reading all posts, need the accountability and still need to lose a couple of kilos.

    Onwards and downwards

    Aljomizasa and At happy anniversary.

    Day 28, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Thanks for the good travel wishes @songbirdme, @at, @saffy420, @debster251, @strawberriesandcream.

    I have to finish packing now, what a pain 😨😰😵. My dog was packing some of his chewy bones into my suitcase, so cute! 🐕💟😍

    Later I am going to relax while hiking with DH in beautiful fall weather. I might not see the sun very often in Vienna in November and December. Perhaps in Venice. 😊😊😊

    Goal is maintaining as best as I can doing 16:8 but will enjoy Austrian and Italian cuisine! 😄😄😄
    By the way @debster251, I am also an all or nothing girl. 😅😅😅

    Thanks for hosting October @saffy420. And thank you @jessyoursize for taking on November. 🌺🌻🌼🌷🌸

    Have a good Saturday everyone! I am very glad to be part of this wonderful group! 😊⚘😊⚘😊⚘😊⚘😊

    Day 28, US, NFD

    Thanks for hosting Saffy420, and thanks to Jessyoursize for picking it back again next month. Almost there!

    Day 28 North Wales NFD

    Day 28 – McMinnville Oregon USA – NFD
    I had a good FD yesterday, stayed around 500 cals.

    Day 28, S Wales, NFD/16:8

    Some extreme gardening today, hope this counts as exercise! Off for a few days now, so will check in on the 31st for the final weigh-in.

    Day 28 – Cumbria UK- NFD

    Had an excellent FD yesterday – eventually broke my fast at lunchtime with light lunch out with friends.
    I did need that FD as had overindulged on most of my NFDs last week – Weight this morning 54.3kg/119.7lbs – still below my 55kg target weight but I do prefer being under the 54kg mark at the end of the week – trying to have a controlled day today and tomorrow!

    @onedayordayone – well done on dispatching that 5lbs so far this month!
    @camcd – great job on your staycation – enjoying life and losing some lbs at the same time – I never visited the Gold Coast when I lived in Australia but planning on visiting next year – I have a friend who lives there now so will be visiting her in either January or April next year – looking forward to that very much.
    @lilymartin – your tigers story reminded me about our “snow tigers” when our DD was learning to ski as a toddler and had a tumble it was the snow tigers that got her 😄Funny how we all seem to have days where our will power is amazingly strong and on other days it is non existent!!!!
    @bigviking – hope Cruella was not too unkind to you after your holidays 😟
    @dykask – all teenagers give their parents some worries but if it is any consolation most of them grow up to be amazing young adults – all you can do is be there for them and be consistent in your approach x
    @daffodil2010 – great job so far in making those lbs disappear for the month
    @Strawberriesandcream – it was a glorious Autumn day yesterday wasn’t it ☀️
    @metatauta – 👍 coming in under your October Goal
    @saffy420 – enjoy celebrating with your OH his retirement with no guilt – you know you can press that RESET button after the weekend celebrations are done!
    Thank you for your kind words – When I started on this journey I would not have believed that this WOL would let me lose weight and then maintain that loss whilst still enjoying my treats of 🥂🍷🍰(I just don’t have them everyday or in the same quantities as before!!!!) and if I have a few over indulgent days I press my RESET button firmly with a FD, sometimes doing 4:3 for a week to get me back on track – how wonderful is that 😌
    @flourbaby – Together we can help keep you on track – amazing support and hugs available on this forum – just keep checking in when you are feeling a bit tempted 😣
    @songbirdme – sounds like you had a wonderful family visit – precious times!
    @anna6 – Happy birthday to your granddaughter – how old? Thank you for your anniversary wishes for Wednesday

    3 more days until the end of this October 2017 31 day challenge – It has gone fast!!!!

    We have missed some our friends – some of our regular monthly challenge members who have not posted for a while @keetseel @lynzm @coda and @ciren2 🤗and others like @louis05 @erika45 @tenoro @rox @ellie-rainbow @lmrenfrey @bethwhite2909 how are you all doing?
    @bethwhite2909 & @rhody87 @happy-go-lightly and anyone else I might have missed – you were newbies this month – hope you are still around??
    Hope to see some of you in the November Challenge that @jessyoursize has kindly volunteered to host – she will be posting details soon so look out for it and maybe join us and set yourselves a mini challenge to meet before the festive season…….TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER

    “Falling down is part of life. Getting back up is living”

    Day 28 California NFD

    I gained a pound after having sushi for dinner last night. It was all the soy sauce and wasabi, no doubt. Pacing myself today because we’re going out to dinner for my sister’s BD tonight, most likely to a favorite Italian restaurant.

    @daffodil2010, congrats on the the weight loss this month. You’re doing a great job! I’ve been following your progress since you’re close to me on the spreadsheet. What’s a “full Irish breakfast” that you refer to in your post?

    @redrockgirl302, Happy Travels! Your trip sounds wonderful!

    Day 28 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Going for a controlled NFD on this glorious sunny fall day. It’s been perfect for the celebration of the life of a dear man – friend, fellow worshiper, phenomenal community contributor, father, husband, and more.

    Day 28 – ABQ – NFD

    Today went really well, very controlled day even with all the candy and the carnival!

    @Desbster251, I’ll save a copy to my drive and share that one 😊 we shouldn’t have fear of losing it unless something happens to google since it should be hosted on several drives. I actually just finished removing the names that were left blank for October. Great minds 😜

    I’ll have the new sheet & challenge posted on the forum shortly!

    Day 29 CD country West Australia
    well the will power was a REAL diva yesterday, barely showing up.
    So 1 Malteser earlier in the week but…..20 chocolate coated almonds yesterday!! @flourbaby – who’s the greedy twin???
    I am hoping the extreme gardening ,like @lynned, worked at least a few of them off.
    The back yard is now at least visible .
    I found no tigers in the garden but thought I heard a muffled roar somewhere further down the back amongst the remaining weedy jungle. Another day of weeding awaits after early church.
    Go well all.

    Day 29 CD country West Australia
    Well the will power yesterday was a real diva – barely showing up.
    So 1 Malteser earlier in the week turned into 20 chocolate coated almonds yesterday!
    Who’s the greedy twin @flourbaby???
    I am hoping that a few hours extreme gardening, like@LynneD, managed to get rid of at least a few of them.
    The backyard is now visible. No tigers were found but I distinctly thought I heard a muffled roar coming from the remaining weedy jungle further back.
    More weeding awaits after early church.
    Go well all.

    Day 29 NFD country West Australia
    Have tried to post twice but they are ending up in. the ether!

    Okay final post for today!

    I’ve set up the November Challenge, here is the link:

    And here is the link to the NEW spreadsheet:

    I’ve copied all the active names from October so if you don’t see your name on the list, I may have removed you due to zero activity on the sheet for October. I would be happy to add you back in though, or feel free to do so yourself!

    For the sake of having a backup, this is a NEW copy of the October sheet, so any updates on October’s sheet will not be in it (as of Oct. 28, 2017, 19:30 MST) and the old sheet won’t have any of this new November data.

    ***So please use the link above for NOV!***

    Day 27/CD 16:8
    DAY 28/NFD
    DAY 29/16:8 CD/ Melbourne Australia

    It’s been a very hectic few days, massive spring clean, gardening, socialising and caring for grand-children. All good for the waistline but not for keeping up with posts. Looking forward to a nice cup of tea, feet up and a leisurely few hours of quiet catching up now everyone’s gone. Warm and blustery day here in Melbourne. Spring has definitely arrived.

    Hope everyone is enjoying a restful and healthy weekend.

    Day 29 – Japan – NFD 82.0kg

    I thank people for her for their advice. I know that it will work out, somehow. Although it will be better once my wife calms down a bit about our daughter’s behavior. It seems that my daughter is at least somewhat ashamed by her behavior.

    Day 28 – NFD
    Day 29 – NFD

    Thank you to all for you good wishes. DH and I are enjoying a lovely weekend on the Sunshine Coast @camcd, although we do love the Gold Coast…who wouldn’t? We have three weeks in January at Talle.
    Our Italian dinner on Friday nigh for our anniversary was amazing and I regret nothing 😊 The rest of the weekend we have been eating well while still being sensible. I guess the scales will tell me how sensible when I jump on on Tuesday morning!!
    Thank you @jessyoursize for volunteering to host November, this is my first month on this forum and I have loved catching up with “new friends” all over the world. It is encouraging to know we all experience similar struggles and can celebrate our successes together.

    Thanks @saffy420 for hosting this month and allowing me to be a part of the group.


    Day 29, Norway, NFD

    Phew, October has just flown by! I can`t say I have been very diligent. But I have had far more fast days than last month at least, and I have been fasting every week.

    Last week, on friday, I came home exhausted from work. And emptied the house of anything sweet or salty, and even had pizza. The shame! When I start eating I really cant stop, if I have some chocolate Ill finish the whole thing. So while at that guilt trip, I decided to cut the snacks for a month, as clearly my sugar cravings are out of control and I just cant stop. The goal is to be able to have a few pieces and then feel satisfied. And so far, so good! I havent touched the stuff and I feel really good about it.

    I also had a long thought of why I really do this. I am so sick of not liking my body, feeling guilty when I eat etc.. I just want to be comfortable in my own skin, and it all starts with my mind. I enjoy fasting so I will continue for sure. But I am going to try and stop feeling guilty and just do the things I know will make me feel good, like avoiding overeating on snacks and continue with exercising. It will take time, but I am determined to stop waiting till I reach a certain size to feel good about myself, and rather appreciate the things I do to feel better.

    I havent weighed myself, but taken measures of my waist, hips and thighs. Happy to report that 3.5 cm is gone. Its not a lot, but I feel really good about it and it insipires me to continue next month with fasts and no sweets, and hopefully more exercise as a UTI infection and a cold has kept me back this month. I am altogether 6-7 cm away from my target, so I should be happy!

    All the best from winterland!

    Day 29 UK NFD

    back under eleven stone after a much more controlled day. lots of work to do so must dash.

    Day 29. Belfast on a bright and sunny morning CD
    @jessyoursize – yes, great minds. As one of our Fellow Fasters said, ‘if you want something done, ask a busy woman!’
    @aljomisaza – Edith Piaf had it right … ‘Je ne regrette rien’!
    @afridgetoofar – your post resonates with me and I’m sure many of us. No shame or guilt. I’m an all or nothing girl and find I go mad once I open the door for that sugar dragon. Clear the decks and start again. Well done on your inches loss. You’ve had such success!

    Having let my hair down for two days, I’m going to be good today.

    This morning I’ll go for a long walk along the beach. With blue skies and a slight frost, it’s a good to be alive day!

    Keep your eyes on the prize!

    Day 29, Newcastle UK, NFD

    @Fridgetoofar – thank you for your well timed, thoughtful and insightful post. Along with @Aljimosaza’s mantra DISCIPLINE, NOT DESIRE DETERMINES YOUR DESTINATION, I’ve given myself a good talking to and plan to finish the month with a B2B FD Monday/Tuesday no more than 500 cals. This was a successful process for me earlier in the year so no more messing about and just do it.

    Whilst I can’t promise no alcohol in November, I must for the sake of my health get it back in control. @at – you have this WOL totally sussed and I guess discipline is the answer. Again, I managed to control it earlier this year, so I’ve no excuses other than my current lack of discipline.

    @fatrabbit – congratulations.

    It’s a lovely sunny day today for my Dad’s 79th birthday. SIL is making cake so I shall enjoy a modest slice.

    “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” – Confucius (551-479 BC), philosopher

    Perth, Western Australia
    Day25 – NFD
    Day26 – NFD
    Day27 – NFD
    Day28 – FD
    Day29 – FD
    Just catching up on everyone’s posts. Will definitely be trying that chicken soup recipe @big_bill, although I’ll probably add some hot chillies.
    Had a week with lots of eating out but managed to control the calories in most of my other meals to stay within TDEE on NFDs. With only a couple of days left, I doubt I’ll hit this month’s goal, but the old jeans fit! And the dress I want to wear to my cousins wedding in 2 weeks almost fits too.
    I’m so pleased with having lost 11.5kg since I started 5:2 that I booked a Bali holiday yesterday and am looking forward to going swimsuit shopping! Not quite confident enough for a bikini but still… 
    I honestly couldn’t have done it without these forums though. I’m more of a stalker than a contributor as I really don’t feel like I have much to say that will help, but reading of all of your experiences and advice really makes a difference. Thank you so much for your support, even if it is indirect. You are all legends!

    Day 29 Wales NFD

    Too much wine last night = headache and slow start this morning. Wondering about a dry November – we’ll see if I’m still keen when the head clears. At least my food choices were good.

    Happy Sunday!

    Day 29, London, UK, FD

    Thanks @at for the reassurance, I’ve firmly pressed that reset button this morning, I’ve calculated and logged this weeks meals with a little allowance for ‘treats’ but I’ll see how that goes, ‘cause I’m a bit all or nothing, so maybe ‘nothing’ would be the way to go this week until I regain some control!!!!

    There seems to be a leaning towards self-sabotage for a few of us at the moment……… Aaah the highs & lows of 5:2!!!! I see some of us are on the same page after over-indulging………………..I’m shouting at myself too – just pull your finger out and get on with it!!!!!

    This WOL really isn’t difficult at all, but self-sabotaging at the moment is soooo much easier!!!! Back on the wagon!!!

    Day 29, UK, FD
    Day 2 of b2b, trying to counter the all inclusive holiday… weigh in this morning was up 2.2kg / 5lb from the 20th. Ouch! October will not have been good. Off on work travel again later today, so won’t be able to weigh in again until Friday. So I won’t close October until November 3rd, which gives me hope that I’ll at least get back to where I stared the month!

    Looks like there’s only one way I will get to my target weight and that is another Dry Wino challenge. Oct 28 until Dec 1st. Anyone with me?

    Day 29…..Florida……NFD

    Let’s first say, I’m sorry this maybe a long chapter…….

    Today, is my official 1 year mark on 5:2. I can not believe it. 1 full year, no breaks, no gives ups and no I can’t do this anymores. It’s astonishing what can be accomplished in time with love, support and encouragement. I thank you all for that!

    When I startedI weight 165lbs, the highest weight that I’ve ever been. I felt horrible in my own skin. Then in one of my depressed cant get out of my own way moments, I stumbled on to Dr. Mosley’s documentaries, bored and out of touch I watch the whole darn thing. Then I did 2 weeks of solid research on the subject. Sept 7th was my first attempt. Lasted three days……Oh my word! Why in the hell would anyone do that to themselves! Ugg! Let’s just drive right back into hating myself because I was fat mode! Because after all that was easy….right! Damn, I was a lazy girl!

    Jump ahead to Oct…… candy, candy, candy with a side of oh my gosh, I ripped a pair of pants trying to get my fat arse into them. Break down in the closet. Let’s just ripped all the cute to small clothes of hangers, throw them on the floor, walk on them…. after all it was there fault, I was 50lbs heavier than ive ever wanted to be.

    Next day, holy war zone in the closet…. it took hours to clean up the mess…..Oh my I still have a mess in the rest of the house too…… Clean, clean, clean and some more for the sake of it. Now, let’s make dinner, I’m tired, not hungry and fat.
    Sitting down with the family, getting ready to eat that first bite.
    LIGHT BULB moment!!!!!
    This is the first meal, you’ve had all day!!!!!! Chili was on the menu! Only eat 1/2 the bowl only eat two slices of fresh homemade bread! Pass on desert!
    Holy Moly! I did a FD without realizing it!
    Holy crap!!!

    Skip a day! Monday morning….. okay girl let’s try a FD again……. work, work, work, cukes for lunch, work, work, work. I only have a small slice, no potatoes please, heap those veggies on……. dinner! FD #2 done…..

    Finally, the house settles for the moment…. brain says Hey, girlfriend, if this is going to work you need some help! Doesn’t Dr. Mosley have a website with real time forum….. This one look interesting…… tomorrow, I’ll just put it out there see what happens.

    Hi, I’m fat and tired of being this way…. help?!? Hi and welcome! Is the response I received. I’m home!

    1 year in and 35lbs lighter and each and every one of you are responsible for my success. I love you all more than words can express. You were my saving grace when I was drowning.

    Thank you!

    I’ll see you all in Nov. well tomorrow too!

    I saw a little stiletto of a man, he’s on the loose, he’s on the loose carrying a can of fandango!

    Day 28 Massachusetts USA NFD
    Day 29 Massachusetts USA CD Congratulations @bert1802 You must feel so good! I loved your story of your meltdown! I haven’t seen who is hosting November but I’m in as I need the accountability and group support. I know this because I reached my goal in 2013, maintained it for 6 months, then by January of this year had put most of the weight back on. Now I’m down a size and 2 pounds from my goal!

    Day 29, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Off to the airport. Goal is maintaining within a 5 pound range. Weight as of this morning: 121.8. Like to come home under 125.
    @califdreamer: Thanks for the good travel wishes.
    No time to read posts now. All the best to everybody. 😊🌺😊🌼😊

    Day29 UK NFD

    @bert1802, that brought a tear to my eye. I think you’ve probably just summed up most people’s mindset at the start of the process. We all come to it in our own ways but for us all there’s been a lightbulb moment.

    Aiming for a controlled day today, I have a nice chicken roasting and will have lots of veggies. Possibly a couple of roasties as well as my OH thinks Sunday dinner isn’t complete without roast potatoes and I think it’s a waste of the oven just to cook one portion. Tomorrow will be FD, hopefully. We’re going to the cinema to watch the new Blade Runner film, I don’t recall ever going to the pictures and not snacking. Still you need to try everything at least once. So I’ll stick to a bottle of Diet Coke.

    Have a happy healthy Sunday everyone.

    Day 29, US, NFD

    Great story Bert1802 – I think we can all relate to at least one aspect of that.

    Day 29 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Almost the end of October. Hoping to finish out well!

    @aljomisaza – glad you’re enjoying an anniversary weekend celebration. Congratulations!
    @tsubaki – congratulations on shedding 11.5 kg & that more clothes are fitting! Good for you!
    @bert1802 – hooray! Glad you’re with us on the journey!
    @Mogamon – @jessyoursize is hosting the November challenge. She already has it up. https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/november-2017-challenge/

    @redrockgirl302 – enjoy your travels! Austrian & Italian cuisine sounds wonderful! Sounds like your doggie wants to go too – making his contribution to your suitcase.

    Day 29 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Late check in today as I have spent many hours in my garden getting ready for Winter and Spring as it gets darker an hour earlier today. I hate when the clocks go back. Great that the mornings are brighter again, but boo that it’s going to be dark at 5pm. Anyway,I loved every minute out there today as its a wonderful sunny day and I love to garden.

    I had breakfast with DH but nothing more since then. I plan to make BigBills chicken noodle soup for dinner. However, there is a half full bottle of red wine, half a Cadbury Crunchie bar, and a packet of cheese & onion crisps that are currently calling my name…telling me I deserve them after all my hard work today. Argh, begone 😱

    @califdreamer a full Irish breakfast generally consists of at least 2 pork sausages, bacon, black and white pudding, fried eggs. Sometimes baked beans, sometimes mushrooms. I dare not calculate the calories involved in that 😆

    Only a couple of days left. Keep on keeping on

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