No more guilt.

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  • Hi, I have been intermittent fasting for 4 weeks now and love it. Having dieted for years and always end up putting it all back on I like the control that IF gives you. For 2 days a week I need to think about my day but for the rest I can forget calories, points etc. I have found my appetite has settled and I no longer have the lows and highs of craving food because nothing is forbidden you find you don’t crave it as much. I have lost 9 lbs and I am the lightest I have been in 5 years. So my main gain losing the guilt of dieting. I think this is a way of life and feel it is something I can maintain easily.

    i so agree with u. i’m no longer a prisoner 2 diets 4ever & 4ever. limiting calories & guilt to infinity. thanks so much michael 4 everything. i wish 2 everyone the same joy!!!!

    i have now lost 20 pounds since march 2 wish u success

    I agree with the others ..It is great to live without guilt and still lose weight 1 kg / week .. The best part is authorized to drop the calories so low (500 kcal).. Not hungry, but happy !!

    Hello all,
    what I was initially struggling with was going mad on non-fast days. After two months it suddenly clicked that the food isn’t going anywhere and I can now just eat what I need to. It was less overcoming guilt than learning to listen to my body.

    Now I eat only when I’m hungry (but I eat what I want, some days that is a piece of chocolate 🙂 ) and if that means not being hungry until 2 pm after my usual breakfast the day after a fast day (shrunken stomach, I think), then I just eat an apple and wait for dinner. I know when I eventually get to dinner it’s going to taste so fine! I no longer pick when cooking either (because you can’t do that on a fast day). I have found the discipline of 500 calories on a fast day has now flowed over to the other days.

    So if anyone else out there is struggling with pigging out on non-fast days, don’t beat yourself up about it (and no guilt!), go with the flow, just listen to your body and it will come (took me 2 months).

    I love this way of eating and I love my new shape. I also love my slim husband, who at the end of October is going to have his bloods done again, hopefully showing some good changes on a biochemistry level. I am confident that 5:2 means I won’t become a ‘salami widow’.


    it is so true the no guilt

    “I won’t become a ‘salami widow’”???

    Hi, wiltldnrUSA and DulceBrisa – I’m assuming a ‘salami widow’ is someone whose husband has become overweight, ill and dead from eating too much fatty, processed foods. Apologies if my imagination is too vivid but great good news, DulceBrisa, that you and your husband are both getting slim, new shapes. And it’s really good to hear about the timescale you needed to get properly adjusted to your new way of eating – 2 months. I hope that will inspire others to be patient with themselves and to persevere. Bravo! Best wishes for continuing good health and success.

    Yes, Jeanius, a salami widow is someone whose husband ate too much of his beloved prosciutto, salami, hams, etc. with the results you could expect. Not worried about becoming a salami widow now. (And yes, it is a vivid and somewhat gruesome expression but it was the only way I could get my husband to go from salami to overweight/hypercholesterolaemia to dead!)

    Have had to postpone a fast day for the first time and it feels weird to eat on a Monday!

    I am new to 5:2, but from what I have read am looking forward to the freedom from the constant “diet/binge/lose/gain” cycle trap so many of us fall into.
    I can’t wait for food not to be an issue for me, to not constantly think about it, the power it has over you, worrying about calories, the gulit, the obsession. I cant wait for food to become just that …Food. Fuel, nourishment and nothing more.

    Hi all, I am very heartened to read your posts. After losing and gaining weight many times – Atkins / Weightwatchers / Low-carb etc etc, I am beginning the 5:2 adventure tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to not having to constantly obsess about what I eat. I hope to say goodbye to the lbs and the guilt! Wish me luck 🙂


    I have been doing this diet for 4 weeks initially the fast days are difficult I do mine Monday and Tuesday and have been aa yo-yo dieter all my life , I have a new freedom from food im in control now and it feels amazing I only eat on normal eating days when im hungry I listen to my body ,the fast days get easier and I look forward to having the freedom to not think about food . I have lost 6lb so far but only get on the scales every 2 weeks as I can get frustrated with the numbers I want to lose another 10lb then keep it off forever its not a quick fix its a way of life . Irish eyes you might find the first few weeks a trial but stick with it drink lots of water on fast days and listen to your body dont worry about feeling hungry that goes away, on fast days now I dont even feel hungry. Good luck and welcome to a great forum.

    Wow, that sounds great that the overeating might go away on its own. I am on my third week, and don’t have any major struggle on the fasting days–they were way easier than I imagined. I have struggled more on the “eating” days to keep to a reasonable calorie count. Calories add up so quickly!! It doesn’t even feel like I’m being that “bad” but I can see on myfitnesspal that it is adding up and going over my TDEE. I started doing a 4:3 to make up for the bad days–now, I am replacing a “higher” calorie day with another fasting day, and the scale is moving. Down 6 pounds in 3 weeks, with no loss my first week when I did only a 5:2. I don’t think I’m someone who can eat “whatever” on my eating days, unfortunately. Hopeful, though, that cravings for bad stuff and willpower to avoid them will grow in the coming weeks. Thanks for the positive viewpoint!

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