No breakfast, or more like less brekkie – appears to be helping

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No breakfast, or more like less brekkie – appears to be helping

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  • I can’t speak for anyone else and I can’t make recommendations for anyone else, this is my experience thus far = reducing my breakfast appears to really help lower my appetite.

    I am still having coffee with skimmed milk (probably 150 kcals). I have spoken to others and they have said stopping breakfast caused them to gain weight so I am sure this doesn’t apply to all, and I haven’t yet done this for long enough to assess if there is a rebound effect, maybe it’s the novelty factor of doing something new, but currently though less breakfast is equaling reduced appetite and weirdly, less fatigue.

    I’ve tried every breakfast known to mankind and all cause me to sort of wake up my appetite. So I can’t blame it on the nutritional content of my previous breakfasts. I thought I would share as it’s something positive πŸ™‚

    Same thing happened to me, I used to eat breakfast every single day but after starting 5:2 I noticed my fast days are easier: less appetite, no hunger pangs if I skip breakfast. I have lost 18 pounds (my goal) in 4 months and I’m now in maintainance and so far, this is continuing to work for me.

    I’ve never liked eating breakfast and much prefer just coffee with soy creamer in the morning. Every so often when I’ve been guilted into eating “the most important meal of the day” it only makes me hungrier earlier and I end up eating more for lunch. Or eating before lunch. Eating breakfast makes it more difficult for me to lose weight. So I’m with you, Bingeingqueen. It gives me another fasting period on NF days, from about 7:00 or 8:00 the night before, til noon the next day.

    Hi I also find that if I eat breakfast I’m hungry around 11am. I prefer to skip breakfast so my fasting period is 16 hours from last meal in the evening to 12 noon the next day. I’m not hungry (day 4) and it suits me. I’m also limiting myself to 2 meals (non processed food) low carb with no snacks. Let’s see how I get on.

    Thank you for sharing! I also posted on other threads and others have mentioned being better jot having breakfast.

    I think narrowing the eating window is helpful.

    I have coffee with cream and honey on my fasting days and find I don’t really get hungry until the late afternoon. Likewise I find eating breakfast only stimulates my hunger, not quell it.

    I have always found it very easy to skip breakfast but the world seems to be full of people who think that is bad for you. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one.

    Hi penguin,

    The concept of having three meals a day is a very new thing and has no basis in science. It was started by breakfast cereal companies in the middle of the last century. The concept of having breakfast cereal goes back to the beginning of the last century and was started by a VERY disturbed individual called Dr Kellogg. Eating cereal would eliminate ones natural urges to “pleasure” oneself. Weird but true. So the next time youre having your cornflakes think again. Short story, eat when your hungry.

    On those occasions that I do have breakfast the only cereal I ever eat is porridge, made with those large un-powdered oats and not until I am thoroughly awake. I suppose it is breakfast in that I am breaking my fast, but I have been up and about for some hours. Reading the contents lists on the back of cereal packets should cure anybody of the idea that they are healthy.

    Good to read not alone on this one and er, thanks booty for the interesting info about the true purpose of breakfast.

    I have to say if I haven’t eaten much the previous day I can wake hungry but any kind of grain, even porridge can just make me think “what’s for snack?” At 10.00 am. Whereas without brekkie, my stomach is rumbling (albeit earlier than with brekkie) at about 12.30 and I then want a savoury healthy meal to quell the hunger. Hunger and appetite are very different for me.

    Bigbooty, small price to pay to avoid going blind and having your hand fall off. πŸ™‚

    ha ha. πŸ™‚ Excuse me I need to have some cornflakes desperately.

    Shouldn’t bother. They don’t work.

    I’m comfortable not eating breakfast and for many years I only had coffee. There has been a lot of research recently on circadian clocks that shows our bodies have a master clock regulated by sun exposure and organ clocks regulated by when we eat. Synchronizing our clocks by eating in the AM and getting exposure to bright light and stopping eating at a relatively early time in the day on a consistent basis shows benefits similar to fasting in the studies.

    I’m experimenting with time restricted feeding over an 8-9 hour period. with my first meal around 8:00 AM. The catch is that anything other than water starts the clock, so coffee even black counts as food. Since I only have 8-9 hours to eat I have my first meal around 9:00. I usually eat 3 whole eggs scrambled in grass fed butter with lot’s of veggies and 1 small avocado. No hunger issues till late afternoon when I have a snack and dinner around 4:30. Only water to drink after. First week I lost 2.6 lbs and I feel great. (I’m 5′ 10″ and weigh 180 lbs)

    I’m planning on adding one water fast day into the routine this week.

    I never eat cereal so I guess that’s why I have such a powerful grip! LOL

    Dog, that is one of the most interesting things I have read on these sites since I started. You have my full attention. Unless it is a social event I usually eat my last meal at 6pm, so apart from eating breakfast it wouldn’t be too great a change. I’ll give it a go. Please keep us updated. History is my thing – I play medieval and renaissance music. What you describe is how our ancestors ate and until they discovered sugar and artificial light they were pretty healthy. (smallpox, typhoid and the plague aside)

    It really resonated with me too. Here is a great podcast with more info

    That was fascinating. Two intelligent people discussing a complex subject with no attempt to dumb it down. I only have 5 years of biology and that was a long time ago, so much of the pure science was beyond me. However, I understood enough to be convinced that this is worth a try. I will pass the link to my daughter, who does time restricted feeding, but doesn’t start until 4pm.

    Thanks Penguin for pointing me to this forum. So encouraging to find others of a similar nature to me. I used to NEVER eat breakfast and it wasn’t until my early 30s that I succumbed to the “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” mantra. For years I forced myself to eat breakfast, and as I still ate the rest of my meals normally, you can imagine the results. I now formally reject brekky which means my FDs are about 40 hours long, but that’s fine by me! And thanks Booty for the laugh – I knew there was a reason I never liked Kelloggs! πŸ™‚

    Week 2 results with time restricted eating. (actually 5 days) Lost 3.6 lbs (174.2 lbs) total loss 6.2 lbs in two weeks

    I eat a big meal shortly after getting up and exposing myself to bright sunlight and have my last meal no more than 10 hours later. Nothing but water after. No attempt to limit calories other than eating moderate fat & protein, low carb IE no starchy veggies or grains, and lots of high fiber veggies.

    I did one fast day this week 6 PM to 9 AM (39 hours). My first attempt at a “water fast”. Actually I cheated because I had several cups of black coffee in the morning. It was not too hard to do. I had the urge to taste food but physically not real hungry.

    I’m very excited and motivated to see what week three holds for me

    Diverdog, I know we call it a water fast but I permit myself tea and coffee when I am doing it. There are very few calories in black coffee and there is a lot of reliable recent research which suggests drinking it before exercise improves your performance and burns a few more calories.

    I’m not sure that I should say it on this thread, but yesterday I experimented with a large breakfast. (fruit and joghurt, bacon, egg, black pudding, toast marmalade). I had nothing else but tea/coffee during the day and never felt hungry. I also lost weight. I did, however, feel stuffed all morning. As long as it isn’t too early I can take a breakfast, but I am coming to the conclusion that coffee only, a very light early lunch and my main meal late afternoon or very early evening (say 5pm?) is the way to go. The difficulty is that social activity very often involves evening meals. This week I have a wedding anniversary and my birthday!

    OH and I haven’t had breakfast since we started 5:2 in April 2016. We just have two or three coffees and eat around 1.

    We realised that we were eating by the clock rather than hunger. Maintaining on 16:8 now.

    So interesting, thanks for sharing. I had lapsed and introduced creamy coffee and breakfast, and gets what? was seeking a snack by 9-10, another by 11 and ready for lunch at 12!

    Penguin you can say about your big breakfast! It’s hard to ascertain whether a breakfast is causing my overeating at the moment or if I’m hungrier therefore wanting breakfast. I am going back to the black coffee though had five days back on the snacking all day.

    I find mid afternoon I’m still getting tired though and suspected Iasn’t having enough for lunch, but even with adding more, still felt tired so think I sort of justified introducing breakfast again. Still tired in the afternoon! Oh I’m so know what you mean penguin, we’ve often had these chats on these forums, every occasion involves food. I also hate to stand out so like to be polite. Best to scour the menu prior and see if there are some lighter bites?

    Pollypenny glad the 16:8 is going well by the sounds of it, do you have cream in the coffee?

    I watched some but not all of the podcast, thank you!

    Diverdog well done with the fasting. I’m not sure I could do this, did you feel tired? and you see coffee as breaking the fast?

    I returned home last night from 6 days of hotel living, and six breakfasts. Sensible breakfasts: fresh fruit, some protein, small amount of bread. I am 6 lbs heavier. Alternatively it may have been the pre-dinner alcohol.

    For those of you that still think breakfast is important.

    Love it! It’s right on the money but has nothing to do with breakfast. Cereal will kill you no matter what time of the day you eat it.

    For years I didn’t eat breakfast because my eating schedule was tilted to eat late by habit. Dr Panda’s research convinced me that there are good scientific reasons to eat on an early schedule. My girlfriend and I shifted our eating pattern from late to early and have seen fat loss and much better sleep. She has also stopped getting acid reflux and has discontinued taking nexium.

    Obviously you need to limit calories to lose fat but I’m convinced that limiting the feeding window and synchronizing your first meal with strong sun exposure has significant additional benefits.

    I’m with you diverdog, penguin. I have had a few days recently waking at 6 and having breakfast at 6-6.30. I’ve then been finding I’m tired and lethargic by ten and seeking more food so have been having a sandwich … then by three pm, yep am tired and sluggish again reaching for another snack… and it goes on. It’s not just increased appetite I’m also really grumpy if I don’t eat regularly if I start the eating frequently.

    I haven’t got diabetes though, fortunately and had my hba1c tested and it was 27! So despite my bmi being the higher end of healthy it doesn’t look like my tendency to overeat is affecting my glycated haemoglobin.

    I think I have gained a few lbs this week.

    Tomorrow when I wake I have promised myself just a coffee….

    I haven’t had breakfast since we got back from the trip a week ago. First food has been around noon, last about 6pm. I haven’t fasted very strictly or been careful on non-fasting days but I have been losing weight steadily – not as much as when I fast seriously but a small loss every day. I have had a couple of hard fitness sessions in the morning and the lack of breakfast has made no difference. I was much taken with Diverdog’s thoughts on circadian clocks but, whilst I follow the logic, I don’t enjoy breakfast so it works better for me if I start later.

    Hi all! I’m back. I tried 5:2 years ago and while I loved the forum, couldn’t maintain. I didn’t have much weight to lose but wanted the health and to lose 8 pounds. I think it didn’t work because 2 meals of 500 calories seemed impossible. Recently I was introduced to eat stop eat. Fasting the same 2 days but eating your calories all at once is so much better! Once I lose the 8 pounds I would love to maintain with 16:8 which is essentially skipping coffee!

    I love breakfast, but it makes me hungry! I’m done. Coffee with cream and trying for coffee black on fast days. That’s it. Hope it works!!!!!

    Thx all for the support. I always loved this forum and have missed it!!!!!

    Welcome back, desperate. 500 calories on FD isn’t tied to only 2 meals. You can eat as many “meals” as you want as long as the days calories total 500. I usually go for 2 meals plus a snack. Meals might be something like a big green salad with a can of water packed Tuna mixed in – about 170 calories the way I make it. Or a pound of frozen broccoli spears microwaved with salt, pepper, lemon juice and herbs – around 150 calories. Or a can of soup that’s around 200 calories for the can. A snack might be a large apple. Beans, like no fat added refried beans are a frequent meal. I go for the most filing foods with low calorie counts that I can find. And I put hot sauce, like Tobasco sauce, on almost everything. It makes my taste buds feel like I’ve eaten something exciting. Lol! I don’t spend much time being hungry. 500 calories is doable.

    @bigbooty, thank you for posting that link. It would be funny if it weren’t so true. I think you would like this book:

    @bingeingqueen – what are you having for breakfast, those periods before tiredness/lethargy sound like blood sugar peaks and troughs…. Have you tried a carb free or very low carb day to see if that breaks the cycle. Do you have the same lethargy 3-4 hours later with a no-carb meal? A lot of the science of intermittent fasting is about insulin resistance and your bodies reaction to carbs? The clever guts stuff by Dr. Mosley also has some interesting comments around types of carbs and how the body handles them. Of course we are all different, and what works for one won’t work for others.

    Hi All,

    On the topic of no breakfast, have any of you looked at Brad Pilon’s book Eat Stop Eat? It’s a version of 5:2 in that it’s 2 day a week fasting, except you are having your 500 calories at one sitting in 24 hours. I.e.: you eat dinner 6pm and then you eat nothing until 6pm the next day. You could also do the same thing 1pm to 1pm for example. The reason I am mentioning is that I’m actually finding it a lot easier. There is no real tracking calories, you just stop eating and then eat normally. He gives a lot of science behind literally giving your. Odd a break from continuous eating. The side effect is weight loss so it’s a different approach. Personally he says it lowers glucose levels by fasting and since I recently discovered I’m pre diabatetic, in giving it a try. Please let me know if you or someone you know has had success with this type of fasting. Thx!!!!

    Haven’t read Eat Stop Eat, but for me dinner 1 night then eat normally the next night with nothing in between wouldn’t work as well. For 5:2, I do the same thing eg Eat dinner Sunday night, nothing till dinner Monday night of 350-500cals, then nothing till midday the Tuesday. 5:2 actually covers after dinner 1st night
    ,< 500-600cals next day (800 for the new version) then breaking the fast the next morning, so more than 24hrs.

    I’m on maintenance now and continue 5:2, but skip breakfast every NFD as well with first meal after 12 noon. I am forced to be sedentary by ill health and this helps me control my appetite.


    Hi Merryme,

    I’m so confused because you said that way of eating (skipping breakfast and breaking your fast in the evening, and then skipping breakfast the next day) wouldn’t work for you, but it sounds like it’s exactly what you are doing? that’s what I am currently doing too! on my non fast days I don’t eat until noon. then I eat lunch and dinner with an occasional snack if I’m hungry. Twice a week I only have liquids from the time I wake up until evening dinner.

    I am finding that its almost easier for me to stand the hunger when I forgo all eating, rather than rationing tiny meals to stay within the 500 on fast days…

    Hi DBD,
    My apologies if I didn’t explain very well. Also, remember I haven’t read Eat Stop Eat.

    I understood your explanation of the Eat Stop Eat fast as 23-24 hrs i.e. Say 6pm Sunday eat a meal, fast till 6pm Monday then continue eating as normal which to me then meant a normal calorie meal at that dinner, then breakfast, lunch etc the next day. Is that correct? I thought you were saying to do this 24hr fast on 2 days a week as a variation on 5:2. That programme of a full meal after 24 hrs then breakfast lunch the next day etc would not reduce calories enough for me to lose weight given I am sedentary.

    It seems we are misunderstanding each other – easy to do with the written word.

    On 5:2 the fasting is a 32hr fast, eg from evening meal on say Sunday to breakfast on Tuesday, and this 32hr fast is done twice a week. Other days are normal eating days.

    On 5:2 the “fast” is not a true fast but it is minimal calories. People are free to choose how many calories under a low limit. Some have no food on their Fast Days. On Fast Days 5:2ers can spread those minimal calories through the 32hrs how they like. I choose to have 360cals in 1 meal after a full 24hr fast then fast again till after midday on the following day so my fasting period adds up to 36-38hrs twice per week. Other 5:2ers will break their fast at breakfast the next morning having a 32hr fast and do that twice per week.

    Some 5:2ers choose to not have any calories on their fast days and only have no calorie fluids. If you find it easier to do that no worries. You are not required to have calories on Fast Days on 5:2.

    Those of us who have been on the forum long term (2 1/2 yrs for me). See patterns in peoples’ behaviour, food needs and responses to various things.

    Eg there is
    1. a group of peoplevwho can spread calories through a Fast Day(FD) with no worries.

    2. There’s another group who eat a small breakfast and small dinner, again no worries.

    3. A third group have a phenomenon we call “The Hunger Dragon” and use the term “waking the Hunger Dragon”. For these people they are not hungry on a FD till they eat something then their appetite comes roaring to life, and it’s hard not to keep eating or to restrict calories. i am one of these people and you may be too. This group handles it in 2 ways. They save all calories till late in the day and have them all at once, or, they have nothing but no-calorie fluids. I need the first optionand you appear to need the second option.

    I add to my 5:2 regime an eating window on my 5nonFast Days(NFD). I eat in an 8hr window starting at 12noon, 1pm, or 2pm, finishing at 8pm, 9pm, or 10pm respectively. I am sedentary by reason if a chronicchealth condition so can nit use up calories through exercise. I’ve found combining 5:2 with my no breakfast version of 16:8 on nonFDs worked for me to lose weight and works for me now on maintenance as well. Not having breakfast keeps my Hunger Dragon under control on those 5 days. I don’t overeat the rest of the day because of no breakfast.

    Hope this explains more clearly,

    @merry Really interesting post. I belong to the third category too. I usually have 2 fast days, I drink 1 cup of coffee with milk and less than 1/4th tsp sugar at about 7 am.Then 2 glasses of watered down buttermilk for lunch, then have an early dinner around 6pm of some vegetables and lentil soup. I make sure I drink about 3 litres of water everyday. I have also significantly cut down on my carb and sugar intake. Today is the first time i am doing a back to back fast and its going really well.
    I think skipping breakfast makes all the difference, I used to always make it a point to have a healthy breakfast but i noticed that it always made me super hungry by 10-11, then i would snack on everything i could lay my hands on and then overeat at lunch. There is always so much pressure to eat breakfast that its the most important meal in the day etc. I dont believe that anymore.

    Hi Merry and Rahul!

    Thanks so much for both explanations. I understand completely now and I’m just like you both. I find it easier
    To skip eating altogether on fast days and just drink liquids. I’m actually doing eat stop eat but it turns out to. E kind of 5:2. I will explain. I eat my last meal at 7 pm. Then eat nothing but coffee and liquids until 7pm the next day. I break my fast with 500 calorie meal and go to bed. Then I put off eating until noon the following day. So. I’m essentially “fasting” for the 36 hours but I find the fasting confusing bc of the 500 calories. It’s simply restricted eating. When I tried 5:2 a few years ago it didn’t work. I would eat a small breakfast but found myself obsessing over the 200 calorie meals and how to divide. I always seemed to blow it. I’m hoping this will work! Please help me. πŸ˜‰ I really only have about 8 pounds to lose. Which I know isn’t that much but they feel impossible to me. It just gets frustrating….

    Hi DBD and Rahul,

    Explanation of a”fast”:

    1. Normally “Fast” means no food and only no-calorie fluids e.g water, black weak tea – no milk sugar or honey,mineral water, sparkling mineral water etc.

    2. A 5:2 “fast” is a small amount of calories.

    Dr Michael Moseley did a documentary on fasting research a few years back. He is a Dr who works in medical journalism. Fasting research has been going on internationally to find out more about overcoming things like high blood sugar, diabetes, heart disease, stroke etc (outcomes of the challenges of a Western diet and an overabundance of food supply and processed foods I think).

    The documentary looked at several of these and as well Dr Moseley tried each of these under medical supervision all shown in the doco. It’s called “Eat Fast Live Longer” and it’s on Youtube.

    Fasting does combat these health problems but some regimes are easier to do than others. It’s based on the idea that historically Hunter-gatherers would have eaten in a feast-famine way. Sometimes lots of food at once , sometimes nothing, and that the constant supply of food we have may not be as healthy as we thought. They found that when we fast our bodies go into repair mode called “autophagy”.

    The experimental fasting regimes were variously difficult. How to make that easier for people to do? Multiple day fasts require medical supervision. The easiest of those looked at was fasting every 2nd day, but still challenging. Dr Moseley proposed that by fasting 2 non-consecutive days of the week it might be easier, and if the fast contained a few calories it might still work and be do-able by more people. That has proved to be the case.

    A side – benefit of 5:2 has been that people usually lose excess weight. So as time went on people started doing 5:2 for weight loss only or health/weight loss combined. So Dr Moseley wrote a book with Mimi Spencer, started this forum and here we are.

    Technically a true fast is no calories.
    5:2 fast started out as <500cals for wonen, <600cals for men, or 1/4 of TDEE. You can read about and work out your TDEE on the forum Tracker.
    Recently Dr Moseley amended this to <800cals or 1/4 of TDEE.

    I’m glad I did the first version because I am forced to be sedentary. I now do 360cals which is 1/4 of my TDEE. I lost 21kgs and I have chosen to continue 5:2 indefinitely as I feel better on it. I haved up my calories a little on nonFast Days. I am mid 60’s female, and am now torally off blood pressure medication and my doctor and specialists are very happy with 5:2 and the results for my health. I previously needed yearly cardiac tests for a chronic health condition (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.) i don’t need those yearly tests now. 5:2 won’t cure my ME/CFS but gives me the best chance of an increased quality of life because I’m now a normal weight – BMI 22.4

    DBD – depending on the no. Of calories in your fluids you are effectively doing 5:2 and your 8lbs should go.

    Rahul – I agree re breakfast, same for me. Not suitable for children, pregnant or lactating mothers though. You will find keeping the Hunger Dragon quiet is a successful strategy, and you seem to have shifted to doing that now. There are a few people who do back2back fasts , but it’s not necessary. I tried out of curiosity and did 2 weeks in a row OK but the 3rd week started having negative effects so won’t try again. Personally, looking around the forum, most people who are successful on 5:2 do straight 5:2, nit consecutive or multiple day fasts. There are a couple of exceptions , but most people who continue stay on 2 non -consecutive days. The concept of 5:2 as given by Dr Moseley, has, over time, proven the easiest to do by the most people.

    Good luck to you both, and I suggest you find a long term thread to join. I am over on the Southern Hemisphere thread as I live in Australia.



    Remember this isn’t a competition to see who can do the most deprivation. It’s aboyt working outcwhat works best for you individually within the guidelines. 5:2 works regardless of various food regimes eg cultural, national, religious, philosophical etc there are several theeads with recipes. We have a Southern Hemisphere recipe thread which includes some vegetarian recipes and I think there’s a vegetarian recipe thread also. On the SH recipe thread we askvfor recipes only, no chat, thanks.

    I ‘m not able to continue posting on this thread as I have restricted time at the moment, but good luckvto you both. If you fall off the horse just get back on. 5:2 is very forgiving and no one is expecting you to be perfect.

    Please read simcoeluv’s excellent introduction for newbies. For some reason I keep forgetting the title but. simcoeluv has written an excellent overview of 5:2z

    Same for me. Hotel living for a week with sensible breakfast, no snacks but three course dinner so put on 2lbs . I’m back on time restricting and having hunch around 12-1pm and dinner as early as possible I have had coffee with cream but will now change to black coffee in the fasting period.

    Caroledee51. It will go. I haven’t been fasting hard since I came back from my hotel stay, just time restricting, but the 6 lbs I put on are gone and a little more.

    That’s encouraging penguin. Big dinner to celebrate granddaughters graduation tonight but back on track tomorrow. Black coffee ok black tea yuk but can’t have fruit teas as I have silent reflux and I’ll cough all day.

    There are a number of papers about restricted time eating on the “Related Science articles…” thread. It seems that relatively small amounts of cream (American papers) in coffee or tea outside the restricted time could trigger a response which nullifies the impact of the restriction. Because that was a could rather than a would, I have been permitting myself milk in the four or more mugs of tea/coffee that I drink in the morning. I have still been losing. If I stop losing I will cut out the milk.

    Having read back up this thread a little, I’ve 2 more comments to add.

    1. As time goes on, research progresses, it’s becoming more obvious our reactions to food and eating regimes differ more than previously thought.

    Along this line of thought – re breakfast early plus sun exposure comments – this doesn’t work for me. It just extends the amount of food consumed in a 24 hr period. The Hunger Dragon kicks in regardless of type of food/quantity of food/time of eating/sun and naturL light exposure. I’ve tested all of this on myself. The only thing that keeps my Hunger Dragon asleep and keeps my calorie content restricted on FDs is to eat late in the day; and to keep cals to a normal level on nonFDs is to eat in an 8hr window after 12 noon.

    2. I’ve travelled, stayed in hotels with breakfasts as part of package, ditto for cruises. I skip breakfast anyway, stick to my FDs anyway. On FDs I only have dinner – clear soup for first course, or lettuce (in USA) or very light salad, sometimes none, but clear soup or bullion works best. I work out main dish ahead of time e.g grilled fish, chicken or turkey breast without sauces. Dessert/sweets: a piece of fruit eg small apple pear or orange or affogato coffee ie very smmall serve of vanilla ice cream, about walnut sized with a short black coffee, pour the coffee over the ice cream and have dessert and coffee in 1. Decaf is fine if needed.

    I usually don’t go to breakfast , but if socially necessary ‘ll go and have weak milkless Earl Grey tea or peppermint tea. What constitutes “socially necessary isn’t as often as I thought it would be.

    Hi Penguin thanks will find those

    @merryme – I often travel for my job and have managed the 5:2 just fine. I do try to avoid FD when possible if I know that meals with clients or co-workers are involved. I also find that skipping breakfast works best for me. Starting to eat at noon on most days, on both FD and NFD is what suits me. I have milk in my coffee on NFD and skip it on FD, not because I think it will affect my weight loss, but because 500 calories are precious few and I would rather spend 30 – 40 calories on solid food!

    When eating in restaurants with people, my go-to entree is always a filet of whatever kind of fish looks good with sauce on the side. Same with salads. Dessert, if everyone is ordering one is fresh fruit. If there’s no fresh fruit on the menu I’ll often suggest getting a dessert or two to share. “I’m stuffed! But I would love to taste the chocolate killer cake (or creme brΓ»lΓ©e) but someone else has to eat it too. Can we share?” I seldom have to worry about others eating most of the dessert. It magically disappears without my help. πŸ™‚ And companions really don’t keep track (or barely notice) how much I’m eating. They really aren’t that interested. “Socially necessary” is much more about being engaged and contributing to the conversation, getting people to talk about themselves, than about what I’m putting in my mouth. They really don’t care. πŸ™‚ I think this applies to both business and social acquaintances (Except maybe that overweight non-dieting friend who is anxious to sabotage your success!)

    Hi CalifD,

    Exactly! You’ve nailed it, and explained it much betterπŸ™‚. It is rarely socially necessary, eg rarely seen friend living at distance, very short time or only time to spend together. The food sabotagers actions say more about them than us, and definitely one to use the “my doctor advises…”or “health” reason for back up if they persist past reason.

    MerryMe – Reply to very insistant sabotaging “friends”? OMG, I would get a horrible reaction if I ate that! (The horrible reaction would be mine when I looked at my scale the next morning!) Any further questions get answered with the question to end all questions: “Why do you ask?”

    merry me I am the same I think with the hunger dragon and breakfast as mentioned.

    Although on a more recent trip away I didn’t have breakfast until 10 am as opposed to 6 (!) and breakfast was omelette and I often then didn’t think about food until 3pm. We were active however and getting lots of sleep (highlighting the importance of getting enough sleep to avoid the hunger monster).

    Interesting about responses to others offering foods. I was also on the other forum thread and other came up with suggestions to approach fd day food saboteurs. Although I think with the popularity of the fasting diet it’s become more acceptable to just state it “sorry I’m fasting today”! The sharing pud idea is great but wouldn’t work for me personally, i am more concerned about my own hunger monster, if I share half a pudding i.e. two bites of the melted chocolate cheese cake I don’t think I could rely on my restraint to allow my pal to eat most of it.

    I am finding alcohol as more of a social issue. I notice it seems socially terrible to not have a drink whilst dining out. Acutomatically people fill up a glass of red or bubbles. People ask me if I’m driving or not well if I refuse. Usually the glass is just poured without asking me and it feels rude to say no. I’m not a drinker anyway so I usually sip it politely but think there goes 200 kcal….
    Realising how ungrateful I sound as I write this… a tough one though as I’m not bothered by drink and would much rather have my 200 kcal with food.

    My hotel breakfasts on my last trip were a tactical error on my part. We were on holiday, in a holiday area where very little happened before late morning. As early risers we decided to it might be the idea to have a leisurely breakfast and skip lunch. Bad idea.

    My last boss liked “team building breakfast meetings” in MacDonalds. After the first meeting it was established that I had only coffee. I was cheerful and chatty but stubborn. I gained a reputation as a food snob, but they lived with it. All my American meetings seemed to involve doughnuts (or donuts) but it was easier for me not to eat them, I was after all a weird Brit.

    Alcohol can be trickier. Because they have alcohol inside them they tend to be pushier. I ate dinner last night with a bunch of people I know slightly. They have seen me drink alcohol in the past, so my reason for drinking lime juice and water of “because I like it and I have been drinking too much whiskey lately” was accepted.

    There are times we have to be prepared to be different and politely refusing something you don’t want isn’t rude.

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