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  • Hi I have signed up and raring to go but how or where do I find recipes, guides for non fasting etc. I actually dont know what to do. Am I meant to buy the books and go from there? Any help please would be appreciated.

    So what have you been eating up to now? Processed/packet foods? Well the 2 fast days should be easy, depending on how hard core you want to do your fast it will be no food to very little. So you only have to worry about the other 5 days. Personally I avoid all grain based foods including rice. If you basically cook with mostly vegetables, some meat, beans/legumes and add a little fruit its hard to go wrong. Avoid all sugar and fruit juice!!.

    This lady is excellent and the recipes are pretty easy.

    If you need recipes for Fasting days, I have plenty to share.
    If you want food ideas for Slow Days, go for lean meat and lots of vegetables/fruit with only a little in the way of carbs [potatoes/pasta/bread/rice]. Try sweet potatoes instead of white ones. Try brown rice instead of white. Calculate your TDEE, if you want to figure out how many calories to consume on a Slow day, unless that is too much for you as a Newbie.
    When in doubt, follow Bigbooty’s advice.

    fasting_me is biased 🙂 I have simple tastes in food and don’t really have fixed recipes. Most of my meals are stews or curries (without the rice) and I just make them up as I go along. Basically I use up whatever is in the fridge and I don’t measure anything, its all by eye. Sometimes they work out fantastic sometimes Im the only one that will eat it as the rest of the family gives it the thumbs down. Ive just finished a chicken curry and it was pretty food. Chicken, eggplant, onion, spring onion, carrots, mushrooms, chili (I like lots), sweet potato and the secret ingredient…a can of refried beans to give it a thick texture. Added turmeric and cumin, salt and pepper to taste. Slow cook for about 3 hours.

    Eggplant is a wonder food, so much fibre in it. Go to the link, that lady is a masterful cook and uses eggplant in lots of dishes. Heghineh is wonderful.

    Also turmeric, I put it in everything. Anti cancer properties and anti inflammatory properties.

    Dr Greger covers some spices with good properties.

    Fasting today: Tomato sauce/cheese omelette in the morning. Chicken Quesadillas for dinner with a small salad. Bigbooty has simple tastes, in our house we like variety.

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