New to the Forum….advice please

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New to the Forum….advice please

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  • Hello. I’m new to the forum, I’m 60, 14 stone, 5’9″ tall. Not fat, thin, a bit overweight.

    My situation is a bit basic and the solution is maybe obvious to an extent.

    I want to lose about a stone, but I can’t. I am in bad habits but still don’t understand how I gradually put on weight and just can’t get any off.

    I eat last thing at night a couple of times a week when I am out ie pizza, kebab or takeaway. BUT during the day I eat very little, one meal, maybe a sandwich maybe not. Lately I have cut down on bread and eat very little of that now too.

    I hardly ever eat breakfast, just a cup of coffee. So nothing until tea time, usually.

    People say this is bad….but in my mind if I am eating very little even taking into account the late night after being out or a cup of tea and piece of cake at my gf’s when I am not out, how is this not losing some weight.

    I am semi retired and only work part time.


    There I no magic involved. If you are putting on weight you are eating too much and eating the wrong foods. Its that simple. At 5’9″ and 196 pounds your BMI is 28.9. To be at the top of the “healthy” range you would either have to weigh 169 pounds 14 st 1 lb or grow to 6′ 2″. Either option will put you into the healthy range.

    5:2 works if you want to give it a genuine try. Good luck.

    169 pounds is 12.07 stones ? I am 2 stones overweight ??? People say you should eat more during the daytime I can understand this but how does eating more help in this way ?

    Yes you are 2 stone overweight, and that’s putting you right at the top of the healthy range, BMI = 25. Im 5’10” and weigh 156. Was 202 18 months ago. Hit my self imposed goal weight back in March. BMI =22.4.

    I don’t think it makes much difference when you eat. I think you may be under estimating how many calories you are having. One 14″ pizza will have about 2500 cal. Your TDEE is about 2000-2100 given your weight height and age. So with the pizza alone you are about 400-500 calories over! So how big a pizza do you have and how often do you have one?

    Give 5:2 a try and see what happens. It works, I can vouch for that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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