My waist measurement is not going down

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My waist measurement is not going down

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  • I have been doing 5:2 for 5 months now. I have lost approx 9lbs. My question is I do not seem to be going less on my waist. Only one inch from the beginning. I have lost approx 4 inches from the tummy/hips area. I am pleased to be losing weight however my main driver for doing this was health reasons. I think the tummy area loss is good for viscerasl fat. However I also read that a high waist measurement is not good, so not sure why poor loss in measurement for waist. Any ideas and thoughts welcome.


    We have no control over where any excess weight disappears from.
    4 inches from tummy/hips is a lot and is an excellent result and it is obvious that is where most of that 9lbs has disappeared from.

    Waist measurement can be an indicator of visceral fat but it isn’t a fact that a wide waist means you have it. Women who have had children may have a larger waist, those who do not do much in the way of exercise may also have a larger waist measurement.
    Also we come in all different shapes and sizes which means some of us have a wider waist in comparison to our hips than others and we don’t all store fat in the same places.

    If you are till overweight and continue with your weight loss regime you may see a further decrease in waist size, but if you are a healthy weight then the way to reduce your waist measurement is exercises to tighten up the muscles. If you already do such exercise and are a healthy weight there’s not much you can do about it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are carrying visceral fat.

    Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated. I am still classed as overweight so I will be continuing with 5:2 and hope further inches will be lost

    Genetics does play a role, but diet and other lifestyle factors also affect our body shape.

    There is evidence that fat around the waist is ‘mobile’ or relatively easily released to use as energy when exercising. Are you following Dr Michael Mosley’s recommendation to do high intensity interval training and weight training?

    However fat around the waist is also relatively easily laid down when eating sugars, excess starchy carbs or drinking alcohol. The type of fats we consume may be relevant too. What is the balance and variety of your diet like? Is your diet lower carbohydrate, Mediterranean style as Dr Mosley advises?

    Last thought is how/ where/ when are you measuring your waist? At the belly button or the narrowest point of your waist? Is your measuring tape parallel to the floor? Before or after your regular bowel movement, before or after fast days? Be consistent here if you are not already, of course!


    Thank you for the comments. Appreciated. I believe on the whole I am following a mainly mediterranean style diet. Possibly my exercise routine could be improved though I am always a little hesitant about what to do because of my heart disease.

    Paw: you might consider either of two options ….

    1. Consulting your cardiologist or an appropriately qualified fitness professional on a safe and effective programme of physical activity, considering all your medical diagnoses and prescribed medication. In the UK ‘appropriately qualified’ would mean trained in GP exercise referrals or cardiac rehabilitation.

    If you have no access to these professionals, reading up on heart charity websites and official/ government web pages before discussing physical activity/ exercise/ fitness with your family doctor.

    2. Starting a detailed daily food and activity diary, with everything weighed and measured. Then analysing your food diary for balance/ variety/ general adhesion to Dr Michael Mosley’s diet and lifestyle guidelines.


    Thank you for the further ideas. I think I would feel safer if I could work with someone who who has some knowledge of the health issues and can work with me to bring together a suitable exercise programme.

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