My progress…exciting!

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My progress…exciting!

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  • Thank you so much Pam 🙂 I hope it continues…! Welcome Aussie Oma …good luck as you start this way of eating! It is one of the most doable ones…and a lot of us have found success…i track my calories on MFP too 🙂 thank god for that!

    David…inch loss is super too! Esp around the waist…that is a key indicator of good health…well done! ! Hope other matters setlle down for you!

    Hi and thank you for the welcome Charmaine (see I said I feel I know you). I hope you don’t mind but I think this will be a “novel” by the end as I’m trying to get some stuff out there to make me accountable too 🙂

    I’m starting day 3 now, have had two large glasses of water so far (I have some 8oz ones which I’m using) and will have a couple more before leaving for work in 1.5 hrs. I’m never keen on having breakfast but started having it when on WW but always was “starving” by the time I got to work or at the latest 10am so am so VERY happy to have a reason not to have it any more unless I am wanting it due to being hungry.

    David I agree with Charmaine that inch loss is even better than the scales. I only hope I can do as well as you have one this.

    A little about me, I’m a grandmother (as the name suggests, lol) and I’m in my late 50’s. My grandies are 12, 10, 7 & 5 years old. The oldest two are boys and the youngest two are girls. My hubby and I have been married almost 41 years now. I have an awful lot of excess to lose as I will be going down to 60kg which is only just in my healthy weight range (I’m not overly tall being just 5′ 4 or 5″) and even a touch lower depending on how I look/feel when I’m there. This means being in a 10 or 12 “fitted” dress size IYKWIM. The smallest I’ve been in the past 25 – 30 years has been 14 and if I hadn’t bowed down to comments like “oh don’t you think you’ve lost enough”, “you look good enough like that”, “if you lose any more you’ll be too skinny” etc … most of these from my mother!!! If said constantly enough you start to doubt yourself. But this time I’m NOT listening to the negatives which drag you down I’m going to achieve my goals.

    Also as the name suggests I’m in Australia (South Australia) although I was born in England and lived there until I was 9 when we emigrated here. We breed and show German Shepherds and this will enable me to get some exercise by training them once I’ve started getting lighter/smaller.

    Oh, yes, BTW my real name’s Gail 🙂 and I think I’ve given enough for one posting, lol.

    Hi Gail And welcome go our thread. I’ve been here since March but a few of us have joined a Facebook page and have neglected this thread that Charmaine started recently. I’m a nana too, 51 and live in the North East of England. I only needed to lose around half a stone for my holiday and managed fine but have struggled to lose the 5 lb I put on while away. I’m up and down at the moment but determined I’m going to lose the last 4 lb or so by Xmas so that’s my goal for now. Nice to have you on board and keep posting to let us know how you’re getting on.

    Grrrr just lost my post, lol.

    Hi Karen, I read about your hols and they sounded awesome, worth a little gain for that. Must run for now as need to get ready for work (it’s 7am here atm). Cheers, Gail

    hi gail and welcome.

    it was lovely to read your thread. you sound determined to do this which in my mind is half the battle. having the fasting mind-set to do it is fantastic.

    as karen explained charmaine started the thread and a few of us have hopped on board at various times.

    david – you are doing really well at the moment, keep up the good work.

    hope everyone is ok and happy fasting 🙂

    Thanks Taletha. Yes I am determined plus this seemed “right” for me as I’ve never been one for set times to eat and usually have overeaten when having to have meals at predetermined times, like now just finished the evening meal just before 8pm, whereas my hubby likes to eat around 6pm or earlier which is not good for me. He has, however, decided to join me with this but knowing him he’ll be at goal within a couple of weeks (darn, darn, darn it lol) as he loses weight very easily.

    Morning all. I just finished my second day of fasting this week which is indeed my first week. I have loads of weight to lose but am very hopeful as i have coped quite well on the two days.I am hoping my husband will join me as we are both very overweight, but he is in denial.I am 44 years old now and don’t want to be obese for the rest of my life so I am very determined after just watching the full Michael Mosley video, snippits of this were shown in Australia Sunday night and I started on Monday. So looking forward to chatting, which I have never really done online before. Anyway thanks for listening

    Hi Twilldoit, I too have loads to lose and will succeed here as it’s “right” for me. Looking forward to chatting too. I didn’t see the snippets on the Sunday program but came back into the room after something had been mentioned on Sunrise. I had been researching for a while and decided to start Tuesday this week, which I did, and then I found the full video from somewhere or the other and watched it all the way through (just over an hour I think it was) and it confirmed to me that this was the right way to go.

    Hello everyone…so happy to see our thread back to being active again 🙂 welcome to twilldoit and Gail…so super to have you in board too. I have loads to lose too…and am motivated to get this excess off! I am a shorty…5 feet so the weight shows on me 🙁 and have a long way until I am in the healthy range.

    Never mind…onwards and downwards has karen says.

    Good luck to all who are fasting today!! Pam, david, karen….too!

    Ciao for now!


    Glad to see you back! You are a wonderful leader of a thread. And you know you can do it!

    Hi LDV222 thanks for the welcome … looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone during the journey 🙂

    Thank you Simcoeluv..coming from a veteran ambassador of 5:2 like you…it is a big compliment and motivator!

    Gail…for a min I was like…ah she is welcoming a ne poster..hahahaha…then I recognized my user name abbreviated nicely by you 🙂 you cal call me Charmaine if it is easier to remember 🙂 ciao for now!

    Morning everyone and to our newbies too. Yes it’s lovely to see our thread back in daily use. It’s almost like we’re encouraging a new batch of people to get smaller! 🙂

    So, I’ve put on a lb since my last official weigh in (last Friday)- I’ve had a very bad week and unfortunately everything including fasting has totally gone to pot so I’m back on the wagon again from today.;-)Determined to lose the last 4 lbs by Xmas if it kills me.
    Twilldot, my husband has been doing this with me too and has lost almose 1.5 stone, put on 7 lbs on holiday and lost it again since. It also makes me very cross that he loses so easily and I have to struggle with every half lb. I’m a shortie too, although a wee bit taller than charmaine at 5’4 ish and very small framed so every lb shows up around my middle. Plus I’m 51 so it’s that much harder for me because of my age too. But we’ll get there in the end as I did in June, it might just take a little bit longer to do so.

    Well I’d better shoot off and get ready for work so hope everyone has a great Friday – the weekend looms 🙂 x

    Hi Karen I hear you and will encourage you with losing those 4lbs (gee wish that was all I had to lose) … I’m also 5’4″ or thereabouts and in my late 50’s so I know about the harder to lose bit. Okay, I’d best let you know for encouragement (I hope not horror) that I have around 50kg to lose, probably a touch more to get into ideal weight range … not even thinking about lbs!!! although it would probably show larger numbers in weekly losses LOL (insert cheeky grin 🙂 )

    hi twill and welcome, i have a fair few to lose too so am in it for the long haul. i only weigh once a month. hard to do but makes me feel better seeing a few pounds gone (HOPEFULLY!) rather than the ups and downs through the month. i found that a little disheartening at times

    gail – as mentioned above i have a fair few to lose too and am 51. like karen (and, no doubt, countless other ladies around that age group) i am finding it harder to shift any weight at all. how much you have to lose isn’t important. the fact you have started your journey is the important bit and you will find here on the thread is a lovely place to be during that journey.

    karen – those last few pounds dont want to leave you!! you are certainly hanging on to them. we have faith in you and know you will eventually rid yourself of the little blighters!! as we said on FB it will just be in time for xmas and you can put them all back on again!! at least you know your new years resolution already!!

    charmaine – lovely to see the thread alive and well again. i hope you are well?

    take care to all and a big hello to david, ken and anyone i have missed.

    Hi there

    another newbie here, on my second fast day of week one going well so far 🙂 have subscribed to this thread as there’s quite a few newbies like me around hope you don’t mind LDV aiming for 3 stone to loose.

    What day do you weigh on? straight after a fast day or does it matter?

    hi miss, welcome aboard.

    i think it’s personal choice regarding the weigh in days. some on here like to weigh every day, some a couple of times a week, some once a week, i weigh monthly personally as it suits me better. i did weigh after fast day to start with but then found the fluctuations disheartening.

    take care

    Hi all, this is my 2nd FD and I’ve planned what I’ll be eating throughout the next 24 hrs. Weigh day is Tuesday, getting closer now, lol 🙂 hoping everyone has a good day today no matter what you’re doing.

    oh well karen! charmaine! you are coming back again-even if I am not LITERALLY fasting my 3 4 this week I will try to detox this week-its not much of an excuse BUT i cant go to the GYM as I cant find my gym kit! THOSE SHORTS!- oh! I am trying to use my bike alot along the FLAT country(ahem!) lanes of south london.

    i am trying to STAY OFF CARBS but I have a solid breakfast,,,with 60g of oats and 3 apples which is 233cals & 6 ww points.

    i have been low otherwise- but yesterday i convinced a freind(by example of refusing it) to not have pudding!

    claire/aussie OMA,
    we all need to take out a leaf from your book and go hard/abstain on the fast days- but it remains tough-esp like for me and Pam/taletha who have someone cooking for us- but its also a challenge for the likes of charmaine who COOKS FOR EVERYONE ELSE! dont knock/doubt yourself charmaine.

    again i find them a bore- the ones i have:
    a) dont weigh food properly and the grams are always changinG
    b) vary my weght numbers(stones/albs) evry time i use them!-
    ww is much better for me for an independent, impartial weigh in.

    Hello everybody,

    I’m starting my third week. So far so good: I’ve lost 2kg in two weeks. I’m fasting on mondays and thursdays. It hasn’t been very difficult and I feel fine throughout the fast days.

    hi ktf and welcome, thats a brilliant loss. well done to you x alot of us on here chose monday and thursday. a few brave people did an extra day on 4:3.

    David- you are doing really well by the sounds of it. ww is a good place to weigh in as they have to have their scales recalibrated regularly so are usually quite accurate at each weigh in. i used to get weighed at home just before i went there and it gave me an idea of the difference between my scales and theirs.

    oma – good luck for weigh day tomorrow. let us know how you went on?

    good luck to all and take care x

    Hey everyone one .. another lovely day

    Can I brag, for me this is awesome, 3.7kg DOWN in ONE week!!!

    David, I understand that we’re all in different situations and can see how difficult it is for you and the others who have food made for them (I’m the one making here but it’s only for one other person and he’s decided to join me so it’s even easier) and also for Charmaine as she has a young family to cook for as well. I’m not going to try to tell any of you, just will say what works for me and maybe offer suggestions which you can take or not take according to your situation and needs 🙂 … I would suggest that if someone else is cooking for you, even if it’s served up for you, try to eat only what you know is right for you, leave the rest. I’m only saying to TRY to limit your consumption of what’s available.

    Before when I’m out for meals I have tried to eat all that’s on my plate. Friday nights we eat out with friends at a local pub, however I’m trying to only eat the vegetables and protein not the starchy chips etc but I do allow that before too much longer I’ll need to have a “doggy bag” to take left overs home with me lol as even last Friday I struggled but didn’t leave enough to bother taking home but when it gets to half left then I will do. Friday nights are my “bad” night in that I have one bitter, lime & lemon drink and afterwards a sundae (chocolate of course, lol) but I have my FD lunch or nothing to eat during the day just so I can enjoy the time with friends eating together. So I’m really NOT that strong just determined to make this my way of life and over time I’ll lose all the size/weight that I want and have health gains (most important) that so far I can only imagine.

    Hi Aussie:

    8 pounds in a week is a record. I’m sure you don’t expect that to continue. But it is a good start!

    This will explain my point:

    Good luck!

    Morning guys and welcome newbies. Also a big well done Aussie oma that’s an amazing loss in one week!
    I fasted yesterday and lost 2 lbs which was a record for me too but then I’ve had a bad few weeks doing this and fell off the wagon a few times so it’s given me a new enthusiasm to re-start this properly and lose the last few lbs.
    Pam, how are you doing? I will catch up with you on fb soon. Still no sign of Charmaine for a while so a bit worried she’s still not well. If you’re out there Charmaine give us a shout, you’re very quiet.
    Well David are you still losing? You seem to be doing fine with a combination of ww and 5:2 so if it works ok stick with it.

    Well hope everyone has a good day, see you later x

    Simcoeluv there is NO WAY that I would expect this to continue, I’ve never lost this much in a first week before so I’m stoked. I’d be happy with 1kg or thereabouts per week (around 2lb hence why I’m on this thread 🙂 ) also I read all the info before commencing and have got it into my head that it will be small changes after the initial major change to how I eat but I’m eating “clean” or as clean as I can and not cheating on myself, tracking every morsel that goes into my mouth so I’m counting calories, albeit after the event (I track after I’ve eaten and whatever that ends up being, that’s what I leave it as).

    I don’t weigh daily I try to only weigh once per week otherwise I’ll obsess and have too many ups and downs and end up being a wreck. So scales are away until next weigh day which may end up being this Friday as I want to change my weigh day. This is why I’m doing a b2b so that I can do this and still have my two FDs in between weigh ins.

    Hi Karen, thanks I’m really making sure I get under control … I still have around 50kg to lose from this current weight (give or take a kg or 2). My first mini goal is to remove 10kg, then I’ll set up 5kg mini goals until I reach my goal weight. Only setting 10kg as the first one due to fluid loss rather than fat loss to begin.

    Hoping everyone is having a good day … hope to catch up with you all soon 🙂

    Hi Aussie:

    My goal is to temper expectations so people will not quit 5:2 when their elevated expectations of weight loss are not met, not to throw a wet blanket over a happy weigh-in result.

    The average weight loss on 5:2 (average includes women and men) is one pound a week. Women lose a little bit less. You need to cut 7000 calories per week out of your diet to lose two pounds a week. This is very hard to do on a consistent basis. It can and has been done, but only with considerable effort and ‘self control’. This will explain the ‘numbers’ and what I am talking about:

    Keep up the good work, and Good Luck!

    Thanks Simcoeluv sorry if you thought I was having a dig at you as I know you’re wanting to temper expectations, I’ve no issue with this at all. I was NOT expecting such a loss and put it down to excess fluid loss (I’ve been drinking 8 to 10 glasses, 8oz, of water per day minimum) but I am cutting out lots of extra cals too (going by my BMR I should lose weight on what I’m doing as I’m eating healthy but LOTS less than before and to date, and remember it’s only been one week, I have yet to reach my BMR calorie allowance, for want of a better word). I’m not saying I’ll achieve my target loss for each week but if I don’t aim for it I won’t achieve it, if you know what I mean, and again this is for me personally and not everyone has the same outlook or needs so although we’re undertaking this journey together we’ve all got different steps we’re taking, some will get there sooner than others, some will have a side track, but eventually we’ll get there 🙂 I also know this is not a quick weight loss journey but one to incorporate as part of my way of life, and thus far I’m finding it easy to incorporate as I’ve changed some of what I’m eating but have changed totally the amount I’m eating and when and this is what works for me to date. Okay off my soap box now 😉

    Hello all!! I…just usually quiet on weekends with so much going on 🙂 karen…you r a darling. Just wanted u to know that..

    gail…ooooooh my god…awesome awesome loss!! So proud of you….!! Keep it going. Simcoeluv gave me the same piece of advice at the start 🙂 may you continue to make steady progress…good luck and continue to be an inspiration to us…

    Hello to all and good luck!!

    Hi Aussie:

    I think you have a great attitude and are going to succeed with 5:2. Don’t worry about BMR – it is irrelevant. TDEE is the number to watch.

    Onward and downward!

    Charmaine glad to see you here, we’ve missed you 🙂 as said I’d be happy with around 2lb/1kg each week but even a 500g loss is worth while 🙂 or if not kg/g’s then cm’s 🙂

    Out of interest, Simco, who has worked out the “average” weight loss? I don’t think it has been done officially..I haven’t been asked 🙂

    We both lost 1 kg a week for many months initially. A male and a female. In fact, throughout our year of losing we stayed consistently 10kg apart, so we lost at exactly the same rate and have remained 10 kg apart while maintaining for 6 months. I know I was, and still do, often eat more than him on fast days, he ate/eats more on non fast days and our tastes in food are completely different. I am naturally far more active.

    Doing an average weight loss on subjects with so many variables is simply not easy.

    As you say over and over, energy in/energy out is all that matters with weight loss.
    I know you are trying to keep people on 5:2 by issuing cautions, but some like to know it is possible to loose quickly if extra effort is put in.
    Horses for courses. Cheers PVE

    Hi PVE:

    The number is indeed unscientific. It was derived from thousands of reports on various 5:2 sites. It is roughly confirmed from a ‘numbers’ standpoint by the basic numbers outlined in my TDEE post. Many people have reported higher losses, but, as you know many report no loss at all. Taking the posts of those that have ‘kept at it’ for awhile on their face, one pound a week seems to be the number. As I often indicate, men report losing a bit faster than women, but the heavier you are to start, the faster you lose, especially initially. Most report losing the last few pounds takes longer, basically because their TDEEs have declined but their caloric intake has not. In the same vein, those that start with little weight to lose generally do not lose weight very fast on 5:2. Reports on 4:3 do not show a significant additional weight loss over 5:2. It is assumed that people doing 4:3 tend to eat a bit more on their non diet days, and even if they don’t, the numbers do not predict a large additional loss for an additional day of dieting.

    I use the number as you suggested – to temper the expectations of newbies. I saw one poster on this site awhile ago that was convinced he could lose 35 pounds a month on 5:2. When I suggested he might not be able to do that, I never saw him post again. We now have a new group of newbies, and many are reporting large initial weight losses. That is not uncommon, but if they expect that rate of loss to continue, they will be disappointed and many will drop out. I feel that is really too bad and try to stop that from happening by trying to temper their expectations. Guess it is a hobby.

    You and your husband are in the overachieving group of people doing 5:2 and are to be congratulated for your successful weight losses – and maintenance of your weight losses. The fact that your husband also cured his diabetes with a diet change and 5:2 is also wonderful. Newbies need good role models, and you are super.


    simcoeluv I missed your post until just now re BMR and TDEE, if that’s the case then yes, I’m way under that all the time by several hundred per day, about 1200 on FD’s.

    PVE thanks for the info … my OH is also doing this with me but 6:1 rather than 5:2 as he’s only got a couple of kg’s to go.

    I think we are often in agreement Simcoe, however, as I’m sure you are aware, all we can do is offer suggestions. The rest is up to the user. We cannot hold other people’s hands forever, just offer sound advice. If it is taken up and works for them, all good, if they choose not to then it is their choice too. If they drop off the site doesn’t mean they have given up 5:2 either.
    If I’ve learnt nothing else from being a counsellor and a teacher, it is that people are responsible for their own actions. Many seem to be asking permission for their poor life choices when seeking ‘advice’. They need to take personal responsibility for their decisions.
    Thanks for all your ready references, especially your advice for newbies…very well laid out! Cheers P

    hi aussie, what a fantastic result for you. you must be so proud of yourself and rightly so!! keep up the good work

    charmaine – lovely to see you again. hope you are well?

    karen – 2lbs, how fantastic. hopefully the little blighters are gone for good and you will only have two more to go before goal. well done to you x

    hi to everyone else and good luck to those fasting x

    take care all x

    Hi everyone, i used to be on this thread too, but found out very early on that the 5:2 diet was not for me. At the moment i am on a healthy eating plan. ( not diet) lol. That’s what i like to call it. Anyway I’m on this thing at the moment which i got refered to from my doctor called your shape. The only trouble is that my scales say a completely different number to there scales all the time. I just wondered if anyone could help me and tell me what ones should i go by. There about 4lbs in difference last week they said i weighted 10.3, but my scales say 10.7. There scales are normal step on ones in kg with the needle thing my are eletronic please help anyone x

    hi flower

    as i said to david a few comments back. i used to weigh myself before going to slimming club then i would know the difference between my scales and theirs. most scales differ which is why people tend to stick to one set. yours and the doctors obviously differ by about 4lbs. maybe a trip to a local chemists where they have a set that gives you the full breakdown may help you? it may be that yours are slightly uneven due to floor or carpet but i personally wouldnt worry about it. i’d split the difference and say i weighed 10.5

    Hi taletha, thanks for replying. I have weighed myself at our local boots before and it did say the same as my scales. I weigh myself on my bathroom floor. I weigh myself everyday which is not good i know but ccant help myself. My husband and i have got a little bet going on. Who can lose most weight lol. X thanks for ur help x

    Thanks Taletha, yes I’m very happy with the results so far. New weigh day will be Friday from this week onwards so hopefully there will be at least a slight movement down 🙂

    Hi to everyone in here, off to work soon so can’t stop to chat … catch up later 🙂

    I have lost 16 kg in the last year doing minimal calorie intake every day using a popular online meal and exercise plan here in Oz. I started 2:5 last week, this is week 2 of, and yesterday was amazed to go to the gym and had my monthly weigh in. I havent lost any weight but my muscle mass is up 10%, water too, my metabloic rate increased, and metabolic age dropped 10 years. I have been trying to get these shifts for over a year with diet and gym , i go at least 2-3 times a week and i do long runs. Im sold. My clothes also fit alot better. Yay

    Morning everyone! Looks like there are a few new faces here – welcome! Glad to hear that things are starting out well for you with 5:2….Some excellent losses already!

    wow…such inspiring posts and updates…that’s what keeps the rest of us going…I hope my persistance will pay off and that I can add to the inspirating and positivity. So happy to have a happy bunch here.

    I just ate my lunch…nothing for me till tomorrow …:-) Talk to you soon!

    well i am back again- emotionally i really struggled last week-and rushing around so much in the”country lanes” of south london and snacking on the odd(maybe 4) digestives. cooked breakfasts to fill the essential oils gap- BUT NO CARBS! at night only ww 0 points filling and healthy + sardines.

    today i have fasted like b4- and will tues & weds-its a good detox f me: esp with sinus flareup.

    aussie oma

    i am glad you too only weigh once a week- as i had a bad week i will weigh in next week and try my fast days mon-weds like b4 and go to gym-when i find my keys- i need cheering up guys-AND A JOB!-what do they say? a man needs a job and a woman needs a role.

    yeah aussie maybe not have 2nd helpings so it works!

    flower, my scales at home would have a 7-8lb variation range depending on where u stood on them. so i went to ww

    for an official weigh in

    after loosing 2lbs twice in a row i even had the courage to measure my waiste AROUND THE TUMMY BUTTON-or NARROWEST POINT! thats the rule

    Hi davidrob yes if I start daily weighing I’d probably go off as there will be days when you “appear” heavier so now it’s once per week and scales are put away until then for me 😆 but some people enjoy seeing the fluctuations on a daily basis and it doesn’t upset them, but for me I know it would even though I’m aware it’s just fluctuations.

    Hi everyone else, just popped in to see how everyone is doing but I don’t come in here daily any more, but will pop in every few days 😀


    I just popped in to tell you that after one more week, another kilo is gone. It’s working.

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