My progress…exciting!

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My progress…exciting!

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  • I am struggling with counting/saying no on my fast days at meal times in the eve.

    the rest of the day is easy- at work that is

    I’ve been doing the 5:2 for around 2 weeks now and seem to have lost 2lbs. Is this good? I have a set 2 days for fasting (tuesday and Friday ) and just wondered if this is the right way to do it, thank you

    Sounds good to me chez 🙂

    David, try putting up a “fat photo” on the fridge or wherever you eat to remind yourself of your goal.

    I have been doing 5:2 for about 3 weeks but find that my first fasting day n a Monday goes very well, no headaches and not too hungry. If I try a second fasting day on a Thursday I always seem to struggle with really bad headaches even though I know that I am drinking plenty. I was wondering if I am eating enough on the Tuesday and Wednesday. My tdee is 1500 calories and most of the time I am only just under. Does anyone else have the same problem. I also have 3 meals instead of 2, I haven’t yet been brave enough to try fasting from breakfast until dinner.

    I have been a yo-yo dieter for more years than I care to mention but this is the first diet that I feel works for me and one day fasting as a maintenance plan (when I have lost another stone)I feel I would be able to do.

    Its fabulous being able to read other comments and it has helped to motivate me.


    I found that I got headaches when I didn’t eat enough salt. So I started having tiny tastes of salt throughout the day (less that a fourth of a fingertip each time about 3 times per day) and my headaches passed. I used to have headaches about 50% of my fast days and now I never have them anymore and I’ve been able to even stop with the salt. I just put a little extra salt in my soup at dinner and I’m fine.

    So I don’t know if that’s what fixed my problem but I feel it has, at least.

    Maybe your body just needs to get used to the regime? It took me about 8 months to get rid of the headaches and to be able to not eat any solids till dinner time. But I’ve lost over 37 lbs since April ’13 so it’s been totally worth it and now my fast days are a breeze 90% of the time.

    Good morning everyone! Sorry to have orphaned the site for a bit! I know for some it is too much to post often. I will continue to post on here…just because I hate leaving things unfinished. I am progressing well…losing steadily…but going to write stats only when I go to my lowest weight since I started. I have been battling with the same pounds for a few weeks. Mainly because of my weekends and social events. I am getting a hang of it though!

    Our thread is one of the five most popular ones 😀 didnt realize till today! Yay!! See you all!

    Hi to the new posters! Welcome and thanks for the inspiring stories…!! 🙂

    Morning charmaine:-) We have neglected this site somewhat lately and before long we’ll not be in the top 5 so we’d better get posting again! Welcome to new posters and hope you stick around and do well.
    I’m not doing quite so well at the moment, seem to have lost my momentum somewhat and need to find it again! Doing a mini fast today which means I’m just going for fluids until tea time then having a normal meal and hopefully it’ll come in at under 800-1000 cals for the day. Back to a proper fast tomorrow and maybe another mini fast on Friday and hopefully I’ll be back on track for losing again by Saturday. Next week I’m going to knuckle down and behave myself and try to get those last stubborn lbs back off if it kills me. Hubby has been maintaining now for a couple of weeks and seems to be doing great and I want to be able to join him soon.

    Anyway have a good day guys 🙂

    back again! on my 3 day fast-

    thks guys for your posts karen and charmaine-my hero- i think my main goal should be a weekly weigh in-but 3 meals a day last week and this week-end; I reckon I will be lucky NOT to have put on. beyond my 13 11 1/2

    how comes it gets harder after the water’s gone off your body?-anyone know?-i will weigh in b4 i eat on friday using different scales in london-risk it

    chez2212-2lbs in 2 weeks-thats about form, with fast diet-dont expect more-but it depends on your stats when ou started…. have you worked out you BMI/ideal BMI & TDEE?

    shadow and flemish curves! my mum says I should drink more water-but i guess the headches you talk about are what i always called cravings-water is the best solution for a craving and to aid concentration

    We’ll I’m now four weeks into the diet, did the first two weeks 5:2 then the next two 4:3 fasting Monday , Wednesday and Friday, eating sensibly on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and having a bit of a blow out Saturdays having a drink bar-b-q’s take always and Macdonalds with the grand kids. Going the gym 6 days a week. Have gone from 17st 12lb to 16st 12lb a loss of 20lb averaging 5lb a week. Another 20lb and I will be very happy.

    Great result, Geoff. You, the family, and the cats, must be thrilled to bits.

    The cats are happy

    Well done Geoff!! Keep it going!

    Sorry to have gone away for soooo long. I know the FB group is more active now. Hope everyone is doing well!! My bday is less than a week away…time for new resolutions!! A fit body and mind ia def one of them!

    hi Charmaine,

    happy upcoming birthday to you!! hope you have a lovely time

    david – you seem to have deserted us. where are you and what’s your news?

    hi Geoff, herm, shadow and Flemish. lovely to see you on here.

    I love catching up on posts and hearing everyone’s successes. it’s also nice to try and help out if someone is struggling (i.e. the salt post by Flemish) different things help different people but it’s all worth a try.

    take care all and happy fasting x

    can you keep up your routine geoff?- oin my hols i had more complements on my skin- i just read that 5 2 or for me 4 .3 is more about FAT loss than weight loss so dont obsess about lbs/the scales charmaine

    Hi David how are you doing? We haven’t heard from you in a while, maybe because you’ve been away on holiday. I agree that fat loss is more important and I imagine thats why when the scales don’t move sometimes inches do! Meaning you fit better into your clothes and you are healthier inside.

    i have been on hols karen, and I am counting ww points and doing 4 3 now.
    i will do a weigh in next mon and b4 that sat- i ate alot of crap food

    on hols

    You don’t need to tell me about eating crap food David – me too and that’s why I’ve put on this week! Failed Monday’s fast but kept within tdee yesterday and so far so good today. I’m fasting tomorrow properly if it kills me and hoping to undo some on the damage I’ve done.

    Hope so davidrob, it seems to suit me fast mon, we’d, fri, eat sensibly on Tuesday and Thursday and if I’ve got some thing on sat and Sunday don’t worry go for it. Enjoy the gym as I see it as “me” time for an hour or so a day. Just went away for a couple of days with my wife and have slipped back into the diet and gym today. It’s not a ridged diet where you have to do this that and the other it, for me seems to be one you can adjust to suit your life style week by week.

    Hi @karen250463, hope you managed to not beat yourself up about it. We all fluctuate at times.

    Hi @taletha, how’s your progress going? You’re such a fantastic support system on this thread (all you people here are), I feel like I’m going to check in here more often, just for the cosiness. It’s like a pillow fort in here, fluffy and safe 🙂

    Ive tried not to beat myself up Flemish and after a rubbish few weeks I’m starting again and jumping back on the wagon on Monday with avengence. Need to finally lose the 3 or 4 lb thats sticking around my middle since coming back from holiday. Next goal is Xmas and back to feeling comfy in my clothes again!

    It’s really hard not to let it get to you when you feel like you’re going backward instead of forward. We’ve all been there (I know I have). I hope you’ll reap the rewards of your labour soon. I bet that if you jump right back in you’ll see it’s probably not as bad as you think. There’s a good chance most of the weight you’ve put on is just water, changing your diet does tend to cause water weight to shift.

    And don’t think of it as 4 lbs, think of it as less than 2kg, that already sounds like a lot less 🙂

    Before you know it, you’ll be on the downward trend again and this will all feel like a minor blimp, hardly worth a sidenote in the overall story of your weight loss.

    well karen i am not sure?
    i commute for 4hrs a day but it would cost more if i stayed in the north east and defeat the purpose (i.e of being around my mum) of being up here,unless i would have to pay a lot to stay in a nice place when i only needed two nights in newcastle. rates start at 40 for 2 nights without meals the same as the cost of three daily fares and i would still have one fare for the week anyway.

    hmmmm? since my last weigh in at home my best guess- may be i put on 1/2 lb over the hols

    but at weightwatchers-my official stat -is that i lost 1 and a 1/12 lbs?

    should i be pleaed? or just focused?

    that my statistic over a month

    i just wish the rubber tyre would go

    hi david, have you tried doing specific tummy crunching exercises to try and tighten up that area. I know you do lots of exercise but it maybe doesn’t quite “hit the right spot”?

    taletha-what are they called? o you know the site they on? myfitnesspal? or what?

    do you know?

    hi david, I used to do a lot of crunches lying on my back with knees bent and feet on the sofa. they seemed to concentrate well in that area. another one was “the plank” in pilates but there are different levels of difficulty on that one so be careful as you don’t want to damage yourself. most search engines will pick up good tummy crunch exercises

    ok taletha I will google crucnhes;
    its like i do a more muscular form when I go to the gym- I have now signed up for 6 mths membership! all round so now i can have free swims when i use the gym YOO HOO! and i was told by ww i lost 2 lbs this week even though i have been feeling bad about it all- by daily counting of my points and cals on fast days annd earning activity points- that how all the guys on the “loose 2lbs per weeK” blog here do it-loads of excercise each day.

    hope youre ok taletha

    hi david, i am doing well thank you for asking

    2lbs is a brilliant result. maybe you have needed to eat a little more to set your weight loss going again. you need to stop feeling bad about food and enjoy what you have. you have done great so far and should be proud of what you have already achieved.

    its going to be tough this and next week on taletha- my routine is changing- i wont be hiking(bike then train then bike again) accross to newcastle 3 days a week from next week like my mum wanted me to- it will be much less biking-as i dont know if i will have anymore work there, i guess not

    aww that’s a shame david.

    have you worked there long?

    where do you actually live?

    Well done! Keep it up!

    Hello everyone…I had better get more disciplined about writing on here! Well I put back all the weight I lost due to sheer negligence…I have now lost 2.8 lbs overnight…i bet that is water…but it makes me feel good!! Hi David and Pam! Well done David! Big hello to all the other lovely new posters!

    As promised I am back with a report. Due to my negligence and laziness I was back up at 79 kgs from my lowest of 71 kgs. I have now lost 1.5 kgs last week. That means 6.5kgs till I reach my lowest weight and 25 kgs till my goal weight. I feel ill over the weekend so all sweet fried food has lost it’s appeal. That should help with temptations. Good luck to all those who are working towards mini health goals this week. My target is to lose another 1.5 or 2 kgs.

    thks taletha,
    i started in april it was technically for 6 months-but i took it it woulkd be six months then renewable-but not the score- so i have been dumped on- there are no unions recognised or not in the accountancy profession.

    i am pleased to report though; despite all the shame and disappointment about my job, by tracking, I HAVE LOST 2LBS! AGAIN! thats y i wanted to have just “official” weigh ins at ww. rather than rely on the vagaries of my own emotional issues and scales.

    i am weight tracking on my calorie counter and on here now-focus charmaine and COUNT! and avoid carbs-go for fruit/veg

    Good for you David! Not sure what you mean about your job though

    Hello everyone…glad to note another half lb off the scale…going to keep the clean eating going…feeling lighter. A good 2 kilo loss will great this week!

    hi to everyone,

    well done david on your loss that is a fantastic result. sorry about your work though. doesn’t sound as if its been very fair on you. what will you do?

    hi Charmaine, another fantastic result for you. sounds as though you are right back on track. keep up the good work

    Hi, I am new to this, started yesterday with a fast day (ate almost 500 cals and drank shedloads of water and a few black coffees, unsweetened) and today I’m able to eat normal (between the range of my BMR & TDEE if I understand this correctly). I’ve read this thread from start to finish and wanted to join in but then everything went quiet until this last week, so hopefully I can join here as I feel more comfortable here (if you know what I mean).

    Ooops rechecked MyFitnessPal and discovered I’d eaten just over (as I had one slice of bread with my soup … never again on fast day 🙂 ) total eaten yesterday 555 cals.

    On track for eating between BMR & TDEE … can even have a small dessert YAY!

    charmaine i measured my waistline recently and it waas down from 36 to 34.5- have not been doing so well with fast days though coz my mind has been moving between so many other things other than my day job….which is not happening at mo.

    in london like carlisle I will try to go to the gym each day….

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